DC Comics thanks freelancers for their work at CCI 2002

Official Press Release

With Comic-Con International: San Diego 2002 going down in the record books as the biggest, best-attended ever, DC Comics would like to thank our featured guests: Brian Azzarello, Ed Brubaker, Tim Bruckner, Mike Carey, Steve Dillon, Yvel Guichet, Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Scott McDaniel, Whilce Portacio, Eduardo Risso, and Bill Willingham.

We would also like to thank the many other professionals who spent time with us. These pros include comic book writers, artists, sculptors and colorists from all our imprints, as well as novelists, animators, and TV producers.

"Comic-Con 2002 exceeded all our expectations," said Patty Jeres, DC's Director - Sales & Marketing Communications. "We are in awe of what the Comic-Con staff and volunteers accomplished and grateful to all the DC freelancers who spent time with us. When you put so many comics creators and fans together in the same room, magic can't help but happen. Every DC staffer came away from the event with at least one 'San Diego moment' - the kind of thing that just couldn't have happened anywhere else."

While it's almost certain that not every professional who worked with us is on this list - and we apologize to anyone we inadvertantly omitted - we would to thank:

Kevin J. Anderson

Derec Aucoin

Ramon F. Bachs

Leo Batic

Scott Beatty

Lee Bermejo

David Brin

Kurt Busiek

J. Scott Campbell

Sean Carolan

Joe Casey

Keith Champagne

Cliff Chiang

Chris Claremont

Amanda Conner

Christopher Cook

Darwyn Cooke

Seth Fisher

Richard Friend

Ale Garza

Ford Lytle Gilmore

Alfred Gough

Devin Grayson

Terrance Griep

Peter Gross

Pia Guerra

Francisco Herrera

James Hodgkins

Richard Horie Tonya Horie

Adam Hughes

Jamal Igle

Phil Jimenez

Geoff Johns

Dave Johnson

Chuck Kim

Leonard Kirk

Erik Ko and UDON

Earl Kress

Marc Laming

Jim Lee

Jeph Loeb

Barsom Manashian

Jason Martin

Liam McCormick-Sharpe

John McCrea

Miles Millar

Rebecca Moesta

Jennifer Moore

Grant Morrison

Dean Motter

Phil Moy

Patricia Mulvihill

Todd Nauck

Dustin Nguyen

Phil Noto

Kevin Nowlan

Andy Owens

Jimmy Palmiotti William Paquet

Steve Parke

Francis Portela

Rodney Ramos

Roger Robinson

Robert Rodi

John Romita, Jr.

Dave Ross

Duncan Rouleau

Stephen Sadowsky

Tim Sale

Juan Santacruz

Alex Sinclair

Steven T. Seagle

Chris Sprouse

Roger Stern

Karl Story

Jill Thompson

Chas Truog

Jonathan Vankin

Brian K. Vaughan

Mark Verheiden

Mark Waid

J.H Williams III

Scott Williams

Judd Winick

Marv Wolfman

Bill Wray

Micah Ian Wright

Leinil Francis Yu

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