DC Pays Tribute to Stan Lee in This Week's Comics

Apparently, even between rivals in the comic book industry, there is common ground, as DC Comics has revealed a tribute to recently deceased Marvel icon Stan Lee in this week’s comics.

Lee, who passed away last year at the age of 95 from complications of heart failure and pneumonia, would have celebrated his 96th birthday on December 28. Numerous fans, celebrities and creators in the industry posted tributes and memories of the famous Marvel writer, editor and publisher in remembrance.

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In the comic book industry, many iconic creators have spent time working for either publisher, considered to be the “Big Two,” and Stan Lee was no exception. Lee’s first DC Credit was in Detective Comics #600 in the final chapter of "Blind Justice" storyline, where the writer penned an ode dedicated to Batman. His biggest project for DC was in 2001 on the Just Imagine series, where the famous co-creator of popular Marvel characters reimagined other famous DC characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others alongside other famous artists to create a new character in Lee’s own unique style. His final work was a story in DC Presents: Superman #1, which was part of a series that paid homage to former editor Julius Schwartz, who had recently passed away at that time.

Before he became synonymous with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his cameos, a parody of Lee called Funky Flashman appeared in Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle. Flashman’s character and mannerisms are said to be a result of the falling out between both creators during their work together at Marvel.

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Despite his contribution and association with Marvel, DC has chosen to honor and remember the creator as he was and the tribute will appear in all DC books available in stores today.


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