DC Debuts Its Dark Multiverse-Perverted Silver Age Characters

DC Comics has released the first images of the perverted Silver Age characters from the Dark Multiverse that are set to debut in Sideways Annual #1.

The Kenneth Rockafort designs made their debut in this week's DC Nation #4, along with their names, first appearances and a short description from Rockafort of their time in the Dark Multiverse.

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The six Silver Age characters are Porcupine Jimmy Olsen from Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #65 (1962); Negative Superman of World's Finest Comics #126 (1962); Werewolf Jimmy Olsen from Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #44 (1960); Super Brian Lois Lane from Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #27 (1961); Red Ant Superman of Action Comics #296 (1963); and Comet Centaur of Adventure Comics #293 (1962).

Sideways Annual writer Dan DiDio first announced his plans for these Silver Age concepts and characters at Comic-Con International, along with bringing on Grant Morrison as a co-writer.

“I’m about to push Sideways into the Dark Multiverse,” DiDio revealed during the New Age of DC Heroes panel. “This book has lots of ties to Metal, so we slide into the Dark Multiverse…in Sideways we’re going to see the dark version of Superman characters. What’s the dark version of Porcupine Jimmy Olson or Lori Lemaris?”

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