Steve Orlando Reveals Details of New DC Series, The Unexpected

Steve Orlando, currently writer on DC Comics' Supergirl and Justice League of America, announced at New York Comic Con that he'll pen a third title for the publisher called The Unexpected.

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Orlando first dropped details about the new title on Friday, when he mentioned he'll team with artist Ryan Sook. The writer described The Unexpected as "a team of enemies that just happen to hate each other slightly less than anything else going on in this universe… These are all people who have made huge mistakes.” He added, "They’re all people who think they’ve done something unforgivable."

Coming in March from Ryan Sook and me! Ascendant! Firebrand! Neon! Viking Judge! THE UNEXPECTED! In the New Age of @DCComics Heroes! #NYCC pic.twitter.com/UHTwnoWkWW

— Steve Orlando AARowS (@thesteveorlando) October 6, 2017

During Sunday's "DC Universe" panel, he said the book will debut under the New Age of DC Heroes banner (formerly "Dark Matter"). He called The Unexpected "The Expendables meets The Dark Tower … or maybe more Seven Samurai meets The Dark Tower. It’s people coming together to overcome massive mistakes in their life, maybe things that even seem unforgivable.”

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Several members of the team are connected to DC Comics superheroes, with new characters taking on familiar names. Neon the Unknown is a blind artist, and Firebrand was a first responder during Metal, who now must get into a fight every 24 hours. Viking Judge, a continuation of Viking Prince, is a being who is connected to her ax and lives through her descendants. Orlando described her as "Brienne of Tarth [from Game of Thrones] inside the head of someone from Girls." His new character Ascendant is the ruler of the world from a species of orc. He will introduce a new race to the DC Universe that has been called "the Jane Goodall of humans."

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