DC Pranks Fans By Announcing All of Its Heroes Will Wear Trunks

If fans rejoiced at the eminent return of Superman's iconic trunks, then surely they'll be overjoyed by DC adding them to the wardrobes of all of its superheroes, right? The publisher announced its "line-wide trunks initiative" on Sunday -- April Fools' Day, naturally -- promising a "pants-lift" by some of its top artists.

"Batman? His trunks are back. Wonder Woman? Trunks. Lex Luthor? That guy’s got a whole designer closet full of them (they go over his three-piece suits)," DC said in a statement. "Now fans everywhere can rejoice that, indeed, the trunks are back—all of them."

DC noted that their artists had created the custom-designed trunks for upcoming storylines, such as Mecha-Trunks™ and Omega Beam Trunks™. The redesigns were billed as essential to a one-shot special DC Universe: Infinite Trunks #1, which follows the April 18 release of (the very real) Action Comics #1000. And it wouldn't be modern superhero comics without spinoffs, including the Justice League Dark storyline called "Unite the Trunks," and a Justice League Odyssey crossover titled "A Lot More Trunks."


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However, before any readers could place their orders with retailers, DC reminded them of the date with the line, "For additional info on the line-wide trunks expansion, please follow us on social media at @DCComics, hashtag #AprilFools."

Action Comics #1000, which marks the honest-to-goodness return of Superman's trunks, goes on sale April 18.

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