DC's Cyborg Comic Returns With Co-Creator Marv Wolfman

DC Comics quietly canceled Cyborg this month with Issue 20, only to just as quietly revive the title in April.

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The publisher's solicitations for April include a listing for Cyborg #21, with writer Marv Wolfman and artist Sam Lotfi on board as the new creative team. DC confirmed to CBR that the title is indeed continuing as a monthly series with Wolfman, Cyborg's co-creator, at the helm.

Launching in 2016 as part of DC's Rebirth initiative, Cyborg was written by John Semper Jr. for most of its run, and illustrated by a succession of artists, including Paul Pelletier, Will Conrad and Timothy Green II. Kevin Grevioux stepped in to write issues 19 and 20, joined by Conrad and Cliff Richards for what was then the end of the series.

Cyborg #21
Cyborg #21, by Sam Lotfi

There's nothing in the listing for Cyborg #21 to indicate the title has been brought back from cancellation; the solicitation text reads like the beginning of a new story arc:


Written by MARV WOLFMAN • Art and cover by SAM LOTFI

Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.

In the DC Universe, Cyborg is the most technical advanced being on the planet—or so we thought. Introducing Mother Box 2.0: Robo-Dojo! Unlike Cyborg, these robots are piloted by the government’s best, brightest, and most loyal soldiers. Super Heroes just got a major upgrade produced, developed and financed by S.T.A.R. Labs.

Wolfman is also writing the 12-issue Raven: Daughter of Darkness, starring another of the characters he created with George Perez in 1980 for The New Teen Titans. That miniseries also features Baron Winters, another Wolfman co-creation.

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Cyborg #21, by Wolfman and Lotfi, goes on sale April 4 from DC Comics.

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