DC Confirms Company-Wide All-New #1s in September

DC Comics has confirmed that they are, indeed, relaunching their comics with new #1's in September, including Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee (with the "Big Seven" as the team).

As I've said before, I really don't care what the number says on the comic so long as it is good, so while I certainly would be a bit sad to see Action Comics, Detective Comics and Batman be re-numbered for the first time in those titles' histories, if the end result is a push for a bunch of good new comic books, it is all good by me. And DC could really use a bunch of good new comic books. In addition, they only say "50 All-New #1s," so I suppose that could mean Action, Detective, Batman and Superman won't get re-numbered. That'd be a nice way to throw a bit of a bone to those fans who really hate re-numbering (as you can't really complain about JLA being re-numbered when it was re-numbered just five years ago).

Honestly, the only part of this news that concerns me at all is that Jim Lee is re-designing/tweaking the costumes of a bunch of DC characters. That could be problematic (although hopefully we're only talking minor changes), although the Superman and Wonder Woman re-designs above are decent enough.

The part about the comics now being released online the day of their in-store release was also pretty darn significant.

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