10 Things Most DC Fans Never Knew About The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins have been the laughingstock of the DC universe for quite some time. They've never quite been taken seriously due to their bizarre powers and age. Despite this, they have consistently been very popular among fans.

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Over the years there have been many different interpretations and attempts to rewrite these characters to make them more interesting. It seems that only recently the weirdness of the duo has been realized. Despite their popularity, many DC fans don't actually know that much about the twins. So here's 10 things you might not have known about this DC superhero team.


Much like Harley Quinn, the Wonder Twins found their debut in an animated series, rather than in the pages of DC comics. Perhaps this is why fans know a little less about the team, or why they were ridiculed ever since their inception.

The team was first introduced into the Super Friends animated series that so many kids enjoyed. This cheesy and over-the-top version of all these characters is laughable now and the Twins were mocked within the show by the likes of Aquaman...of all people.


The animated origins of these characters is slightly different from what we see in the comics. The series decided to have more fun with the team and gave them a circus-related background that would explain their oddball behavior and theatrics.

They are of course aliens from the planet Exxor, but Jayna and Zan worked in a circus during their early days as sideshow "freaks." It's there they met their pet monkey Gleek, who we'll speak about a little more later. The twins were technically mutants on their planet, as they were born with powers that very few possess.


The comics decided to flesh this out more and add a little bit of depth and grit to the twins' story. There is a much larger focus on slavery in the comics, with the twins being held against their will and eventually fighting back and escaping.

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They are also orphans, with their family being killed in a deadly plague that wiped out so much of their planet. Considering their more positive outlook now, the twins really have been through a lot together, but are more heroic for it. This rewrite in the comics is far darker than what could have been portrayed in Super Friends.

7 3000

Justice League 3000 introduced readers to a completely different version of the Wonder Twins. The handlers, Teri and Terry Magnus were nicknamed that by the other members of the team. They were a part of Cadmus during their time in the comics.

However, both of these characters would later go on to become completely different heroes. Terry would be known as a hero called Eclipso. What's more interesting, however, is that Teri would learn to use the speed force and become the Flash.


To be able to active their powers, the Wonder Twins must go through a long process. It makes them a slightly less viable team than other superheroes, as there is a lot of limitations to their gifts. Firstly, the twins must be together to start using their powers.

They have a key phrase they have to use, like Shazam, to activate their abilities and they must touch hands to do so. If they are out of range of each other, their powers will simply stop working. This is a real issue when the duo are separated, meaning writers have to make sure to keep them together.


Gleek is the alien pet monkey of the duo, which they met during their days at the circus. He's an incredibly useful pet to have, though, as he has helped them save the day on a number of occasions. He is more intelligent than the average monkey, and seems to be linked to the twins.

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He can be used to help activate their powers, with the twins able to go through him to start using their abilities. Not only this, Gleek is useful to help transport the twins when they are in their various forms. For instance, he can become a bucket if they are made of water.


During episodes of the Super Friends, the Wonder Twins were put under mind control. This threatened the whole of the team and the duo was put into lockdown. However, there may be a power that we may not have known the twins have.

It appears that they can block mental attacks and break out of mind control. This has been demonstrated on a number of occasions, but is a largely forgotten ability. It can be incredibly useful when facing a physical threat, though, and could be because of their alien origin.


The Wonder Twins have made a bit of a cameo appearance within the Arrowverse. They can be spotted in an episode of The Flash on the CW. This can be found within the first few minutes of the episode "Crazy for You," which focuses on Pied Piper.

During a heroic mission, the Scarlet Speedster rescues a couple from a car that's been flipped upside down. The name of the couple in the car is Jayna and Zay, an obvious nod to the twins. This could be simply an Easter egg for fans, or perhaps it's really the Super Friends, now presented as a couple rather than as siblings.


The brother and sister pairing have also made a few appearances in the hit television show SmallvilleClark Kent himself encountered the twins many times, although this was of course just before their more heroic turn as the Wonder Twins.

It seems in this iteration that the twins are not from an alien planet, although they may have inherited their powers from their mysterious father. They first turn up in Season 8 of the show, but can also be found in the Season 11 arc that was written into the comics.


2019 has seen a new line of comics from DC, suitably nicknamed the Wonder Comics. This return to form for the duo has meant that the characters can truly explore the wackier and weirder side of the DC universe that they inhabit.

They are seen still as a bit of a B-team, or perhaps even lower on the rankings. However, because of their lower status, they face off against completely original villains known as the League of Annoyance, made up of completely useless villains. It's a fun ride and represents everything great about Zan and Jayna.

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