DC Debuts Sampere's "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" #2 Pages

Where the mysterious Pandora goes in the New 52, questions are bound to follow. DC Comics' resident mystery woman's story will finally be revealed this June when writer Ray Fawkes and artist Daniel Sampere deliver "Trinity of Sin: Pandora," a lead-in series to DC's upcoming line wide event, "Trinity War."

"Her driving force is sort of two-fold. One is that she selfishly wants to be released from her curse, which, honestly, she believes she doesn't deserve," Fawkes said of Pandora when he spoke to CBR News in May. "We're going to explore that a little bit for the readers, who can decide for themselves whether she's a bad person pretending to be innocent, or whether she was totally innocent and was manipulated. But in order to escape her curse or end her curse, she really does want to save the world and do something that she believes will purge all the evil from the world."

With the first issue of "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" hitting stores in early July, DC Comics has released a first look at Sampere's penciled pages from "Pandora" #2. Check them out below and be sure to sound off on what you think Pandora is up to next in our DC Universe forum.

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