DC Comics takes seven spots in November's Top 10

It turns out that DC Comics' domination of the Diamond Top 10 in October may have been more than simply an anomaly made possible by a competitor's schedule drift: The just-released list for November shows the publisher taking seven of the 10 slots, one better than the previous month.

As chart-watcher John Jackson Miller points out, only the appearance at No. 3 of Marvel's Captain America Reborn #4 prevented DC from repeating its once-in-four-decades claim to the six best-selling comics.

Marvel continued to lead in unit share and dollar share.

DC's November achievement was again aided by Blackest Night, whose fifth issue was the top-selling comic to the direct market. Four of the company's six other Top 10 titles were tied to the crossover; only Batman and Robin #6 (at No. 4) and The Flash: Rebirth #5 (at No. 9) were unrelated to the miniseries.

The 10 best-selling comics were evenly split between $3.99 and $2.99.

Perhaps almost as interesting is the list of Top 10 graphic novels, which is led by the first collection of Image Comics' surprise hit Chew, followed by the fifth volume of Dynamite's The Boys.

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