10 DC Comics Women Who Deserve Their Own Show

As you already know and are celebrating, The CW is officially bringing Batwoman to the small screen. It's about damn time, of course. Kathy Kane is probably the most different member of the Bat-family, and her time in the spotlight is well-deserved. However, there are plenty of DC Comics women who deserve exactly the treatment Batwoman is getting. We made a list of some of our favorites, and we thought we'd share it with you. So get ready, comic fans, here come 10 DC Comics Women Who Deserve Their Own Show.

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10 Lois Lane


The reaction Elizabeth Tulloch received when fans found out she’d be playing DC’s greatest reporter proves that Lois Lane deserves her own TV show. Lois’s perspective on the world of superheroes would make for a fascinating comic book thriller, and a unique tale on what it means to be human in a superhuman world. Besides, Lois’s adventures would make for some really suspenseful TV. If being a true crime reporter in our world is dangerous, imagine being one in a world where villains can read minds.

9 Spoiler

Stephanie Brown isn’t your average Bat-sidekick. In fact, she’s only one of those to a point. Most of her fans first knew her as Spoiler, the vigilante daughter of Gotham criminal Cluemaster. Stephanie eventually became the hero known as Batgirl, and her run in the cape and cowl is still the favorite iteration of the character for many DC fans. A show about Stephanie would leave a lot of intriguing options for character development and feature tense, family-based drama ripe for The CW or Netflix.

8 Mary Marvel

This April’s Shazam! will introduce a lot of new fans to the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, and with him, the magical Marvel family. One of those characters, Shazam’s adopted sister, is ripe for a TV show of her own.

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Mary Marvel could especially appeal to people who want more positivity in their comic book entertainment, as her outlook on life is as bright as her costume. In fact, a cartoon along the lines of She-Ra would be perfect for her character, and probably produce some of the best hopepunk animation in an online show.

Oh, you don’t know what “hopepunk” is? It’s worth a Google.

7 Prez

One of the most original DC Comics in the past three years was Prez, the story of a teenager who becomes president of the United States. With its breathtaking visuals and subtly horrifying villain, Prez could make for a great teen drama based in a science fiction realm. It could comment on social issues as much as it provides an engaging narrative with lovable characters. Plus, it would be nice to have a likable president somewhere in our lives, even if it’s just on TV.

6 Batgirl

Batgirl Movie

Yes, we already talked about one Batgirl, Stephanie Brown. However, most people know Batgirl as Barbara Gordon, and if ever there was a Batgirl TV show, she’d probably deserve the role. Barbara has been around since the '60s, but has yet to really have an accurate on-screen outing. This show could provide one. Also, this is a show that could satisfy fans who were bummed Babs didn’t make it into Birds of Prey. And Warner Bros. would be smart to pursue it.

5 Renee Montoya

Question Renee Montoya

In general, there should be more detectives in comic book TV. According to Matt Reeves, the Batman in his upcoming film will be more of a detective, but that still doesn’t scratch the comic book mystery itch on the small screen. A show about Renee Montoya could fix that problem.

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Renee is a killer DC character; her path to superhero-dom is filled with heartbreak and triumph, tragedy and mystery. In other words, exactly the right stuff to make a compelling comic book drama. And with Renee showing up in next year’s Birds of Prey, she’d have the name recognition to bring viewers to a new DC Comics show.

4 Shade The Changing Girl

At around the same time Prez was making headlines in the comic book world, another book with trippy visuals and an awesome female protagonist showed up in DC shelves. This was Shade, the Changing Girl. Shade tells the story of an alien made to look like a human being. Coincidentally, both of them are teenagers. The juxtaposition of different world cultures going through similar things was a ton of fun to read. And probably even more fun to watch. We’re all in for a Shade TV show, so long as the comic book colors don’t get lost in the adaptation.

3 Mera

Mera Tidebreaker cover art

Aquaman introduced general audiences to one of the most badass characters DC fans already knew about. It also introduced Aquaman. All joking aside, Mera was one of the most fun parts of an already fun film, and we think she deserves more story than two hours can give her. In fact, we could even see DC doing a Krypton-esque show about Atlantis, with Mera as its central character. It might be a little costly to produce, but the viewers it would pull in would more than make up for that.

2 Zatanna

Justice League Dark Zatanna header

DC's Master of Magic has been denied her time in the spotlight for too long. Zatanna isn't just a great character with emotional connections to so much of the DC Universe, she's a gateway to another side of DC's cosmos. Shazam! will heavily feature magic from the DCU, but we assume that it will be magic similar to the film's tone.

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You know, light and fun. Zatanna's stories are closer to the later half of the Harry Potter books in tone. They're full of intrigue and shadows, magic that's just as dangerous as it is wonderful. If Warner Bros opts not to include them in later Birds of Prey movies, they'd work great on TV.

1 Death

Death isn't a superhero. Nor is she a supervillain, or even a sidekick. Death of the Endless is simply herself, an eternal being that ushers humans to the next world. And we would watch a show about that in a heartbeat. Death is part of Neil Gaiman's Sandman universe, a magical and expansive saga all about the humanity of divine creatures. Putting that universe on screen with Death as its central character would be a great move forDC, and it could really fit anywhere. From HBO to Netflix, a Death series could really, really work.

Who are your favorite DC Comics Women? What would a show featuring them be like? Let us know in the comments section below!

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