DC Debuts Look at Kolins' "Larfleeze" #1 Art

When DC Comics pulls the plug on "Threshold" in August, back-up story starOrange Lantern Larfleeze graduates to his own ongoing, launching June 26. Co-written by J.M. DeMatties and "Threshold" writer Keith Giffen with art by Scott Kolins, the series follows the greediest ring-bearer in the galaxy on a massive cosmic adventure. Today, DC released a first look at Kolins' interior art for the issue that finds the avarice-driven Orange Lantern in chains.

"When I sat down with Larfleeze, I could really see how he falls into what I do," Giffen told CBR in 2012 about Larfleeze's "Threshold" co-feature. "He's a massively flawed character but he's hilariously flawed in circumstances where those flaws come to the surface. The bwa-ha-ha is in 'Ambush Bug.' And this isn't Lobo. It's Larfleeze, which is a whole other set of circumstances."

Check out Kolins' pages below.

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