DC Comics sues manufacturer of replica Batmobiles

DC Comics has sued a California manufacturer of replica vehicles, accusing him of infringing on the company's copyrights and trademarks by selling custom-made Batmobiles.

Hollywood, Esq., reports that DC filed the lawsuit last week in federal court against Mark Towles, whose business Gotham Garage specializes in the creation and sale of television and movie replica vehicles, from the 1989 movie Batmobile to the 1966 TV Batmobile and Batboat to Speed Racer's Mach 5. Presumably none of those replicas is licensed, as the indicia on Towles' website states that "Neither Gotham Garage nor Mark Towle are directly affiliated with Warner Brothers Inc., DC Comics., 20th Century Fox Inc., Walt Disney Inc., nor The Munsters Official Organizations."

The publisher accuses Towles of copyright and trademark infringement, trademark counterfeiting and unfair competition, and seeks a permanent injunction, the destruction of all infringing products and damages of no less than $750,000 for each infringement.

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