DC Comics Spotlight Projects for product shipping September, 2002

Based on the hit TV show!


Before he donned a red cape, before he became a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis, the man who would become Superman was just a teenager struggling with emerging powers in a small town. The WB took that legend of a young Clark Kent from the DC comics and made it into the hit television series Smallville. Now the story comes full circle as DC Comics proudly presents SMALLVILLE: THE COMIC - a 64-page one-shot chock-full of new stories and information straight from the continuity of the TV show!

The drama and excitement begin when Smallville writer/supervising producer Mark Verheiden (Fighting American) pens the lead story "The Beast," featuring art by Roy Allan Martinez (WONDER WOMAN). What do you get when you mix Kryptonite and dinosaurs? A teenage raptor with a taste for Smallville students! Clark's powers are put to the test as he struggles to contain the creature while not revealing his super-abilities to Lana and the rest of Smallville High. Then Smallville writer/producer Michael Green teams up with artist John Paul Leon (Universe X) for a day in the life of Lex Luthor, as we go inside the mind of Smallville's richest resident. What makes Lex tick? And why does he really want to stay in Smallville?

Rounding out the issue are exclusive photos, plus interviews with the cast and production team behind the TV series. Also, an in-depth look at the making of the first season pilot, and a special preview of season two! With a photo cover of the cast, it's the one comic Smallville fans won't want to miss!

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SMALLVILLE: THE COMIC is a 64-page one-shot coedited by Eddie Berganza & Tom Palmer, Jr., arriving in comic-book stores September 18 with a cover price of $3.95 U.S.

A New Generation of Gen-Actives


A decade after making a huge splash in the comics world, WildStorm's Gen-Active teen team-supreme is about to have a bold new chapter in its history unveiled. Get ready for all-new characters! New adversaries! New locales! New dangers! New excitement!

Get ready for…the latest incarnation of GEN13 - a new ongoing WildStorm Productions series written by fan-favorite writer Chris Claremont (X-treme X-Men, Fantastic Four) and illustrated by white-hot artist Alé Garza (NINJA BOY, E.V.E. Protomecha) & inker extraordinaire Sandra Hope (OUT THERE).

"You will be judged."

With these four words - spoken in the dark of night by a mysterious being known only as Herod - brothers Dylan and Ethan York find their lives irrevocably, terribly changed.

Where once their biggest challenge was to keep their family together, now one brother has been given incredible abilities - and the two teens find themselves in a world filled with unknown dangers and mysterious enemies. They know that in order to survive they must find the others Herod has changed before it is too late.

A new team of Gen-Actives will rise, capturing the imagination of the current generation of comics readers the same way the first Gen13 team did.

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GEN13 is an ongoing WildStorm Productions series edited by Bob Harras. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 11 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.

What would you do with only a year to live?


Preston Kills has an incredible gift - a gift of second sight given to him by the mysterious Herod when Preston was a boy. There's just one catch: the gift will kill Preston when he turns 21, meaning he has only an all-too-brief year left to live.

21 DOWN is a new ongoing series from WildStorm Productions, tying into events from the new GEN13 (though it may be read and enjoyed independently). Written by Jimmy Palmiotti (Beautiful Killer, SMALLBOY) & Justin Gray, with art by Jesus Saíz (JLA: BLACK BAPTISM, MIDNIGHT, MASS) & Palmiotti and painted covers by Joe Jusko, 21 DOWN explores the life of a young man whose clock is ticking.

Judgment day is a year away, and while Preston tries to live his life as normally as he can, he knows that it will get more intense and out of control from here on out. When a mysterious woman called Mickey Rinaldi appears at Preston's door, his world is turned upside-down - as Mickey presents the idea that he might be able to save himself.

Self-preservation can make people do some crazy things. For Preston, facing a death sentence challenges his sense of morality. He must choose: take the easy path and wait for death, or get out there and try to make something happen, even if it means failure. Now he has no other option but to seek the truth…about the mysterious Herod who granted him powers and about himself.

Keep your fingers crossed for Preston. In the wild and crazy adventures that await him, he'll need all the help he can get…

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21 DOWN is an ongoing WildStorm Productions series edited by Bob Harras. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 4 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.


The year is 2280. Things are not good. Fighting for survival is an everyday struggle against the Global Control Commission. In order to overcome the odds, there must be…THE RESISTANCE.

In THE RESISTANCE - an ongoing WildStorm Productions series written by Jimmy Palmiotti (Beautiful Killer, SMALLBOY) & Justin Gray, with art and covers by promising newcomers Juan Santacruz & Francis Portela - low-tech characters try to survive in a high-tech society that would rather terminate problems than deal with them.

In the future, the government controls every birth - and any life that isn't approved is eradicated! Brian Strum is a kid whose existence has been hidden from the government for his entire life. To them, he is a non-person - an unsanctioned birth. Worse, he is a threat to the common good of humanity - a parasite on Earth's precious, dwindling resources.

Now Brian's existence has been exposed and he finds himself marked for death. His only salvation? A small band of resistance fighters called the Strayz, determined to fight for their right to live - even if it kills them.

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THE RESISTANCE is an ongoing WildStorm Productions series edited by Bob Harras. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 25 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.


IN THE SHADOW OF EDGAR ALLAN POE HCEdgar Allan Poe was driven by demons.

A poet and a storyteller, he was haunted by dark moods and darker thoughts, resulting in disturbing stories of high complexity, supernatural terror and exquisite mental turmoil.

But were the demons that drove him real?

That possibility is explored in the 96-page VERTIGO hardcover IN THE SHADOW OF EDGAR ALLAN POE - written by award-winning novelist Jonathan Scott Fuqua (The Reappearance of Sam Webber) and featuring the photographic art team behind VEILS and I, PAPARAZZI: Steve Parke & Stephen John Phillips.

When a lost diary purported to be written by Poe falls into the hands of Sterling Tuttle, the Poe scholar uncovers a side of the writer that few people ever suspected. In the diary, the voice of the long-dead author reaches out from beyond the grave to give a chilling account of his tortured life. Haunted by the ghosts of his tragic past and the burden of relentless alcoholism, Poe soon finds that his creativity may depend on actual demons who have an unsavory agenda of their own…

Based on a few of Poe's published works, IN THE SHADOW combines actual events in the writer's life with Fuqua's well-researched theories, creating a mysterious drama wherein tragedy and fate intersect. With chilling photographs that invoke the fear that Poe wrestled with, Park & Phillips break the traditional boundaries of framed panels and create a graphic novel that explodes with original, unforgettable visuals.

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IN THE SHADOW OF EDGAR ALLAN POE is a 96-page VERTIGO hardcover edited by Karen Berger and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores September 25 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S.


VERTIGO continues to put its unique spin on an ever-expanding range of genres by drawing on the best elements of kung fu fighting, Hong Kong action, and Fight Club intensity with FIGHT FOR TOMORROW - a 6-issue miniseries that will knock you out of your seat.

Critical favorite writer Brian Wood (Pounded, Channel Zero) teams up with penciller Denys Cowan (THE QUESTION) and inker Kent Williams (DESTINY: A CHRONICLE OF DEATHS FORETOLD) for this action-packed tale of a young Buddhist monk turned kung fu street brawler. The first issue cover is by Jim Lee, with future covers by Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Cho and more!

Kidnapped as a small boy, Cedric Zhang was bought and raised to fight in competitions for the benefit of his owner and the other local clan bosses. He quickly formed a tight and lasting bond with Christy, one of the young clan nurses. They helped each other survive in this grim and violent environment, until escaping as young adults with the help of a journalist and relocating to New York City.

Then, in the middle of the night, Christy runs away - disappearing with no warning or explanation. Cedric's life, only now starting to approach normalcy, is again thrust into chaos and pain.

With the help of a local Buddhist girl and her hoodlum little brother, a desperate Cedric immerses himself in the violent and corrupt New York City underworld in an effort to locate the missing Christy, and finds himself back in the same horrible world he spent his life trying to escape.

This project is supported with house and trade ads and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

FIGHT FOR TOMORROW is a 6-issue VERTIGO miniseries coedited by Heidi MacDonald & Zachary Rau and is suggested for mature readers. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 25 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


Hong Kong: It's one of the grandest cities in the world with over two thousand years of secrets! But Maggie Sun is about to learn why some secrets are best left hidden in BLACK SUN - a 6-issue mature-readers miniseries from WildStorm Productions' "Eye of the Storm!"

Written by Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated writer Marc Andreyko (Jinx: Torso, Sam & Twitch) with stunning art and covers by Trevor Scott (THE AUTHORITY) using cutting-edge digital techniques, BLACK SUN is an action thriller that will leave you breathless! Issue #1 features a variant cover also by Scott.

While investigating a bizarre waterfront crime, young hotshot police detective Maggie Sun discovers it isn't just another petty theft. In fact, a hellish centuries-old plot is about to be unleashed by the Demon Lord Azuras. With the help of a mystical black pearl, Maggie alone has the power to battle Azuras and his demon minions. But does the answer to defeating Azuras lie in her own family's dark past? Will Maggie defy fate or will she succumb to the fearsome demon lord, damning herself and the rest of the world?

This project is supported with house and trade ads and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

BLACK SUN is a 6-issue WildStorm Productions miniseries coedited by Aaron Watanabe & Jeff Mariotte and is suggested for mature readers. The 40-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores September 18 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. Note: Issue #1 will ship with two covers. Both covers are by Trevor Scott and will ship in a 50/50 ratio. This project is a resolicitation. All previous orders have been cancelled.


They are archaeologists of the impossible - tracking down evidence of a vast array of super-human activity that the world never knew. They are the members of Planetary, better known as…Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince?!?

The mystery team of the WildStorm Universe collides with the World's Greatest Heroes of the DC Universe in the most unexpected way this September. PLANETARY/JLA: TERRA OCCULTA is a 48-page WildStorm Productions one-shot in the Prestige Format, written by PLANETARY's Warren Ellis (THE AUTHORITY, TRANSMETROPOLITAN) and illustrated by Jerry Ordway (JUST IMAGINE…JLA, THE POWER OF SHAZAM!).

TERRA OCCULTA introduces a world very much like the one Planetary operates in - yet completely different. It is an Elseworld ruled by the Four - strange and powerful people who compile technology, dark secrets and hidden information, keeping it for their own sinister benefit. But the members of Planetary have formed their secret league to uncover all the dirty business of the Four - all the secret history they've kept hidden from the world in the last hundred years. The world is a strange place, and the trio that is Planetary is determined to keep it that way.

But if Kent, Wayne and Prince are Planetary, then who are the Four? Find out in the crossover and Elseworlds event of the summer!

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PLANETARY/JLA: TERRA OCCULTA is a 48-page WildStorm Productions one-shot in the Prestige Format edited by Scott Dunbier, arriving in comic-book stores September 11 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.


Sirs and Madams: We are delighted to bring you, due to popular demand of the general comics-reading populace, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN trade paperback, collecting all six chapters of the exciting Victorian adventure periodical in one exceptional trade paperback. This handsome 192-page tome is masterfully written by Mr. Alan Moore, author of such classic works as WATCHMEN, From Hell and the award-winning AMERICA'S BEST COMICS line of pictorial novels, and superbly illustrated by Mr. Kevin O'Neill, artist of Marshall Law and LOBO.

Thrill once again to the derring-do of our stalwart chums - Allan Quatermain, Mina Murray, Captain Nemo, Dr. Henry Jekyll & Edward Hyde, and Hawley Griffin, the indisputable Invisible Man - as they band together to face sinister threats to Britain. This full-length novel recounts the first-ever mission of The League, from the time each member is recruited, to the finale in which their dashing and heroic demeanor saves the day as they defeat a set of most dastardly (if we do say so ourselves) villains.

This irresistible volume also will contain the complete text feature "Allan and the Sundered Veil" with accompanying illustrations by Mr. O'Neill, as well as all the covers for the original series. As a special bonus, we are pleased to announce the addition of a sketchbook section giving a rare glimpse into Mr. O'Neill's unique artistic process.

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN is a 192-page AMERICA'S BEST COMICS trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores September 4 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.


Even before the advent of VERTIGO, DC Comics began stretching the boundaries of comics with a series of groundbreaking titles that brought mature sensibilities to the traditional graphic narrative form - titles like HELLBLAZER, SWAMP THING, and SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN.

Now, VERTIGO is proud to present SKREEMER - a 176-page trade paperback collecting the 6-issue miniseries that was among those early pioneering books. This cult favorite was created by writer Peter Milligan (X-Force, ENIGMA) and artist Brett Ewins (2000AD), with assistance from a young, up-and-coming artist named Steve Dillon - who later went on to much acclaim with his work on HELLBLAZER, PREACHER and Punisher.

SKREEMER tells the story of the rise and fall of a gangster king in a future America - a land descended into anarchy and warlord rule, where gangster "presidents" vie for territory and control of resources. It is into this world that a boy named Veto comes - a boy who's the greatest "skreemer" assassin the presidents have ever seen…and the greatest threat to their stranglehold on power they have ever known. Around Veto orbits a constellation of people, and this is their story as well - the story of what happens when Veto decides to fight against destiny, to fight against the future he can see all too clearly. His actions ripple through all those around him, backwards and forwards in time, echoing the James Joyce classic Finnegans Wake which Milligan weaves through the narrative, leading to a conclusion that is both tragic and uplifting.

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SKREEMER is a 176-issue VERTIGO trade paperback and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores September 4 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.



The WORLD'S FINEST title has been best known for its teaming of Batman and Superman together in action. But what many comics fans don't know is that both heroes appeared in that title in solo adventures for many years before they ever were paired together.

Now the first seventeen tales of Batman (and Robin) from WORLD'S FINEST COMICS - most of them unseen for over 60 years with only two ever reprinted since they originally appeared - are collected in the first BATMAN IN WORLD'S FINEST ARCHIVES Volume One! This 240-page hardcover volume features an introduction by famed cartoonist and comics historian R.C. Harvey.

With Volume One, a rich vein of seldom-seen comics history is now re-presented for fans both old and new. Showcasing the classic early work of Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang, and others, these stories feature such milestones as the first appearance of longtime Bat-nemesis the Scarecrow and the last appearance of the early, rotund Alfred.

Reprinting stories from WORLD'S FAIR COMICS 1940, WORLD'S BEST COMICS #1 and WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #2-16, this Archives volume presents Batman and Robin at their most exciting!

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

BATMAN IN WORLD'S FINEST ARCHIVES Volume One is a 240-page hardcover arriving in comic-book stores September 18 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.

It's always darkest...


In BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale (SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS, Spider-Man: Blue) took a haunting look at the early days of Batman's career, revealing a Gotham caught between mobsters and freakish criminals...a Gotham whose defenders - James Gordon, Harvey Dent and the vigilante called Batman - were changed forever by the year-long hunt for the serial killer known as Holiday. Loeb and Sale then returned to the Dark Knight's early days in a staggering follow-up to THE LONG HALLOWEEN with BATMAN: DARK VICTORY - an epic sequel now collected as a massive 392-page trade paperback. DARK VICTORY contains all thirteen issues of the maxiseries, plus the #0 issue from Wizard: The Comics Magazine, and a cover by Sale!

DARK VICTORY showcases some of the Dark Knight's deadliest foes, including Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and the Joker, and introduces Batman's most trusted ally, Robin. As Gotham completes its journey from a city run by organized crime to one run by lawless freaks, the Dark Knight completes his transformation into the city's greatest defender while facing multiple threats, including the seeming return of Holiday. But, as readers of THE LONG HALLOWEEN remember, more than one person was responsible for Holiday's murders, so the question remains: Who is committing Holiday's crimes this time? And how many will die before Batman learns the truth?

This project is supported with house ads.

BATMAN: DARK VICTORY is a 392-page trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores September 25 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.


"Joe Kubert has established an unsurpassed standard of art and story in the adventure genre of comics. His work belongs on everyone's bookshelf." - Will Eisner

Joe Kubert is a living legend.

For over 50 years he has been one of comics' finest draftsmen; his work on HAWKMAN, SGT. ROCK, ENEMY ACE, TARZAN, the comic strip The Green Berets, and the more recent, award-winning Fax From Sarajevo have earned him accolades around the world from comics fans and professionals alike.

Presented in TOR Volume Two - a 144-page oversized (8 1/2" x 11") archive-quality hardcover - are eight more adventures of one of Kubert's most legendary creations. Tor: the saga of a noble yet uncompromising primitive man attempting to survive alone in a savage world of dinosaurs, disasters and devious men.

In addition to all eight Tor stories from the 1950s -TOR #3, 4 & 5 - this volume also features a foreword by Joe Kubert dealing with the early years of his career and the creation of Tor. Plus, an insightful introduction by comics writer and historian Roy Thomas; original Tor backup features, including the youth-oriented Danny Dreams stories; and a 27-page portfolio section with commentary by Kubert containing unseen sketches, pages, animation art, and other developmental material!

This volume is the second of a 3-volume set spanning over three decades of creativity, and collecting every Tor story ever published!

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

TOR Volume Two is a 144-page oversized (8 1/2" x 11") hardcover, arriving in comic-book stores September 25 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.

Haven and Earth


Since the alien city called Haven collided with the Earth, the Havenites have struck an uneasy peace with the people of the United States. Now the people of Haven are asking America to leave the city alone, as the heroes of the Alliance prepare for an invasion by the woman who doomed them to their current plight: the monster known as Anathema. But Anathema's assault has many levels, as enemies within both Haven and the U.S. Army betray the best interests of Havenite and American alike, leaving the city only one hope - the heroes of the Justice League of America. It's all in the JLA/HAVEN: ANATHEMA one-shot.

Created by the HAVEN: THE BROKEN CITY team of cowriters Ashley-Jayne Nicolaus & Matthew P. Schuster and artist/cover painter Ariel Olivetti, ANATHEMA is the Prestige Format bookend to the maxiseries event that began in last year's JLA/HAVEN: ARRIVAL. As months of Anathema's cunning plans come to fruition, Valadin and the Alliance seem caught unawares by the depths of her treachery. Faced with an army of super-powered soldiers, betrayed by their closest allies, the Alliance and the JLA must band together to stand against the full fury of Anathema. But how will the battle to come shape Haven's ultimate destiny?

JLA/HAVEN: ANATHEMA is a 48-page one-shot in the Prestige Format edited by Mike Carlin. It arrives in comic-book stores September 18 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.


The Fifties! A decade like no other, and one where a certain Man of Steel enjoyed some of his most outrageously fun tales ever. Come witness the sheer excitement and raw jubilation of this era with the stories presented in SUPERMAN IN THE FIFTIES - a 192-page trade paperback.

Featuring the writing talents of Otto Binder, Jerry Coleman, Bill Finger, Edmond Hamilton, and others, with art by Al Plastino, Wayne Boring, Curt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, and others, this volume reprints stories from SUPERMAN (first series) #65, 79, 80, 96, 97, and 127; ACTION COMICS #151, 242, 252, 254, and 255; WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #68 and 75; SHOWCASE #9, SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #8; ADVENTURE COMICS #210; and SUPERMAN'S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #13!

The tales contained in this collection feature some important milestones in Superman's history: the first appearances of Supergirl, Krypto and Titano the Super-Ape; the first Kryptonian villans; Superboy's last day in Smallville; Superman's big brother; Superman's Super-Magic Show; the battle with Bizarro & the Bride of Bizarro; the new team of Superman and Robin; and much, much more!

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

SUPERMAN IN THE FIFTIES is a 192-page trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores September 18 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.

SUPERMAN: "Ending Battle"

Superman's best-kept secret is that of his alter ego, Clark Kent. But when some of the Man of Steel's most deadly foes start targeting those closest to Clark, that means big trouble for the World's Greatest Hero.

"Ending Battle" is an epic 8-part storyline that runs through all the Superman books in the months of September and October (the numbered triangle system will reappear on the covers for the duration of the storyline to help readers keep track of reading order).

First, in SUPERMAN #186 (written by Geoff Johns with art and cover by Pascual Ferry & Cam Smith), a revamped Master Jailer and Neutron attack the Capitol aiming for Pete Ross and Lana Lang, and Superman must dispose of the two while uncovering clues to the mysterious mastermind behind the attacks. Then, in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #608 (written by Joe Casey with art by new regular artist Derec Aucoin), the attacks continue, as Atomic Skull arrives at the Kent farm. Meanwhile, a host of super-villains start attacking people associated with Clark's childhood in Smallville.

The following week in SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #130 (written by Mark Schultz with art by Brandon Badeaux & Mark Morales), the Daily Planet is attacked by Evilstar and his Starlings while a more powerful Terra-Man and Rock attack the Steelworks, forcing Lois to decide if her duty as a reporter comes before her duty to Superman. Finally that month in ACTION COMICS #795 (written by Joe Kelly with art by Duncan Rouleau & Marlo Alquiza), Superman confronts the man he believes is behind the attacks on his friends and family. But soon he's faced with the return of some unexpected foes…

"Ending Battle" continues the following month in all the regular Superman titles - and the conclusion, plus the revelation of who is behind the attacks, is sure to shock readers!

SUPERMAN #186, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #608, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #130, and ACTION COMICS #795 are all 32-page issues edited by Eddie Berganza. They arrive in comic-book stores September 4, 11, 18, and 25, respectively, with a cover price of $2.25 U.S. each.



They were a secret team of super-technology powered policemen assembled by the United Nations to combat tyranny and evil worldwide! Now this fondly remembered comic book of the '60s gets the quality-reproduction treatment in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS ARCHIVES Volume One - a 248-page hardcover advance-solicited for arrival in December, with introductions by writer Robert Klein and movie producer Michael Uslan.

The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. (The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves) Agents feature the mighty Dynamo and his Thunder Belt; Noman, the multi-bodied living android and his cloak of invisibility; and Menthor and his psionic helmet. These three agents forged together to counter the evil worldwide menace of the Warlord and his minions!

The driving force behind T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS was the legendary writer/artist Wally Wood, of E.C. fame. Joining Wood were some of his friends in the comics business, and what friends! - artists Gil Kane, Reed Crandall, Mike Sekowsky, George Tuska, Dick Ayers, Mike Esposito, Dan Adkins, and John Giunta, plus writers including Len Brown and Larry Ivie.

At last, old fans and new can see what started it all! Volume One collects in their entirety the first four issues of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS (1965-66) - completely restored and recolored - from the series' spectacular 20-issue run. Future volumes will continue to collect issues of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS, along with its companion titles DYNAMO and NOMAN.


Also advance-solicited this month, and arriving the same day as the Archives in December, is the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS: DYNAMO STATUE from DC Direct!

Dynamo, the star of the series featuring the adventures of a super-powered group of agents working for the United Nations, has been transformed into a beautiful hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue, standing approximately 9 1/8" tall x 6 3/4" wide x 4 7/8" deep.

Serious T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents fans will want to take advantage of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS ARCHIVES Volume 1 HC & DYNAMO STATUE SPECIAL OFFER that gives you both exciting items for almost $25 off individual pricing!

These projects are supported with house and trade ads.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS ARCHIVES Volume One is a 248-page hardcover with a cover price of $49.95 U.S. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS: DYNAMO STATUE has a price of $149.95 U.S. The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS ARCHIVES Volume One HC & DYNAMO STATUE SPECIAL OFFER has a price of $175.00 U.S. These items are advance-solicited and arrive in comic-book stores December 4.


During the Dominion War, as seen in the last two seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, there was one Federation starship notably absent from the action - the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E. Where were Captain Jean-Luc Picard and crew, and why weren't they in the thick of battle?

Best-selling authors Kevin J. Anderson (Dune: House Corinno, The Saga of the Seven Suns) and Rebecca Moesta (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Little Things) answer that question in the softcover edition of WildStorm's fully painted Star Trek graphic novel STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION® - THE GORN CRISIS. As the name reveals, the Enterprise-E was off in another part of space, dealing with a rogue force of Gorn (the lizard creatures from the original series) trying to use the distraction of the Dominion War to launch their own attack against Starfleet, in revenge for the way they were treated by Captain James T. Kirk and crew a century before.

With beautifully painted art and cover by Igor Kordey (New X-Men, Cable), this stunning book takes us deeper into the world of the Gorn than we've ever been, giving new insights into one of the most popular alien races from the original Star Trek series.

This project is supported with house ads.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - THE GORN CRISIS is a 96-page WildStorm Productions softcover edited by Jeff Mariotte, arriving in comic-book stores September 11 with a cover price of $17.95 U.S.


The world of Gen-Actives isn't all video games and adolescent crushes, as attentive readers of WildStorm know all too well. For every happy gang of Gen13 pals created by International Operations, there's a pack of borderline psychopaths meant for the really nasty work - and who better to tell their stories than writer and cheerfully borderline personality Warren Ellis (PLANETARY, TRANSMETROPOLITAN)?

Welcome to DV8: NEIGHBORHOOD THREAT, a 176-page WildStorm Productions "Eye of the Storm" trade paperback collecting DV8 #1-6 as well as DV8 #1/2 (originally co-published with Wizard: The Comics Magazine). Featuring art by Humberto Ramos, Juvaun Kirby, Michael Lopez, Kevin West, Sal Regla, and others, NEIGHBORHOOD THREAT tells the charming yet horrifying tale of power-mad, former I.O. bigwig Ivana Baiul's personal super-powered team, DV8.

Team members such as Threshold, Bliss, Frostbite, Evo, Sublime, Powerhaus, and Copycat try to adjust to the world outside the Genesis Project. Can any of them interact with a population they've been trained to regard as inferiors, especially with their myriad social and psychological dysfunctions? Can they still function as a team in a real society while under Ivana's control, especially when their leaders - brother and sister Threshold and Bliss - are more screwed up than any of them? The answers to all these questions - and the refreshing craziness of security head Sideways Bob - will make for a tale you won't soon forget!

This project is supported with house ads.

DV8: NEIGHBORHOOD THREAT is a 176-page WildStorm Productions trade paperback and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores September 25 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

Inferior Five #1 Subverts Expectation in a Post-Modern Superhero Tale

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