DC Confirms Waves Of New Creative Teams

As readers who have been checking with CBR News all day know, it's been a busy news day for comics in general and DC Comics in particular. Already, we learned of "American Vampire" writer Scott Snyder's exclusive contract with the publisher and his plans for "Detective Comics" and from writer Marc Guggeneheim about taking control of "Justice Society of America."

But it appears that the official DC blog The Source has been working over time dropping hints of new creative teams and story details for the months ahead. First off, news hit that incoming "Teen Titans" writer will be joined on the book by penciler Nicola Scott and that the Titans team would be joined by one Damian "Robin" Wayne. "I had marveled at [Nicola's] work in the past on 'Birds Of Prey' and 'Secret Six,' but it was her work on 'Blackest Night: Wonder Woman' and 'Wonder Woman' that really catapulted her to the top of what I must say is an incredible heap of talented artists at DC," Krul said.

"She just gets it. Character. Emotion. Action. Nicola is what I like to call a TP - total package. Having her usher in a new age of Teen Titans is going to be something special. And this cover to our first issue is the tip of the iceberg - trust me. Oh, and wait until you see her take on Damian. That's right, I said it. What would Teen Titans be without a Robin?"

In addition, the next phase of the Bat-Universe that's been shaping up all week long saw another piece fall into place as it was confirmed that Tony Daniel would return to writer-artist duties on "Batman" as soon as the current run of "Return of Bruce Wayne" tie-ins wrap. "I am thrilled and honored to be tapped for further writing duties on the world's most iconic super hero, Batman," Daniel said. "I look forward to telling exciting tales with the caped crusader and exploring old and new characters alike. I will continue to put my best foot forward on each and every page."

For more on these announcements and more art, check out The Source and keep it locked in to CBR during the rest of this week for full coverage of all the DC news and more in the ramp up to Comic-Con International 2010!

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