DC Debuts Detective Comics #1000 Variants by Miller, Lee, Capullo & More

Detective Comics reaches its 1000th issue in March 2019, and DC Comics is pulling out all the stops to celebrate Batman's latest landmark.

Today, the publisher debuted Jim Lee's wraparound cover for the issue, along with a series of variant covers that track the Dark Knight's history over the past nine decades. Each of the variants covers a decade-specific era, showcasing how much Batman has changed.

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The variants' trip through time start with Steve Rude's cover marking Batman's 1930s era, with subsequent covers summarizing each decade following. Bruce Timm homages Jerry Robinson's Detective Comics #69 to celebrate the '40s; Michael Cho covers the 1950s; Jim Steranko covers the 1960s; a Bernie Wrightson cover celebrates the 1970s; Frank Miller's Dark Knight represents the 1980s; Tim Sale depicts the 1990s; Jock covers the 2000s; and Greg Capullo returns to Batman for the 2010s variant.

"Batman is one of the most enduring characters in popular culture, and his debut in Detective Comics represented a pivotal moment in comics and pioneered a new type of superhero that would appeal to every generation,” DC Publisher Dan DiDio said in a statement. “Batman continues to have an impact on entertainment worldwide and the 1,000th issue of Detective Comics is a testament to the creative genius of Bob Kane and Bill Finger and is a fitting tribute to Batman on his 80th anniversary."

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Take a look at the variants below, and check back with CBR in the weeks ahead for more news on Detective Comics' landmark celebration.

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