DC Comics spotlight projects for product shipping July, 2002

DC Comics spotlight projects for product shipping July, 2002

Volume II

One of the most celebrated series in recent memory makes its triumphant return! The distinguished creators, Mr. Alan Moore and Mr. Kevin O'Neill, are proud to present another rousing work of adventure, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Volume II - a 6-part periodical brought to you by the fine chaps at AMERICA'S BEST COMICS.

The adventurous proceedings immediately follow the explosive events in Volume One. The year is 1898, and there are strange rumblings in the sky. Flashing lights are dancing across the horizon. The Martians are coming…and our Earth will never be quite the same. The legendary Allan Quatermain, the unflappable Mina Harker, the stoic Captain Nemo, the abominable Mr. Hyde, and the grotesque Griffin Hawley once again are needed by the Empire to overcome the direst of odds. Some will live, some will die…all will be remembered.

As an extra bonus feature: a travel guide of fantastic proportions! Mr. Moore presents a visitors' guide to some of the world's strangest places - a magical mystery tour unlike any other!

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THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Volume II is a 6-issue AMERICA'S BEST COMICS miniseries edited by Scott Dunbier. The 32-page (no ads) issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores July 24 with a cover price of $3.50 U.S.

One of WildStorm Production's original titles returns with a brash new team and a bold new direction, while kicking off the brand-new "Eye of the Storm" line of mature readers books! STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES is an ongoing series written by comics newcomer Micah Ian Wright and features the long-awaited return of penciller Whilce Portacio (one of WildStorm's founders), accompanied by the masterly inks of Scott Williams!

Funded by the United Nations in response to the growing super-human threat, Team Achilles is a group of highly trained human operatives, equipped with the latest in high-tech weapons and gadgets. They're prepared to take down - with lethal force, if necessary - any costumed individual who assumes they have the authority to speak for humanity.

Led by Black Razor Ben Santini and featuring an international cast of experts in weapons, combat and technology, STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES is hard-edged military fiction for the 21st century. The team's first mission is to stop a group of super-powered extremists from taking the United Nations hostage. There's just one problem: StormWatch hasn't been officially reactivated, and the few members of Team Achilles who are on hand have no equipment, no weapons...perhaps even no chance.

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STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES is an ongoing WildStorm Productions series edited by John Layman and is suggested for mature readers. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores July 10 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.

The "Eye of the Storm" rages on! From the strange and powerful minds of Joe Casey (WILDCATS, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) and Ashley Wood (Hellspawn, Popbot) comes AUTOMATIC KAFKA, a super-hero series unlike any you've seen before.

The $tranger$ (Automatic Kafka, Saint Nick, The Constitution, The Warning, Spastic Ben) were huge in the '80s - the biggest super-hero team ever. They were mass-marketed as hard as the latest diet soda or designer sportswear - the Beatles as superheroes. They were the biggest and the best, a rock super-band's promoter's dream-team with the groupies to match. But then the dream was over. The end came, and they went their separate ways...leaving their tin-plated uber-member alone, adrift, lost. Automatic Kafka: Super-hero? Game-show host? Model? Pitchman? Or android junkie?

And what of the $tranger$? Where are they now? Which one is being sought for questioning by the National Park Service? Which one is lost in the jungle? Which one is conducting a singular war on terrorism?

Only some of these questions are answered in the debut issue of AUTOMATIC KAFKA, the first original concept released through WildStorm Productions' mature-readers label: "Eye of the Storm." Casey's twisted yet captivating scripts, coupled with the just-plain-beautiful, multimedia artwork of Wood, promise to make this perhaps the strangest series ever published by WildStorm. Not for the weak-willed, AUTOMATIC KAFKA is a brave new look at super-heroes. You only think you know what you're really in for…

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AUTOMATIC KAFKA is an ongoing WildStorm Productions series edited by Scott Dunbier and is suggested for mature readers. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.

STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES and AUTOMATIC KAFKA are just the beginning of what's to come from "Eye of the Storm." In August, get ready for two more exciting mature readers debuts!

WildStorm's premier super-team returns with WILDCATS Version 3.0 - written by Joe Casey (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN), with stellar art by Dustin Nguyen (THE AUTHORITY) & Richard Friend (STEAMPUNK). The all-new monthly series finds Jack Marlowe's plans for the Halo Corporation finally coming to light, involving both old and new members of the WILDCATS cast scattered all across the globe!

Plus, the 5-issue POINT BLANK miniseries comes your way courtesy of writer Ed Brubaker, with art by Colin Wilson and covers by Simon Bisley! The super-hero noir adventure-spectacular finds Cole Cash - Grifter - trying to solve a deadly enigma…leading into the ongoing series SLEEPER by Brubaker and Sean Phillips (WILDCATS)!

Only Thirteen cents!

GEN13 #0

When the first GEN13 series launched in 1995 from WildStorm Productions, it was a record-making hit, debuting with an unprecedented thirteen variant covers. Today, the next generation of Gen-Active teens is poised to capture the imagination of a new generation of comic-book readers, with a 32-page preview issue available for the shockingly low price of only 13 cents!

GEN13 #0 features an all-new 12-page story laying the foundation for Gen13's dramatic rebirth by the creative team of the upcoming series: fan-favorite writer Chris Claremont (Extreme X-Men) and hot artist Alé Garza (NINJA BOY, E.V.E. Protomecha)!

Get in on the ground floor as a new threat to the WildStorm Universe is introduced that will change the very concept of Gen13 forever! Featuring brand-new characters, locales and villains, this preview book is one you can't afford to miss - and won't have to!

Plus, as a special bonus, this preview contains two 4-page lead-in chapters to two other upcoming WildStorm series. 21 DOWN is a series linked to the events in GEN13, written by Jimmy Palmiotti (SUPERBOY) & Justin Gray, with art by Jesus Saiz (JLA: BLACK BAPTISM) & Palmiotti. Preston Kills is a man with a terrifying power and not much time to use it, and Mickey Rinaldi is a woman determined to discover the origin of Preston's abilities and who will let nothing - and no one - stop her. THE RESISTANCE is also by writers Palmiotti & Gray, with art by Juan Roman Cano. In THE RESISTANCE, low-tech characters try to survive in a high-tech society that would rather terminate problems than deal with them.

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GEN13 #0 is a 32-page WildStorm Productions issue edited by Bob Harras. It arrives in comic-book stores July 3 with a cover price of only $0.13 U.S. Retailers please note: Copies of this issue will be given away to attendees at the DC booth at the Wizard World: Chicago and Comic-Con International: San Diego conventions.

Before he revitalized The New X-Men, before breathing new life into the JLA, and before creating the uniquely subversive THE INVISIBLES, writer Grant Morrison (THE FILTH) wowed audiences with his groundbreaking work on ANIMAL MAN. His 26-issue run on that title is still discussed today, and now the second collection of ANIMAL MAN is being made available this July.

ANIMAL MAN: ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES is a 224-page VERTIGO trade paperback collecting issues #10-17 of Morrison's run, and also includes the 19-page story from SECRET ORIGINS #39. Featuring art by Chas Truog, Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood, Steve Montano, and Mark McKenna, ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES also sports a brand-new painted cover by Brian Bolland - the fan-favorite artist whose remarkable and distinctive covers for ANIMAL MAN drew raves from every quarter.

In the issues collected here, Animal Man moves more and more deeply into the cause of animal rights, but something else is going on beyond his burgeoning radicalism. Strange visions of aliens, people disappearing into strange pencil-like drawings, and hints of a terrible Crisis lurk around the edges of reality. And Animal Man begins to sense something moving towards him...something invisible...something worse than evil.

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ANIMAL MAN: ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES is a 224-page trade paperback and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores July 24 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S.

Suddenly - and without warning - a mysterious plague kills every living creature on the planet with a Y-chromosome. Planes fall from the sky, power plants stop operating, and lines of communication are severed as nearly every last male - half of the global population - simultaneously drops dead. Every male…except for one young man.

This is the world of Y - THE LAST MAN, a new ongoing VERTIGO adventure series from writer Brian K. Vaughan (SWAMP THING, The Hood), up-and-coming art sensation Pia Guerra and acclaimed inker José Marzan, Jr. Red-hot artist J.G. Jones (WONDER WOMAN: THE HIKETEIA, Marvel Boy) provides the striking painted covers.

The one man who escapes this mass extinction is amateur escape artist Yorick Brown. But how will this lone remaining male (not counting Ampersand, Yorick's surly helper monkey) be used and exploited by world powers hoping to repopulate their empires? Will the benefits of being the last man on Earth outweigh the cost?

Some of the answers to these and other intriguing questions can be found in the extra-sized first issue, introducing readers to a fascinating cast of female characters: a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, a United States congresswoman, an agent of the clandestine Culper Ring, and one of the planet's premier bioengineers. They're all part of a radically transformed world…one where waifish supermodels are forced to drive garbage trucks for food, while mechanics and other women in traditionally male-dominated professions become the new elite.

These females will help, hinder and hunt Yorick, as he searches for his missing girlfriend and one true love: an exchange student trapped in Australia. During his epic quest, Yorick hopes to help save the human race and finally discover what it means to be a man.

Deftly combining action, science fiction, horror, romance, humor, and social commentary, Y - THE LAST MAN is a new kind of thriller for the next generation of VERTIGO.

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Y - THE LAST MAN is an ongoing VERTIGO series edited by Heidi MacDonald and is suggested for mature readers. The 40-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.

Grayson Writes Grayson!


He grew up as the wise-cracking sidekick to the dark avenger known as Batman, and then came on to his own as the sole protector of one of the most crime-ridden cities in the DC Universe, Blüdhaven. Now Dick Grayson is poised for an epic, globe-spanning, action extravaganza destined to change his life once again - courtesy of a brand-new creative team!

NIGHTWING #71 is the debut issue of writer Devin Grayson (BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS, NIGHTWING/HUNTRESS) and the art team of Rick Leonardi (BIRDS OF PREY) & Jesse Delperdang (DETECTIVE COMICS), with continuing covers by Michael Golden. Beginning the 4-part "Something About Mary" storyline, NIGHTWING #71 shows that Chief Redhorn's wife has been keeping a journal. And though she may not know it, the journal implicates nearly every crooked cop and politician in Blüdhaven. Now Mary Redhorn, a middle-aged soccer mom, is suddenly the target of squads of assassins - some of which are Blüdhaven's Police Department, others hired guns. It's high action galore…and Nightwing's caught in the middle. The adventure begins in Nightwing's adopted city but will soon take him around the world!

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NIGHTWING is an ongoing series edited by Michael Wright. The 32-page issue #71 arrives in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S.

When the relaunch of the current hit CATWOMAN series began, Selina Kyle was already preparing to embark on her new life of fighting crime. But what made a bad woman want to be good in the first place? And how did Selina score enough cash to launch her new career?

These questions and more are answered in CATWOMAN: SELINA'S BIG SCORE - a 96-page hardcover written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke (CATWOMAN, Spider-Man: Tangled Web). Taking place concurrently with the "Slam Bradley" backups in DETECTIVE COMICS #759-762 (with a framing sequence set in the present), SELINA'S BIG SCORE finds the feline fatale presumed dead, cut off from her fortune and desperate to make a lot of money...fast. When she hears about a mob train full of unmarked cash, Selina assembles a crew of professional thieves to help her take it down. She needs the money badly...but is she ready for the consequences? What follows is a hard-boiled slice-of-crime story in the tradition of The Usual Suspects - a story that doesn't pull punches, with twists and turns that leave readers constantly guessing.

This handsome hardcover also delivers an eye-popping pinup section showcasing Selina/Catwoman rendered by some of the industry's finest artists, including Mike Allred, Shane Glines, Jaime Hernandez, Adam Hughes, Mike Mignola, Kevin Nowlan, Steranko, and Daniel Torres.

This project is supported with house and trade ads, and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

CATWOMAN: SELINA'S BIG SCORE is 96-page hardcover edited by Mark Chiarello, arriving in comic-book stores July 31 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S.

In the last year, living legend Stan Lee introduced ten remarkable new heroes based on the names of DC's most unforgettable characters. Joined by some of comics' greatest artists, Lee created a singular vision of super-hero adventure. Called into existence by circumstance, the heroic impulse and the machinations of the Tree of Life, the members of the JLA - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern - are joined by five new teammates in the ultimate battle against a remarkable foe, the Deathlord of the Dream Realm, in JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH JOHN CASSADAY CREATING CRISIS!

Co-plotted by Lee and Michael Uslan (co-writer of JUST IMAGINE…JLA and the "On the Street" backups) and scripted by Lee, this full-length battle royal is illustrated by fan-favorite John Cassaday (PLANETARY, Captain America), who brings Lee's characters to life in vivid and breathtaking ways. Our heroes must learn to trust one another in the face of the nigh-unstoppable Crisis. But will betrayal doom them to defeat? And what hope can the waking world cling to if its super-heroes fail?

An incredible tale of sacrifice and heroism, JUST IMAGINE… CRISIS showcases two covers - one by Cassaday, the other by Adam Hughes (WONDER WOMAN). Fulfilling all the promise of the JUST IMAGINE one-shots, Lee, Uslan and Cassaday deliver the culminating chapter of a project that has captured the imagination of three generations of fans. Don't even think of missing it!

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JUST IMAGINE STAN LEE WITH JOHN CASSADAY CREATING CRISIS is a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot edited by Mike Carlin. It arrives in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.

The CRISIS Begins Here!


Earth-One? Earth-Two? Infinite Earths? Where did it all start?

The path for the universe-altering Crisis began in the fondly remembered Silver Age tales contained within the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS - a new 208-page trade paperback collecting the highly requested early JLA/JSA team-ups! This volume is a perfect companion piece to the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE trade paperbacks.

Featuring the talents of writer Gardner Fox, penciller Mike Sekowsky, and inkers Bernard Sachs & Sid Greene - all guided by the vision of legendary editor Julius Schwartz - this volume also contains an all-new cover by award-winning painter Alex Ross! These incredible storytellers crossed over worlds to team up the Justice League of America (Earth-One) with their Golden Age predecessors, the Justice Society of America (Earth-Two)! Both teams combined forces to overcome world-shattering threats that would destroy their worlds! Now you can join DC's greatest heroes in timeless adventures that changed the DC Universe for all time!

This volume collects the first four 2-part "Crisis Crossover" adventures, reprinting JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #21-22, 29-30, 37-38, and 46-47 (1963-1966). In their initial pairing, the JLA and JSA teamed up against such villains as Dr. Alchemy, Chronos, the Wizard, the Fiddler, Icicle, and Felix Faust. In the second story, we're introduced to the Crime Syndicate of Earth Three (Johnny Quick, Super Woman, Ultraman, Power Ring, and Owlman) - evil counterparts to the JLA. Next up, Earth One's evil Johnny Thunder takes control of the Earth-Two Thunderbolt and begins a chain reaction that could leave Earth-One without a Justice League! Finally, the last adventure introduces the Anti-Matter Man from the anti-matter universe, who sets Earths One and Two on a deadly collision course!

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CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS is a 208-page trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores July 10 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

Seven years ago, a unique, fully painted miniseries from VERTIGO burst onto comics store shelves in an explosion of blood and weird, glowing, green energy. Now GODDESS, by writer Garth Ennis (PREACHER, Punisher) and artist Phil Winslade (WONDER WOMAN: AMAZONIA, Daredevil/Spider-Man), is collected into a single 256-page trade paperback, along with a foreword by Winslade and a collection of never-before-seen sketches and character designs.

GODDESS tells the story of Rosie Nolan, a wee Irish girl who suddenly manifests the unlikely ability to perform impossible feats of telekinesis (such as splitting Scotland off from England and moving it a hundred miles north), as well as having an uncannily empathic relationship with animals. After saving the life of sad-sack narrator Jeff at the zoo, Rosie hooks up with him, her overzealous environmentalist friend Mudhawk, and his ticked-off ex-girlfriend Sam.

Soon after, the group is on the lam from a rogue CIA agent who wants to capture Rosie's power for the betterment of the United States' government, and a really rogue police constable who has a more personal agenda: bloody revenge. From there, the chase takes them, courtesy of Rosie's uncontrollable, godlike powers, around the globe and up to the Arctic Circle, with mayhem and strangeness trailing in their wake. There, the startling truth about Rosie's abilities is revealed. But who will be left alive to hear it?

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GODDESS is a 256-page VERTIGO trade paperback suggested for mature readers, arriving in comic-book stores July 3 with a cover price of $19.95 U.S. Note: This is a resolicitation. All previous orders have been cancelled.

A lone American armed with a state-of-the-art digicam invades Tokyo in search of the ultimate in techno-cool. Just when he thinks he's figured the place out, a precocious, ultra-hip Japanese high-school girl - with pop star dreams bigger than her outsize ego - sweeps him away into the fast, furious and unforgiving underside life in the world's most electric city.

Welcome to VERTIGO POP: TOKYO! - the first of several 4-issue miniseries under the VERTIGO POP banner. The series will propel readers to unique locales, including LONDON! (by Peter Milligan and Philip Bond) and BANGKOK!, tracking the pulse of popular culture in the process.

Co-created and written by Jonathan Vankin (THE BIG BOOK OF THE '70s, THE BIG BOOK OF GRIMM) and co-created and illustrated by Seth Fisher (GREEN LANTERN: WILLWORLD) who blends the best of Manga and American comics into a dazzling new style, VERTIGO POP: TOKYO! is a hyperaccelerated supersonic ride through this very modern mecca.

A bizarre kidnapping caper. A rock concert riot. Sex, drugs and seaweed burgers. Mayonnaise pizza and pachinko. In TOKYO!, traditional Japanese values of honor and harmony collide with a young girl's wild ride to the top of the pop charts. Experience high velocity from the low end of a Yakuza gang to the top of Tokyo Tower in this 4-issue minseries.

This project is supported with house and trade ads, and a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

VERTIGO POP: TOKYO! is a 4-issue VERTIGO miniseries edited by Shelly Bond and is suggested for mature readers. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores July 10 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S.

In the first "Return to Krypton" storyline of last year, the Man of Steel made the shocking discovery that the things he thought he knew about his homeworld of Krypton were all wrong. Or were they?

Now it seems that all is not so perfect anymore on Superman's birth planet: Radical followers of the sun god Rao are tearing the world apart! The 4-part "Return to Krypton II" storyline begins to rock the Man of Steel's world in SUPERMAN #184 (written by Geoff Johns, with art by Pascual Ferry & Cam Smith). Superman's father Jor-El appears at the Kent farm, looking for Kal-El - and takes him back to the strange Silver Age Krypton. But things aren't quite what they used to be. Then in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #606 (written by Joe Casey, with art by Duncan Rouleau & Marlo Alquiza), Jor-El and Superman confront the Rao zealots, led by the evil Xon-Ur - who has harnessed the power of Krypton's red sun. The duo also must rescue Kal's mom Lara from their clutches.

The following week, in SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #128 (written by Mark Schultz, with art by Karl Kerschl), Superman and Jor-El battle their way into the Temple of Rao, where at its heart, the planet's true nature is revealed. But death may come to someone close to them. Finally, in ACTION COMICS #793 (written by Joe Kelly, with art by Ferry & Morales), it's all-out war! And to make things worse, Krypton's red sun is expanding, threatening to engulf the planet. Will Superman watch his homeworld die once more?

"Return to Krypton II" has Jor-El and Superman teaming up with unlikely allies to defeat a menace on a world that shouldn't even exist. In the end, the truth about this Silver Age-style Krypton will be revealed once and for all! And Krypto's along for the ride too! All four issues of this storyline feature covers by Kilian Plunkett (LEGION WORLDS, UNKNOWN SOLDIER) that connect into one large image!

This storyline is supported with a minisite at www.dccomics.com.

SUPERMAN #184, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #606, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #128, and ACTION COMICS #793 are all 32-page issues edited by Eddie Berganza. They arrive in comic-book stores July 10, 17, 24, and 31, respectively, with a cover price of $2.25 U.S. each.

Have you ever wondered if time is speeding up around you? That each passing year may be flying by at an increasingly accelerated rate?

Well, wonder no longer. The true answer is…it is. And Wally West - otherwise known as the Fastest Man Alive, the Flash - is prepared to get to the bottom of this phenomenon in THE FLASH: TIME FLIES, a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot speeding into comic-book stores this July!

Written by John Rozum (MIDNIGHT, MASS, XOMBI), with art by Seth Fisher (GREEN LANTERN: WILLWORLD), TIME FLIES finds Wally flung ahead in time to an amazing future world where he seeks a fugitive from our era who is behind this temporal acceleration. A man who, thanks to the very same Speed Force that Wally taps into, moves every bit as fast as the Flash!

But it's a vastly different world they're on, where both men are complete strangers who don't know the rules! And they'd better be quick studies before they're exploited by futuristic forces who want to control them both!

TIME FLIES is a fast-paced, mind-bending, action-packed thrill ride, with amazingly detailed artwork by Fisher that is an absolute wonder to behold. Be sure to be quick in catching a copy before it flies off the shelves!

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

THE FLASH: TIME FLIES is a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot edited by Joey Cavalieri, arriving in comic-book stores July 10 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.

Millions of people suffer from arachnophobia: the fear of spiders. But what would happen if these eight-legged creatures got exposed to noxious chemicals - causing them to grow to monumental proportions?

The paralyzing fear would only increase a hundredfold!

Get ready for thrills, chills and laughs as WildStorm Productions presents EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS - a 64-page Prestige Format comic-book adaptation of the new horror/comedy film from the producers of Independence Day and Godzilla, starring David Arquette, Kari Wuhrer and Scarlett Johansson. Written by Marv Wolfman (FARSCAPE: WAR TORN, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) with art by Joe Phillips (BODY DOUBLES), this fast-paced one-shot gives you a chance to read the story before seeing it in theatres this summer!

When Chris McCormick returns to his hometown, he discovers that it's being attacked by hundreds of giant, mutant-spider monstrosities! Can McCormick and beautiful sheriff Sam Parker save the terrified townsfolk from the rampaging arachnids in time? Or will the spiders put the "bite" on them first? EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS is good, squeamish fun that guarantees to have you crying tears of laughter (or is that fear?).

This project is supported with house ads.

EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS is a 64-page Prestige Format WildStorm Productions one-shot edited by Jeff Mariotte. It arrives in comic-book stores July 10 with a cover price of $6.95 U.S. Retailers, please note: EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS is timed to arrive the same week of the movie's scheduled release date (July 12). If for any reason the release date should change, the comic adaptation will move accordingly.

Soon to be a major motion picture!


Michael O'Sullivan is a hit man. Uncompromising in his work, he is just as devoted to his private life, as an upstanding husband and father of two young boys. But when those worlds collide, taking the lives of both his wife and the younger of his two sons, O'Sullivan and his surviving son, Michael Jr., leave their sedate Midwestern homelife and embark on a father-and-son journey of revenge.

This stunningly rendered story of mob violence and family loyalty unfolds in a new edition of ROAD TO PERDITION, a much-demanded 304-page Graphic Mystery in the Compact Format (black-and-white, 5 1/2" x 8") from PARADOX PRESS. Written by award-winning mystery novelist Max Allan Collins (Ms. Tree, the Dick Tracy comic strip), with stunningly realistic and evocative artwork and cover by Richard Piers Rayner (HELLBLAZER), ROAD TO PERDITION is both the tale of the elder O'Sullivan's vengeance and the story of Michael Jr.'s coming-of-age in his father's dangerous world.

ROAD TO PERDITION is soon to be a major motion picture from DreamWorks Pictures starring Tom Hanks, Jude Law and Paul Newman, and directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty). This edition features a new introduction by Max Allan Collins.

ROAD TO PERDITION - NEW EDITION is a 304-page Graphic Mystery in the Paradox Compact Format (black-and-white, 5 1/2" x 8"), edited by Andrew Helfer, and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores July 3 with a cover price of $13.95 U.S. Co-published (with a separate edition) from Pocket Books.

Four teens find themselves in danger as an ancient menace, the evil Draedalus, begins to invade their hometown of El Dorado City. But how do you escape evil when it's co-opted your parents, your teachers, the mayor…the whole town?!?

OUT THERE: THE EVIL WITHIN is a 144-page CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS trade paperback, collecting the first six issues of the hit series. By the creative team that brought you CRIMSON - writer Brian Augustyn, superstar penciller Humberto Ramos and inker Sandra Hope - THE EVIL WITHIN introduces our four young heroes, who seem to be the only ones who can see the evil that is invading. They also happen to be developing new psychic powers.

When the teens finally confront Draedalus - aided by the mysterious Reverend Becky and her silent sidekick Abel - their ingenuity adds up to a crushing defeat of his evil plans. But just when it looks like they might actually have saved the town - and their parents - from a fate worse than death, Draedalus whips out one final surprise.

Sticking by your friends is hard enough in the face of opposition from high school bullies. Add in battles with imp-infested teachers, cops, and parents and you have to wonder: will the teens - Mark, Jessie, Casey, Zach, and even El Dorado City itself - make it to senior year?

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OUT THERE: THE EVIL WITHIN is a 144-page CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores July 3 with a cover price of $12.95 U.S.

AMERICA'S BEST COMICS celebrated and critically acclaimed series PROMETHEA returns with its third collection!

Featuring the first half of a cosmic road trip (reprinting issues #13-18), PROMETHEA BOOK THREE is a 160-page hardcover written by award-winning writer Alan Moore (THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, WATCHMEN, From Hell), and illustrated by the award-winning art team of J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray, with a new cover by Williams & Jose Villarrubia.

Promethea and Barbara travel an unlikely, but not necessarily undreamed-of, path. Their wanderings take them through the many realms of Heaven and Hell, visiting the manifestations of great visions and visionaries. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Stacia is the acting Promethea - protecting and serving the people of New York while Promethea is away. But things are not quite as rosy as the glasses she wears...

Discover what makes PROMETHEA one of the most talked-about and thought-provoking series around!

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PROMETHEA BOOK THREE is a 160-page AMERICA'S BEST COMICS hardcover, arriving in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S.

WildStorm's Productions' wildest super-team returns in its third trade paperback - an anthology of outrageousness collecting some of the Authority's most unforgettable tales.

THE AUTHORITY: EARTH INFERNO AND OTHER STORIES is 160 pages of hi-octane action and adrenaline, reprinting the much talked-about "Earth Inferno" storyline from THE AUTHORITY #17-20, by writer Mark Millar (Ultimate X-Men, The Ultimates) and artists Chris Weston (THE FILTH) & Garry Leach, and Frank Quitely (New X-Men) & Trevor Scott. In "Earth Inferno," the very planet we live on rebels against its inhabitants...with a little help from a renegade doctor with a history of genocide - climaxing in one of the most unforgettable fights in the history of comics.

Also collected in this volume is THE AUTHORITY ANNUAL 2000 by Joe Casey (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) and Cully Hamner, where some old friends return from the dead with murder in mind, at the same time the Authority has to deal with an insane former hero with the power to level the world. Plus, two special bonus tales from the WILDSTORM SUMMER SPECIAL #1 are reprinted here: an introspective look at Jack Hawksmoor by original AUTHORITY creator/writer Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) and Hamner, and a peek into the private life of the nanotech-enhanced Engineer, courtesy of Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origin) and Georges Jeanty.

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THE AUTHORITY: EARTH INFERNO AND OTHER STORIES is a 160-page WildStorm Productions trade paperback, arriving in comic-book stores July 3 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

The origin story and first great adventure of the samurai star of Cartoon Network's hit show makes its debut as a spectacular super-sized comic! The SAMURAI JACK SPECIAL is a 64-page one-shot written by Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky (DEXTER'S LABORATORY), with art by Lynn Naylor & Bill Wray, and featuring a painted cover by Wray!

Long ago, in a distant land, a young emperor used the power of an enchanted sword to defeat and banish the powerful shape-shifting wizard Aku. Years later, the unthinkable happens: Aku returns. Moments before his capture, the now-elderly emperor sends the enchanted sword into hiding - and sends his young son away to grow up mastering the warrior arts of all the world's cultures.

The boy becomes a man and a samurai, determined to avenge his father by defeating Aku once and for all. But Aku has one more trick up his sleeve, and hurls the warrior through time into a future where Aku is all-powerful and controls Earth with evil force.

The warrior's name is Jack…Samurai Jack. And he's determined to find a way back home somewhere in this new, hostile land - if he doesn't lose his life defending its inhabitants against Aku first!

SAMURAI JACK SPECIAL #1 is a 64-page one-shot edited by Joan Hilty, arriving in comic-book stores July 31 with a cover price of $3.95 U.S.

Sugar…spice…and everything nice…

These were some of the ingredients chosen to create the POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE, opening in the U.S. in July - and DC Comics is proud to bring you the official comic book adaptation! It's the never-before-told story - summarized in the opening credits of the hit Cartoon Network TV show - of the Powerpuff Girls' creation, their first, super-destructive week of life, and their initial brush with archenemy Mojo Jojo!

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE: THE COMIC is written by the show's head writer Amy Rogers, with art by Phil Moy, Christopher Cook & Mike DeCarlo. In the crime-plagued city of Townsville, an accident in the good-hearted Professor Utonium's laboratory (involving Chemical X) creates three little girls with kick-butt super-powers! Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles find themselves welcomed into a new and exciting world. But when their super-powered child's play wrecks the city, they suddenly become criminal outcasts. The Girls become the pawns of the Professor's scheming simian ex-lab assistant - Mojo Jojo - who plans to "monkey" with Townsville in an incredibly evil way!

Thrill to the girls' first big adventure, and watch as they rescue a kidnapped Professor from the clutches of Mojo Jojo while winning over the hearts of the population of Townsville!

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE: THE COMIC is a 48-page one-shot edited by Joan Hilty, arriving in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. Retailers, please note: THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE: THE COMIC is timed to arrive within two weeks of the movie's scheduled release date (July 3). If for any reason the release date should change, the comic adaptation will move accordingly.

When it first appeared on newsstands in 1952, no one could have known the scope of its eventual success - least of all the men who brought it into existence. It was just another 10-cent comic book, one of hundreds of titles that crowded the country's shelves and vied for the attention of a fickle and mercurial audience. It was called MAD, and it promised "Humor in a Jugular Vein."

MAD delivered on that promise in spades, and now the first six historic issues are reproduced in their entirety in the MAD ARCHIVES Volume One - a 224-page oversized hardcover (8 1/2" x 11") written by Harvey Kurtzman, with art by Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, Will Elder, and John Severin! Celebrating fifty years of one of America's most popular humor magazines, this introductory volume features a foreword by current MAD Magazine co-editor Nick Meglin!

Under the guidance of Kurtzman, one of history's most gifted storytellers, MAD redefined satire for an entire generation of readers - children and adults alike. And while it began as just one of an entire line of titles from visionary publisher William M. Gaines's E.C. Comics, MAD eventually outsold and outlasted them all, transforming itself from a bimonthly comic book into a monthly magazine that continues publication to this day. Popular culture, both in America and abroad, would never be quite so complacent again. Discover for yourself where it all began.

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MAD ARCHIVES Volume One is a 224-page oversized hardcover (8 1/2" x 11") arriving in comic-book stores July 17 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.

Volume Eight


"The best of the best."

- Roy Thomas, from his foreword.

With the induction of new writers and artists who revitalized the series, the adventures of the Justice Society of America reached a high point in the stories collected in ALL STAR ARCHIVES Volume Eight.

This 208-page hardcover reprints ALL STAR COMICS #34-38 (1947-1948), featuring writers Gardner Fox, John Broome and Robert Kanigher, with artists Joe Kubert, Alex Toth, Carmine Infantino, Lee Elias, Paul Reinman, and others, and a cover by Win Mortimer. Writer and Golden Age enthusiast Roy Thomas provides the foreword.

The latter half of 1947 was a banner period for the JSA. New writers with new approaches joined new artists with more sophisticated styles to raise the bar for comics' premier super-team. And it was a time of supreme villainy: the Wizard, Per Degaton, the Injustice Society of the World, and more - history's most vile characters.

As a bonus, toss in guest appearances by Superman and Batman as members of the team, and this collection sets a high water mark for DC's greatest heroes!

ALL STAR ARCHIVES Volume Eight is a 208-page hardcover arriving in comic-book stores July 31 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.

With one mighty word, "Shazam!," cub reporter Billy Batson became the World's Mightiest Mortal, the original Captain Marvel! One of the most popular super-heroes following his debut in 1940, his comic-book adventures ended in 1953.

Several years later, Captain Marvel would become one of the most vital members of the DC Universe, continuing to make a place for himself in comic-book history. But imagine there had been one last publication before his hiatus - a 1953 Annual featuring the World's Mightiest Mortal and his family in their greatest stories. A "lost" issue that never saw print...until now.

SHAZAM! FAMILY ANNUAL #1 (1953) is an 80-Page Giant reprinting stories from CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #18, CAPTAIN MARVEL, JR. #12, and THE MARVEL FAMILY #1 and #10. Written by Otto Binder, with art by C.C. Beck, Mac Raboy, Pete Costanza, Jack Binder, and Bud Thompson, this volume contains four exciting adventures of the Marvel Family! Witness the debut of Mary Marvel, the World's Mightiest Girl! Watch the Marvels as they battle the villainy of Captain Nazi! Thrill as the Marvel Family combats the evil Sivana Family! And cheer as they face the deadly Black Adam for the very first time!

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SHAZAM! FAMILY ANNUAL #1 (1953) is an 80-Page Giant arriving in comic-book stores July 24 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.


Before the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, there existed an Earth Three - where the evil counterparts to the members of the JLA reigned supreme as the deadly Crime Syndicate! Now, one of the most fondly remembered teams of villains is also a series of highly collectible action figures!

The CLASSIC CRIME SYNDICATE ACTION FIGURES are advance-solicited for arrival in November. Originally appearing in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #29 (which is reprinted in the CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS TP, also solicited this month), the Crime Syndicate were one of the most popular villain teams of the Silver Age.

Johnny Quick was an arrogant super-speedster whose powers almost enabled him to run away with victory over the JLA. Owlman is the brains of the Crime Syndicate, a diabolical master planner whose highly advanced mind allows him to momentarily dominate the will of others. Power Ring possesses a mystical ring of almost limitless power, given him by a mad holy man. Superwoman is a renegade Amazon warrior, possessing great strength and wielding a magic lasso capable of reshaping itself into almost anything at her command. And Ultraman, the powerhouse of the Crime Syndicate, gained a new super power every time he was exposed to Kryptonite.

The JOHNNY QUICK, OWLMAN, POWER RING, and SUPERWOMAN ACTION FIGURES all stand approximately 6 3/8" tall, while the ULTRAMAN ACTION FIGURE stands approximately 6 5/8" tall. All five figures feature multiple points of articulation and come with a base in the shape of the Crime Syndicate shield, with their names individually printed in gold. The POWER RING figure also comes with a Power Battery, and a one-size-fits-all PVC Power Ring for the consumer.

And for the first time ever, beginning with the CLASSIC CRIME SYNDICATE line of action figures, DC Direct introduces new 4-color resealable blister packaging. Now collectors can remove figures from their packaging and put them back!

The CLASSIC CRIME SYNDICATE: JOHNNY QUICK, OWLMAN, POWER RING, SUPERWOMAN, and ULTRAMAN ACTION FIGURES are all advance-solicited for arrival in comic-book stores November 13. Please consult your retailer for pricing information.

The murderer…revealed!


Since January, all of comicdom has anxiously waited for the secret to the mystery that has rocked Gotham City and the DC Universe to its core: "Who murdered Vesper Fairchild?"

Finally, the answer is revealed in BATMAN #605 - an extra-sized conclusion to the "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" storline that puts the final puzzle piece into place. But now that we know who really killed Vesper, the next question is: why?

Written by Ed Brubaker, with art by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens, BATMAN #605 features a cover by Phil Noto (BIRDS OF PREY) that assembles all the puzzle pieces from the covers of all the "Fugitive" chapters into a complete portrait of the killer (incomplete version is shown here).

The entire Bat-crew assembles at the cave for the revelation. But identifying the murderer and capturing him are entirely different matters. And a mind sharp enough to frame Bruce Wayne would have to be very, very difficult to snare…

BATMAN is an ongoing series edited by Bob Schreck. Issue #605 is a 48-page issue arriving in comic-book stores July 24 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

John Byrne's Man of Steel Returns!


In July's LAB RATS #4, John Byrne returns to the exploits of the Man of Steel in an unexpected way, as his newest creations must solve a mystery involving Superman in Part 1 of a 3-part time-travel adventure spanning fifty years!

Launched half a century into the future as part of yet another experiment, the Rats discover a devastated Metropolis…and a sad story that only an elderly Jimmy Olsen may be able to explain. But what caused Metropolis to fall so far, so fast? And where was the city's greatest champion in its time of need? While the Rats struggle to unravel the secrets of the future - and wonder if they can return to their own era - the city's mysterious master is pursuing his own agenda. The masked ruler of this broken world blames the long-absent Superman for Metropolis's woes, and his identity will surely shock the Rats…if they live long enough for the unmasking!

LAB RATS is an ongoing series edited by Mike Carlin. The 32-page issue #4 arrives in comic-book stores July 3 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

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