DC Comics' "The Ray" Lands on CW Seed, Will Feature Gay Lead

DC Comics' "The Ray" will join "Vixen" on CW Seed next year. The animated "Freedom Fighters: The Ray" show, announced at TCA 2016, will follow Raymond "Ray" Terrill, the first gay superhero to lead his own series.

According to the official series description,

Raymond "Ray" Terrill was a reporter who discovered a group of government scientists working on a secret project to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. But before he could report on his findings, the project head exposed Ray to a "genetic light bomb." The bomb failed to kill him and instead gifted Ray with light-based powers. With these abilities, Ray realized he could go beyond reporting on injustice -- he could take action to help stop it. Calling himself The Ray, he was recruited by Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters to fight violence and oppression wherever it exists.

According to The CW president Mark Pedowitz, the Ray is intended to follow in Vixen's footsteps and make the jump from animation into The CW's live-action DCTV shows with the same actor (via Deadline). No casting has yet been announced.

"Freedom Fighters: The Ray" is based on writer Grant Morrison's version of the character, who appeared in DC's "Multiversity" event, rather than the iteration that first appeared in 1973's "Justice League of America" #107.

Executive produced by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, "Freedom Fighters: The Ray" will arrive on CW Seed in 2017.

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