10 DC Comics Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own TV Show

With Arrow ending after Season 8 and leaving a void in the time slots, here are 10 DC Comics superheroes who should have their own TV show on The CW Network. The Arrowverse franchise began in 2012 with actor Stephen Amell stepping into the role of the Green Arrow.

With the series finale of Arrow coming up, the franchise continues with its own television adaptation of Batwoman, now with Kate Kane played by actress Ruby Rose. As The CW Network looks to add another comic book series into its already growing lineup, let's dive into the plethora of heroes outside of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, who are prime and ready to make the live-action leap.

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Before becoming the scarlet speedster, Grant Gustin was introduced as Barry Allen during the second season of Arrow. With the success of The Flash, the Arrowverse expanded with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Batwoman had her own backdoor pilot during the "Elseworlds" crossover.

From what we know so far, everything has been building up to an epic grand-scale battle between good and evil in the upcoming crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. There may be casualties in the aftermath as Arrow comes to an end after its final 10 episode run.

10 Wonder Girl

If you need a substitute for Wonder Woman, then Wonder Girl definitely serves her purpose. In the recent launch of the Young Justice comics, Cassandra Sandsmark has the perfect costume with her leather brown jacket, long blonde hair, and headphones. Because of her sense of adventure, Cassie wants to become a full-fledged superhero.

Due to the family history with Wonder Woman and her brother, Lennox, Cassie wants to rise above the shadows and make a true name for herself. Whenever she is full of anger, Cassie uses the Lasso of Lightning to repel her enemies.

9 Animal Man

The CW is absolutely no stranger to relationship issues, family dramas, and superhero action. The Animal Man series manages to combine every ingredient of a necessary CW drama, while even adding a touch of horror. During the New 52 era, writer Jeff Lemire and artist Travel Foreman reinvented Animal Man as an environmental activist, a loyal husband, and a dedicated father with two children.

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When Buddy Baker discovers his daughter, Maxine, also has superpowers, he will do anything to protect her against the evil elemental force known as The Rot.

8 Dolphin

With the blockbuster success of Aquaman, there is a teen super-heroine that The CW should look into. Dolphin doesn't even know her real name because she fell overboard from a cruise ship as a little girl. Though she thought that aliens had come to rescue, they were only there to experiment on her.

The experiments led to Dolphin gaining superhuman strength and the ability to breathe underwater. Writer/artist Jay Scott Pike made a simple costume for his aquatic super-hero. With white hair, Dolphin wears blue denim shorts and a white shirt when she gets in a physical fight against eco-terrorists.

7 The Spoiler

If The CW wanted to add another masked vigilante, then look no further with Spoiler. In her origin story, Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the super-villain, Cluemaster. Ever since he failed as a game show host, Arthur Brown turned to crime and became a prominent member of the Injustice League.

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Because Stephanie is a teenager, that means her fighting skills are amateurish and reckless; which is great for conflict and drama. With Batwoman about to premiere on The CW, audiences know Gotham City exists and there are members of the Bat-family waiting in line to show up.

6 Plastic Man

Plastic Man


Hartley Sawyer is quickly becoming his own superhero as Elongated Man on The Flash. Now it's time to bring in Patrick "Eel" O'Brian as Plastic Man. Because Patrick was a former crook, he had a difficult time leaving his criminal lifestyle. When a gunshot wound to the shoulder forced him to fall into a vat of chemicals, Patrick discovered he could mold and shape his body into any shape.

In the recent Injustice: Gods Among Us, Plastic Man returns to crime, to release his son, Luke, from prison. This would be an entertaining CW show that deals with father/son issues and work in some crime tales with superhero action.

5 Lady Blackhawk

A regular member in the Birds of Prey comic, Lady Blackhawk is the first female member, a World War II ace pilot, of the Blackhawk Squadron. Though she is from a past associated mostly with history books, Zinda Blake found herself suddenly living in modern times thanks to the Zero Hour crossover event.

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The Flash (Gustin) and Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), a.k.a White Canary, have suffered the consequences of disrupting the timeline. What if one of their previous mistakes brought someone from the past into the present? This would be a way for Lady Blackhawk to remain a soldier and use her military training to fight evil terrorist groups.

4 Zatanna

If The CW ever wanted to introduce dark magic and mysticism into the Arrowverse, Zatanna would be an excellent choice. A magician in actuality and on the stage, Zatanna continues the family show business founded by her father, Giovanni "John" Zatara. During her appearance on Batman: The Animated Series, Zatanna dealt with the loss of her father and examined her close relationship with former fling, Bruce Wayne.

With John Constantine (Matt Ryan) on Legends of Tomorrow, it would be very easy to bring up the love/hate romance with Zatanna. With Charmed and Legacies establishing the realms of magic spells and wizardry, Zatanna would feel right at home with these shows.

3 Booster Gold

Michael Jon Carter, also known as Booster Gold, would be an interesting choice for The CW. The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow deal with the ramifications of screwing up the timelines. In his origin story, Michael is a lowly security guard who peaked during his high school quarterback days.

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After working at the Metropolis Space Museum, Michael decides to steal the time-traveling equipment in order to meet his idols, the superheroes of the past. In recent comics, Booster Gold becomes integral to solving the murder mystery behind Tom King and Clay Mann's Heroes in Crisis.

2 Blue Beetle

Though he is never seen, Ted Kord, also known as the Blue Beetle, has been mentioned many times by name on Arrow. Playboy billionaire Ted Kord has taken over the business of Kord Enterprises, which continues to make advanced weaponry for the military.

Kord Enterprises exists on Earth-38, the home universe of Supergirl. Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is kept safe from her only weakness, kryptonite, which is safely locked away at Kord Industries. If Blue Beetle were to get his own show, let's hope the series follows the latest Rebirth story arc of Ted Kord training Jamie Reyes to use the alien suit.

1 Black Canary

Before showing up on Arrow as Laurel Lance, a.k.a Black Canary, Katie Cassidy Rodgers appeared on many shows on The CW Network. The list includes roles on the Melrose Place reboot, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl. Having Rodgers on The CW appears to be good luck for both the actress and the network.

It would make sense for Rodgers to have her own TV show, right after the series finale of Arrow. With the fanbase already in place, viewers will continue to stick around to watch Rodgers as Black Canary.  The creators would have to figure out how to make clear of the Black Siren/Earth-2 Laurel plot twist, which is on the verge of becoming convoluted and messy.

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