DC Comics' Top 10 Moments From 2018


The DC Universe has been progressing nicely since the publisher's 2016 Rebirth relaunch. With such events as Doomsday Clock and Drowned Earth, fans can expect game-changing moments to follow in the coming months. But 2018 was all about emotional stories that rocked readers to the core.

We saw Batman driven to the edge, Aquaman become an amnesiac, Clark Kent's family placed in a state of turmoil, and, of course, several characters murdered in Heroes in Crisis. With that in mind, let's look at the Top 10 moments from DC in 2018.

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DC Rebirth confirmed that Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan had a hand in reshaping the universe, but his was subsequently only hinted at. However, in Doomsday Clock #7, Ozymandias was finally able to pull Doctor Manhattan's energy into the DCU, in his full form.

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Manhattan seemed preoccupied with getting back to his mysterious activities. He ignored the Dark Knight's revelation they had some sort of connection, as well as The Joker's plea to put on clothes. Manhattan eventually held council with Ozymandias, but failed to provide any answers about what the future holds. Instead, he departed, laser-focused on an impending battle with Superman, leaving fans to wonder what other plans the godlike entity has in store.


Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight subverted the mythos of the Caped Crusader, painting him as an overly aggressive vigilante, and the villain of this alternate universe. Cured of his madness and now a social justice warrior, Jack Napier (The Joker) took Batman to court for his war crimes against Gotham, but that simply provided an opportunity for the Neo-Joker (a Harley Quinn that Joker rejected back in the day) to attack the city.

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Batman eventually saw the light, realizing in White Knight #8 that he had no choice but to team up with Napier. However, Napier's dementia returned, and both men understood they needed the one person who knew the Neo-Joker inside out to give them the best shot at defeating her and her army of Bat-rogues. What ensued was a tense yet funny ride,with both men calling out each other's hypocrisy, and contemplating if they could really trust each other.


Batman #50 began a downward spiral for Bruce Wayne, as he sought to marry Selina Kyle. But what painted a bleak future for the Dark Knight was the final scene, which revealed the mastermind behind it all: Bane. A chilling panel depicted the villain in Arkham Asylum with a squad of goons, including the Flashpoint Batman, clearly manipulating events to turn Bruce Wayne's life upside down.

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What made it so surprising was that, after the "I am Suicide" arc, Bane was left a broken man. Yet somehow, he became the architect of Batman's doom, using a number of the vigilante's enemies, including Firefly, Kite Man and the Penguin, as pawns to turn Gotham against him. If the city were a video game, Bane definitely came off like the final-level boss here, finally highlighting he's the Caped Crusader's true equal.


OK, it's not a power-up, technically, but rather an upgrade to Green Arrow's arsenal. But it's the biggest someone in the DCU could ask for. In Justice League: No Justice #4, Oliver Queen was given a mysterious box by Martian Manhunter for serving Earth's last line of defense -- a reward for his bravery. However, little did the archer know what it contained.

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J'onn J'onzz revealed the boxes contents can take out literal gods, providing a fail-safe against the Justice League, should the team ever go too far. Ollie was reluctant to accept the "gift," but he understood that if his more powerful peers were mind-controlled or otherwise turned evil, he'd need to take them down. He accepted the responsibility, more or less becoming the most powerful hero around, which could bite the Justice League in its collective butt after Ollie become incensed following the death of Roy Harper.

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