DC Comics Spotlight Projects for product shipping March, 2002

Taking Flight!


In Ancient Egypt, he was known as Prince Khufu. Today he is called Carter Hall. Archaeologist. Winged Warrior. Hawkman. He's lived thousands of lives - his soul reincarnated again and again, destined forever to be reunited with his true love. That is, until now...

Comics fans have been demanding his return, and now the Winged Warrior of the DC Universe soars once again in HAWKMAN, an ongoing series cowritten by James Robinson (STARMAN, THE GOLDEN AGE) & Geoff Johns (JSA, THE FLASH), with art by Rags Morales (JSA, HOURMAN) & Michael Bair (JSA) and painted covers by Andrew Robinson (STARMAN).

Prince Khufu's "soul mate" has been reincarnated into the body of Kendra Saunders - also known as the JSA's Hawkgirl. But with no memories of her past lives, Kendra has made it quite clear she wants nothing to do with Hawkman. But in HAWKMAN #1, Hawkgirl learns that the deaths of her parents years ago were actually murders, and she is forced to enlist Hawkman's help in unlocking the mystery and finding their killer.

The Hawks' adventures lead them to a new city in the DC Universe, the enigmatic Southern epicenter of St. Roch. It's a mysterious metropolis plagued with hot and humid weather, concealed corruption, brutal competition and an unknown curse; a cultural haven as well as a political hotbed. Follow Hawkman as he unravels the mysteries within St. Roch, travels to exotic lands, battles creatures and villains of ancient and new myth, and struggles to reignite the love of his destined soul mate, Hawkgirl.

This project is supported with a 4-color poster, a 7-page preview in Wizard: The Comic Magazine #124, house and trade ads, and a web promotion at www.dccomics.com.

HAWKMAN is an ongoing series edited by Peter Tomasi. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores March 6 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


Batman. Deathblow.

One of these men is the world's greatest detective with unlimited resources for his vigilante quest for justice. The other is a soldier, a black-ops killer who does whatever it takes for the greater good. One holds life sacred above all else, while the other wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in your brain if his mission called for it. So what happens when the two meet? We'll never know...because Michael Cray, code-named Deathblow, is dead.

WildStorm Productions proudly presents one of the most unusual crossovers ever with BATMAN/DEATHBLOW: AFTER THE FIRE - a 3-issue Prestige Format miniseries written by Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, HELLBLAZER), with stunning, evocative art by Lee Bermejo (SUPERMAN/GEN13) & Tim Bradstreet (HELLBLAZER covers). The Dark Knight faces the daunting task of finishing a job that someone else started but - for reasons that remain a mystery - refused to finish. That someone was Michael Cray. And as Batman picks up the pieces of this unfinished job, he digs up the past of a man who was involved in political actions in which diplomacy was not an option. The Dark Knight gradually learns the two had more in common than he would like to admit.

AFTER THE FIRE is a mystery that spans a decade - a tale of secret agents, double agents and a charismatic madman with a fiery, lethal touch. It's also the story of two very different kinds of heroes, and the explosive results of the two crossing paths...even if one of them is dead!

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BATMAN/DEATHBLOW: AFTER THE FIRE is a 3-issue Prestige Format WildStorm Productions miniseries edited by John Layman. The 48-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores March 20 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.

Hilarity of Biblical Proportions!


Violence! Intrigue! Polygamy! Mass circumcision!

All this and more can be found in the latest VERTIGO instant classic by Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Kyle Baker. KING DAVID is a 160-page softcover (8 1/2" x 11") written and illustrated by Baker, the comics genius behind YOU ARE HERE, WHY I HATE SATURN, The Cowboy Wally Show, and the Eisner Award-winning short story "Letitia Lerner - Superman's Babysitter."

The familiar tale of young David's rise to unprecedented power and popularity while under the paranoid scrutiny of King Saul gets the irreverent - yet biblically accurate - treatment that has made Kyle Baker's work acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. Witness the sweeping tale of David, the simple farmer's son who beats the stuffing out of wild animals who would thin his father's herds! Be awed as this upstart pipsqueak faces Goliath, the Gargantua of Gath, in a no-holds-barred fight to the death! Tremble before the might of King Saul and his all-consuming jealousy!

When David survives Saul's seemingly endless attempts to have him assassinated, and Saul dies without leaving an heir, revel as the young hero ascends to the throne of Israel! Gasp at David's treacherous lust for the beautiful Bathsheba, a woman he shamelessly steals from one of his own soldiers! Will David rise to the challenges that face him who wears the crown? Or will absolute power corrupt him absolutely?

Find out here, before you read it in the Good Book!

This project is supported with a 4-color poster, and house and trade ads.

KING DAVID is a 160-page VERTIGO softcover (8 1/2" x 11") edited by Karen Berger and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores March 20 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.


After banging heads with the Dark Knight for years over the proper behavior for a vigilante, Huntress finally earned his grudging respect through her heroic efforts at the end of Gotham's "No Man's Land." But what drove her to a life of vengeance and violence in the first place? How did the Huntress come to be?

That story is finally told in BATMAN/HUNTRESS: CRY FOR BLOOD - a 144-page trade paperback collecting the 6-issue miniseries by Eisner Award-winners writer Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS, Whiteout) and artists Rick Burchett (BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE) & Terry Beatty (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES), with a new cover by Burchett. In the aftermath of "No Man's Land," the Huntress becomes the prime suspect for the murder of a mafia capo, who is killed with a crossbow - Huntress's signature weapon. When a journalist is killed in the same manner, Huntress finds herself on the run - not only from the police, but also from all the members of Batman's vigilante force. Determined to find out who's framing her, Huntress is saved from capture by a mysterious stranger, a man called…the Question.

In hiding, Huntress recounts the sad tale of a little girl named Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of one of Gotham City's most powerful mafia figures; a girl whose entire family was killed in front of her eyes; a girl whose long and lonely journey towards adulthood is fueled by an unquenchable rage and an unbreakable will. But where will the journey ultimately take her, and what will she do when she finds the answers she is looking for? How will the Huntress answer the cry for vengeance - the cry for blood?

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BATMAN/HUNTRESS: CRY FOR BLOOD is a 144-page trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores March 6 with a cover price of $12.95 U.S.


Who killed nightclub owner and chanteuse Selina Kyle?

That mystery is at the core of BATMAN: NINE LIVES, a 128-page Elseworlds hardcover that evokes the mood of a 1940s noir film. Written by Dean Motter (TERMINAL CITY, Mr. X), with art by Michael Lark (LEGEND OF THE HAWKMAN, TERMINAL CITY) and a painted cover by Lark and Christopher Moeller (JLA: A LEAGUE OF ONE), this gripping tale is told in a sideways "landscape" format to better showcase the graphic, cinematic style of the art.

When the vigilante known as the "Bat-Man" investigates the reports of a giant alligator in the labyrinthine Gotham reservoir, he discovers a dead body. But he is shocked to learn it is the body of Selina Kyle, the ex-girlfriend of the Bat-Man's alter ego, Bruce Wayne. The Bat-Man is on the case to uncover what led to her death, but so is Detective Richard Grayson, who must solve the mystery before someone else dies. But with so many suspects, where does Grayson begin?

NINE LIVES sinks its hooks into you with its atmospheric setting and startling mystery, while dazzling you with beautiful visuals that faithfully recall another era.

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

BATMAN: NINE LIVES is a 128-page Elseworlds hardcover edited by Joey Cavalieri, arriving in comic-book stores March 27 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S.


The first storyline of one of the most talked-about comic-book launches of 2001 is collected in May!

White-hot creator Kevin Smith, the writer/director behind such popular independent films as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, as well as the writer of top-selling comics like Daredevil and Jay & Silent Bob, brings back comicdom's classic hothead character Oliver Queen in GREEN ARROW: QUIVER! This 232-page hardcover, reprinting GREEN ARROW #1-10, features art by master penciller Phil Hester (DETECTIVE COMICS, The Coffin) and inker extraordinaire Ande Parks (CATWOMAN), with a new cover painting by Matt Wagner (Mage, BATMAN/GRENDEL).

Oliver Queen's mysterious reappearance in the DC Universe will have fans constantly guessing asbout how Queen survived seeming death aboard an exploding airplane. What really happened on that fateful day? In QUIVER, readers get a chance to uncover the truth for themselves, as they follow Green Arrow along his quest for the media-dubbed "Star City Slayer."

QUIVER features several guest-stars who have questions that demand answers, including Queen's ex-teammates in the JLA, his ex-lover Black Canary, his ex-partner Arsenal, and the son he hardly knew, Connor Hawke - who adopted the mantle of Green Arrow after Queen's "death." A certain Dark Knight from Gotham City has some questions of his own, but he won't like the answers…

Displaying Smith's masterly characterization, brilliantly engaging dialogue and eye for action, QUIVER follows Oliver Queen through man's most uncharted realms - life, death, and back to life.

This project is supported with house ads.

GREEN ARROW: QUIVER is a 232-page hardcover, arriving in comic-book stores March 13 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S. Note: A trade paperback edition will not be offered with an in-store date earlier than September 2002.

The World's Strangest Heroes!


In 1963, a group of misfit super-heroes entered the comics scene. They were feared by normal people, possessed unusual powers and abilities, and were led by a genius confined to a wheelchair.

No, we're not talking about Marvel's X-Men, but rather a super-group that debuted three months prior to them in the pages of DC Comics' MY GREATEST ADVENTURE. DOOM PATROL ARCHIVES Volume 1 is a 224-page hardcover collecting the ten earliest truly bizarre adventures of the appropriately named team consisting of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and the Chief!

Written by Arnold Drake (who provides an introduction to this volume) & Bob Haney, with art by Bruno Premiani, Volume 1 reprints the Doom Patrol stories from MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80-85 and DOOM PATROL #86-89 and features the Doom Patrol's very first appearance and origin (in their original green costumes); the secret origin of the Chief; the introduction of one of their greatest adversaries, General Immortus; the introduction of the Brotherhood of Evil (the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madam Rouge); the prehistoric monster menace of Dr. Janus; the Green-Headed League; the revolt of Negative Man; the Atomic Furies from beneath the Earth; and the mutant Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man!

This project is supported with house ads.

DOOM PATROL ARCHIVES is a 224-page hardcover arriving in comic-book stores March 20 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.

This Man...That Monster!


Their names are legendary: Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. The Flash. Green Lantern. Robin. Now a new hero joins the roster of DC characters reinvented by Stan Lee in the JUST IMAGINE...one-shots, one who stands head and shoulders (literally) above the rest. But who is the man-monster known as...Shazam?

The answers unfold in JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH GARY FRANK CREATING SHAZAM!, a Prestige Format one-shot that introduces a new kind of champion to the JUST IMAGINE... universe - a man who is transformed by ancient sorcery into a lumbering behemoth by the utterance of a single word: Shazam. With gorgeous art by the team of Gary Frank (SUPERGIRL, Midnight Nation) & Sandra Hope (OUT THERE), JUST IMAGINE...SHAZAM! introduces brilliant Interpol agent Robert Rogers, a nebbish hopelessly smitten with his beautiful partner, Carla Noral.

On a terrorist-hunting mission in India, Rogers and Noral fail to save a local fakir from assassins. With his dying words, the fakir bestows upon Rogers the gift of the power of "Shazam" - the ability to transform himself into an 8-foot brute with unbelievable power. But will this power be enough to save the day? Or will the dimwitted monster be tricked into fighting the very people Rogers would give his life to protect?

In addition to two covers - one by the team of Frank & Hope, the other by the award-winning Adam Hughes (WONDER WOMAN) - this issue features an "On the Street" backup story, with dialogue by Lee (plot by Michael Uslan) and art by Kano (ACTION COMICS), that introduces some different kinds of heroes to India...inspired by the emergence of SHAZAM!

This project is supported with house ads.

JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH GARY FRANK CREATING SHAZAM! is a 48-page one-shot in the Prestige Format edited by Mike Carlin. It arrives in comic-book stores March 13 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.


Hal Jordan once soared the cosmos as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Asssigned to Space Sector 2814, he roamed the galaxy on nearly a daily basis, partaking in some of the greatest adventures of his life! Now, in his current incarnation as the Spirit of Vengeance - the Spectre - Hal is about to return to the stars…but is he prepared for what he'll find?

THE SPECTRE #15 begins the 3-part "Mystery in Space" storyline debuting new regular penciller Norm Breyfogle (ANARKY) and new cover artist Dave Johnson (100 BULLETS, DETECTIVE COMICS), who join writer J.M. DeMatteis and guest-inker Dennis Janke. The Spectre learns that somewhere in space, Spirits of Vengeance are destroying entire worlds. Convinced he can prevent his other-selves from unleashing their wrath on the universe, Hal must set out on an intergalactic adventure to hold back the tide of destruction, confront past ghosts, and return to outer space - where he experienced his greatest triumphs and his greatest failures. And even if he has the strength to face his own corruption, does he have the will to take on one of the greatest foes of his past…Sinestro?

THE SPECTRE #15 is a 32-page issue edited by Dan Raspler, arriving in comic-book stores March 6 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

THE FLASH #184: "Crossfire"

THE FLASH has quickly become a critical and fan-favorite success, thanks to the efforts of the book's latest creative team of writer Geoff Johns, artists Scott Kolins & Doug Hazlewood, and cover artist Brian Bolland. Now all the various subplots that have been brewing since the beginning of their run come to a head in THE FLASH #184, beginning the 4-part "Crossfire" storyline that will stretch Wally West - the Flash - beyond his limits.

The new and deadlier Rogues Gallery, formed in THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS one-shot, spins its plan into motion as the villains decimate the Central City police force, luring the Flash into their grasp. Meanwhile, Keystone City is overrun by the Thinker as he takes control of its communications system and "plugs in" every citizen of the Flash's hometown - turning the town into a giant computer memory bank.

With the full force of the new Rogues, and the newer, more powerful Thinker, it's more than the Flash can handle at one time. Even though he's the fastest man alive, Wally can't be everywhere at once - and that means something's bound to break…

This issue is supported with house and trade ads and a web promotion at www.dccomics.com.

THE FLASH #184 is a 32-page issue edited by Joey Cavalieri, arriving in comic-book stores March 27 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S.


Readers who have yet to discover the magic of the current creative team on THE FLASH can get in on the ground floor with THE FLASH: BLOOD WILL RUN - a 192-page trade paperback collecting the first Flash stories by Johns, Kolins & Hazlewood.

Reprinting THE FLASH #170-176, as well as the lead story from THE FLASH SECRET FILES #3, BLOOD WILL RUN collects the 4-part storyline of the same name that introduced Cicada - the creepy, charismatic leader of a deadly cult. The cult has been murdering all the people of Keystone that the Scarlet Speedster has ever rescued, and the Flash must face Cicada head-on before any more blood is shed in his name. But Wally's world will be turned upside down when he learns someone special from his past is under Cicada's influence!

BLOOD WILL RUN also features members of Flash's Rogues Gallery - both old and new - making Wally's life as much of a living hell as possible, leading up to the events of "Crossfire." Find out why THE FLASH has become one of the hottest titles on the racks!

This project is supported with house ads.

THE FLASH: BLOOD WILL RUN is a 192-page trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores March 13 with a cover price of $17.95 U.S.


VERTIGO's one-and-only bone-crushing, heart-wrenching, modern/medieval horror/romance comic took an unexpected turn at the end of its first year.

Now take a walk on the weird side as the third crusade begins in THE CRUSADES #13, kicking off a brand-new storyline by the creative team of writer Steven T. Seagle and artists Kelley Jones & Ron Randall, and featuring striking black-and-white painted covers by new cover artist Aron Wiesenfeld (BATMAN BLACK & WHITE). After a year of questions, an avalanche of answers unfolds in the aftermath of the ultimate fate of The Knight. Who was he? Where did he come from? Why was he here?

The questions are answered, but what does it all mean? And how can the facts of his existence possibly be true? If Greek/Australian goddess Venus Kostopikas can piece together that mystery, she'll begin a new life as the city's premier reporter. If not, she'll fall victim to a horror from her past she never thought she'd have to confront again: her mother! Plus, if the Knight has been handled…then who's riding the night streets atop a blind steed, stabbing steel into the evil hearts of the City by the Bay?

THE CRUSADES #13 is a 32-page VERTIGO issue edited by Shelly Bond and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores March 6 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


Having witnessed the cataclysmic confrontation between Dark and Light in SWAMP THING: A MURDER OF CROWS, Swamp Thing realizes that all reality has changed. But one driving desire remains in his heart: returning to his wife, Abby.

That proves to be difficult in SWAMP THING: EARTH TO EARTH - a 160-page VERTIGO trade paperback that is the fifth volume collecting writer Alan Moore's ground-breaking, award-winning run. Featuring art by John Totleben, Rick Veitch and Alfredo Alcala, EARTH TO EARTH reprints SWAMP THING (second series) #51-56.

Unbeknownst to Swamp Thing, his marriage to Abby back in Louisiana has been exposed, resulting in her being arrested for "a crime against the laws of nature." Alone and uncertain of her beloved husband's fate, Abby chooses to flee Louisiana and seek refuge on the shadowy streets of Gotham City where her circumstances draw the attention of Gotham's Dark Knight…Batman! When Abby is taken into custody by Gotham's finest, Swamp Thing is drawn into a war for her freedom against Batman and all the forces of Gotham City. The battle breaks Swamp Thing's bond to the planet Earth and leaves him stranded on a mysterious planet of blue, in the classic tale "My Blue Heaven."

EARTH TO EARTH continues the evolution of Swamp Thing from a mire-dwelling man-monster into an elemental being with power that exceeds the bonds of the earth itself.

This project is supported with house ads.

SWAMP THING: EARTH TO EARTH is a 160-page VERTIGO trade paperback and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores March 6 with a cover price of $17.95 U.S.


One of the most distinctive comic-book series in years, and a multiple Eisner Award winner, TOP TEN concludes its "first season" with TOP TEN BOOK TWO - a 144-page hardcover from AMERICA'S BEST COMICS.

Written by Alan Moore, with art by Gene Ha & Zander Cannon and a painted cover by Ha and José Villarrubia, BOOK TWO continues the serial story of the lives and loves of the super-science cops of Precinct 10. A rich tapestry of characters unfolds and grows before our eyes, as some live, some die, some even find romance - and all are just good cops doing a tough job.

Reprinting TOP TEN #8-12, BOOK TWO concludes with the final resolution of the Libra case, and sows the seeds for future TOP TEN projects to come!

TOP TEN BOOK TWO is a 144-page AMERICA'S BEST COMICS hardcover arriving in comic-book stores March 27 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S. Note: A trade paperback edition will not be offered with an in-store date earlier than September 2002.


Multitalented Adam Warren began a new era in the history of WildStorm's resident super-teen group GEN13 when he took over the book's reins as writer and cover artist. Now the first six issues of his run are collected in GEN13: SUPER-HUMAN LIKE YOU - a 144-page WildStorm Productions trade paperback reprinting GEN13 #60-65.

With artists ranging from Adam Warren (who provides a new cover), to the slick good-girl art of Ed Benes, to the distinctive stylings of rising superstar Kaare Andrews and others, there's something in this collection for every comics fan. Beginning with "Behind the Power" - a story that encapsulated the team's past and presented its possible future - Warren's trademark low humor, vast knowledge of pop culture, and depth of characterization set the stage. In short order, the team returns to La Jolla, California; is reunited with a beloved figure from the past; battles a fast-food employee gone bad; runs afoul of a trio of powerful brothers; and meets another super-team (an encounter leading to romance for some, and a battle with ferrets for others. That's right: ferrets. Did we mention the low humor?) SUPER-HUMAN LIKE YOU is almost more fun than is allowed by law!

This project is supported with house ads.

GEN13: SUPER-HUMAN LIKE YOU is a 144-page WildStorm Productions trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores March 6 with a cover price of $12.95 U.S.

ROBIN #100

Many significant changes occur in Tim Drake's life - not the least of which is a new writer for his adventures - in the extra-sized ROBIN #100! After one hundred issues, writer Chuck Dixon bids a fond farewell to the character he helped create…and he's taking a whole lot of what you know about Tim Drake with him!

In the opening chapter by Dixon and artists Pete Woods & Andrew Pepoy, a crisis at home forces a dramatic change in the course of Tim's life. Friends are left behind, subplots are resolved, and doors are forever closed. Then all-new writer Jon Lewis - recipient of a Xeric Grant and writer of True Swamp and Ghost Ship - delivers the second exciting chapter in this issue, also illustrated by Woods & Pepoy! From this moment on, nothing is the same for Tim, as he returns to Gotham City and encounters Spoiler (sporting a new look), an old villain whose history is inextricably tied to Jason Todd (the previous Robin), and the last person he'd want to see now: Batman. With all that has gone down since "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?," Tim's not even sure he'll be Robin after this issue!

This issue is supported with house ads.

ROBIN #100 is a 48-page issue edited by Matt Idelson, arriving in comic-book stores March 20 with a cover price of $3.50 U.S.


More powerful than Harry Potter! Faster reading than War and Peace!

Look! Up on your shelf! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's…Alfred E. Neuman?!?

That's right, the world's greatest super-heroes are presented - whether they like it or not - in MAD ABOUT SUPER-HEROES, a laugh-out-loud 176-page black-and-white trade paperback (including 32 pages in full color). This 8 1/4" x 10 1/2" volume features an introduction by the one and only Adam West (TV's classic Batman), and a painted cover by fan-favorite artist Alex Ross (his first-ever cover for MAD Magazine)!

MAD ABOUT SUPER-HEROES collects MAD Magazine's best movie, TV, and comic-book spoofs and parodies of your favorite super-heroes, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, and more! We promise no super-hero is spared here by the "Usual Gang of Super-Idiots."

MAD ABOUT SUPER-HEROES is a 176-page black-and-white 8 1/4" x 10 1/2" trade paperback (including 32 pages in full color), arriving in comic-book stores March 13 with a cover price of $9.95 U.S.

The Smallest Heroes With the Biggest Powers!


DC Direct blazes a trail into new excitement with its newest line: POCKET SUPER HEROES! These colorful, pocket-sized DC Universe heroes and villains stand approximately 3"-3.25" tall, feature authentic costuming details and limited articulation (neck, shoulders, hips), and are drawn from DC's spectacular roster of characters past and present!

The first wave of DC COMICS POCKET SUPER HEROES hits in July, with four 2-figure sets, beginning with POCKET SUPER HEROES SERIES I: AQUAMAN & BLACK MANTA, starring the King of the Seven Seas and one of his deadliest foes. The child of a surface man and a woman from Atlantis, Arthur Curry grew to possess the power to live underwater and communicate with all sea life. An undersea scavenger and criminal, Black Manta has vowed to destroy Aquaman and create his own underwater criminal kingdom. POCKET SUPER HEROES SERIES I: GOLDEN AGE DR. MID-NITE & GOLDEN AGE ATOM teams up two of the greatest heroes of the Golden Age! Physician Dr. Charles McNider was blinded by a criminal's bomb but found he could now see in total darkness and dedicated his life to fighting crime as Dr. Mid-Nite. College student Al Pratt was a 98-pound weakling until he went on an intensive training program that turned him into the "Mighty Mite," The Atom.

POCKET SUPER HEROES SERIES I: HAL JORDAN GREEN LANTERN & SINESTRO features one of the greatest Green Lanterns and his archfoe! Hal Jordan was a test pilot who was chosen by a dying alien to become the next Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Sinestro was a member of the elite Green Lantern Corps until he became a renegade brandishing a yellow Power Ring. POCKET SUPER HEROES SERIES I: GOLDEN AGE STARMAN & THE SHADE features another classic Golden Age JSAer and a generations-spanning villain! Astronomer Ted Knight created the powerful Cosmic Rod, a device enabling him to channel and control the very power of the stars themselves as Starman! The Shade, an immortal whose origins are shrouded in secrecy, turned his attention to crime and soon proved himself Starman's most brilliant and deadly foe.

All four sets are packaged with two figures together in 4-color blister packs, which include backdrop art and story card with a plastic stand. Future sets scheduled for 2002 release include the Flash & Captain Cold, Silver Age Wonder Woman & Cheetah, Red Tornado & Firestorm, Dr. Fate & the Spectre, Lightning Lad & Mon-El, Solomon Grundy & Green Lantern Alan Scott, and Saturn Girl & Cosmic Boy. The Martian Manhunter comes in a Deluxe Set with the Silver Age Justice League of America meeting table and eight chairs.

The POCKET SUPER HEROES: AQUAMAN & BLACK MANTA, POCKET SUPER HEROES: GOLDEN AGE DR. MID-NITE & GOLDEN AGE ATOM, POCKET SUPER HEROES: HAL JORDAN GREEN LANTERN & SINESTRO, and POCKET SUPER HEROES: GOLDEN AGE STARMAN & THE SHADE sets are all advance-solicited for arrival in comic-book stores July 24 with a price of $9.95 U.S. for each 2-figure set.

X-Force #1 Teases the Return of An Underrated X-Men Villain

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