DC Confirms "Young Justice" Cartoon

Though it's been rumored for a number of months now, an animated version of the DC Comics teen superteam Young Justice got its official announcement today via DC's The Source Blog and the Cartoon Network 2010 upfront announcing new programming for the coming year. Presumably based on Peter David and Todd Nauck comic of the same name which ran for 56 issues starting in 1998, the "Young Justice" series will feature a "junior Justice League" consisting of Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis and Aqualad.

However, at this point it's unclear exactly how much these characters will synch up with the original "Young Justice" series or the modern DCU as there are changes to the team evident even in the early teaser image. For example, Artemis is a name that's never been associated with a teen heroine in DC Comics, though the design of the character does resemble the former YJ member Arrowette. Similarly, the new version of Aqualand produced for the show is black, adding a bit of diversity to the all-white lineup of what is obviously a one-for-one comparison to the classic Justice League (although Green Lantern appears to have no teenage representative).

At the upfronts, Cartoon Network also announced plans for a satirical "MAD Magazine" cartoon which will operate as an anthology-style show featuring "some familiar faces on screen and big names behind the scenes. The show will unleash MAD's irreverent take on pop culture and today's headlines, and feature classic characters including Alfred E. Neuman and Spy Vs. Spy. Our partners at Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network are helping DC Entertainment revitalize the cherished MAD brand across all media," DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson told The Source.

Aside from these two shows, the latter of which includes producers from "Batman: The Brave & The Bold" and "Robot Chicken" aiding in creation, the network also announced a new take on Warner Brothers classic Looney Tunes called "The Looney Tunes Show" though now air dates were announced as yet.

Check out The Source for more information, and come back to CBR as soon as more news on "Young Justice" and "MAD Magazine" is available.

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