DC Comics Remembers Legendary Artist Steve Ditko

Creeper by Steve Dikto

DC Entertainment has released a statement marking the loss of artist Steve Ditko, best known as the co-creator of Marvel's Spider-Man, but who also contributed such DC characters as The Question, The Creeper, Hawk and Dove, and Blue Beetle.

Intensely private, the 90-year-old Ditko was found dead June 29 in his New York City apartment. However, he's believed to have passed away two days earlier.

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"A Ditko comic never looked like anyone else’s," DC Entertainment Publisher Dan DiDio said in the statement. "Aside from his deceptively simple art style — which was uniquely Ditko's — he was a master at plotting and filling his stories with energy."

Hawk and Dove by Steve Ditko
Hawk and Dove by Steve Ditko

Ditko had two stints at the publisher, the first from 1968 to 1969, following his split with Marvel Comics, during which he introduced The Creeper, the talk-show host turned maniacal vigilante, and Hawk and Dove, the costumed brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum who became associated with the Teen Titans. He returned in the mid-1970s, during which he created Shade, the Changing Man, co-created the sword-and-sorcery comic Stalker, revived The Creeper and drew the Prince Gavyn version of Starman.

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During his time at Charlton Comics, Ditko created The Question and the Ted Kord incarnation of Blue Beetle, and co-created Captain Atom, which, along with most of the publisher's other superheroes, were acquired in 1983 by DC.

"Steve Ditko's impact and achievements are legendary," said DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee. "The work he created will live on for generations to come."

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