DC Debuts First Music From Dark Nights: Metal Soundtrack

While DC Comics' current Batman event, Dark Nights: Metal is already deep into its story of destruction and mayhem, the publisher isn't done offering extras for fans of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's wild ride. Today, DC provided a first listen and behind-the-scenes look at the making of the official Dark Nights soundtrack, which is, well, pretty heavy.

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Composers/producers Tyler Bates and Mike Elizando are responsible for crafting original headbangers to compliment Snyder and Capullo's storyline. Check out the video courtesy of DC All Access below, which delves into the process both musicians are taking for the music. A small taste of the music begins around the four minute mark.

"We're developing a sound for the entire realm," said Bates, who is no stranger to comic book-inspired soundtracks, having previously composed music for films like WatchmenGuardians of the Galaxy, and the upcoming Deadpool 2. "We're honing ideas that feel like they belong to the characters."

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Unfortunately, DC hasn't offered a release date yet for the soundtrack, but seeing as Dark Nights: Metal runs through February, expect in within the next few months.

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