DC Comics spotlight projects for January, 2002

The one comic you can't afford to miss!

The next great chapter in the Batman mythos begins here! And to make sure no one misses this riveting tale that will have people talking for years to come, we're offering this special story for a mere dime!

You heard it right! BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE lives up to its name by offering a 22-page story in full color for only 10 cents, courtesy of writer Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS), penciller Rick Burchett (BATMAN/HUNTRESS: CRY FOR BLOOD), Klaus Janson (BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS), and cover artist Dave Johnson (100 BULLETS).

THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE follows a night in the life of Batman - a night that ends with a terrible finality. When Batman responds to a series of crimes, little does he know that a crime is occurring in the one place in the world he considers safe. THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE ends with an intense cliffhanger, springboarding into the "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" storyline running through most of the Batman-related books this month and next (see related article).

In addition to the cliffhanger ending, this one-shot is an enjoyable stand-alone story that acts as a definitive primer on Batman: his origin, his motivation, his methods, even his hours of operation! With the talent, the content and the price, this issue is a great one for new readers to sink their teeth into the Batman mythos. It's without a doubt the one issue of the year that no one can afford to miss - and at only 10 cents, they won't have to!

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BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE is a 32-page one-shot edited by Matt Idelson arriving in comic-book stores January 2 with a cover price of only 10¢ U.S.

BATMAN: "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?"

After the shocking events in BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE (see related article), the lives of Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman will never be the same. And we don't make that statement lightly! The ramifications of what happens in that issue reverberate through most of the Batman-related titles for months to come, signaling the beginning of a new status quo that will rear its ugly head in next month's BATMAN #600.

"Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" immediately follows the events in 10-CENT ADVENTURE, continuing a week later in DETECTIVE COMICS #766 (written by Greg Rucka with art by Scott McDaniel & Jesse Delperdang) - where we learn that Bruce Wayne is wanted…for murder! But how is this possible? And who is the victim? Then, the same week in BATGIRL #24 (written by Kelley Puckett with art and cover by Damion Scott & Robert Campanella), Oracle dispatches Batgirl to Wayne Manor to investigate the crime you never thought could happen. Also that week, in NIGHTWING #65 (written by Chuck Dixon with art by Trevor McCarthy & Rob Stull), Dick tends to the unbelievable events transpiring in Gotham as a place called Lockhaven is headed for a fiery "Bustout!"

In week three of January, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #25 (written by Devin Grayson with art by Roger Robinson & John Floyd) shows Bruce Wayne in custody and being charged with murder in the first degree! Meanwhile, it's the long-awaited return of Alfred at one of the darkest times in Bruce Wayne's life. Then in BIRDS OF PREY #39 (written by Dixon with art by Rick Leonardi & Jesse Delperdang), Oracle feverishly tries to get information to help Bruce, while Black Canary breaks into the apartment of a prominent Gotham citizen and finds something that even the G.C.P.D. missed.

The following week, in ROBIN #98 (written by Dixon with art and cover by Pete Woods & Andrew Pepoy), we witness a parting of ways for Tim and Alfred, as Tim is forced to reevaluate his anger towards Bruce. Finally, in the last week of January, BATMAN #599 (written by Ed Brubaker with art by McDaniel & Andy Owens) shows Bruce Wayne behind bars! The evidence against him continues to pour in, and his situation keeps looking worse and worse. You won't want to miss a single chapter of "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" - as the suspense keeps mounting, leaving you on the edge of your seat!

Catch the following titles that tie into "Bruce Wayne: Murderer?" (shown in reading order):

In stores January 2:

In stores January 9:

In stores January 16:

In stores January 23:

In stores January 30:


They're DC's latest and greatest: a full-service professional superhero firm!

You'll get a sneak peek of them in December's JLA #61 (solicited in last month's Previews), and they debut in their own ongoing series in February - but January's the month we fully introduce you to each member of DC's new super-firm in seven exciting one-shots entitled THE POWER COMPANY: POWERSURGE.

Written by series writer/co-creator Kurt Busiek (The Avengers, ASTRO CITY) and featuring covers by series penciller/co-creator Tom Grummett (SUPERBOY, Section Zero) & inker Michael Bair (JSA), each of these one-shots is set at a different point in DC history, and will give you a spotlight on a different member of the Power Company roster. Each one-shot also features a team-up (or in some cases a clash) with various DC superstars of the past and present! It's a premiere party with celebrity guests - and a chance to find out what all comicdom will be buzzing about!

POWERSURGE begins with THE POWER COMPANY: JOSIAH POWER (featuring art by Keith Giffen & Al Milgrom), guest-starring Superman - introducing Josiah Power, a successful African-American lawyer who gains super-powers as a result of the INVASION! crossover. But when those powers destroy his legal career, he has to find a new direction for his life, or face utter ruin. Also that week is THE POWER COMPANY: STRIKER Z (featuring art by Ramon Bachs & Raul Fernandez). Superboy travels to Hong Kong where he meets Striker Z - an action-movie stuntman turned superhero who just wants to be a star…if the two of them manage to live through saving Hong Kong, that is.

A week later comes THE POWER COMPANY: WITCHFIRE (with art by Matt Haley & Karl Kesel). The magically-powered Witchfire - a celebrity singer/actress/model/stunt-cyclist - unleashes occult forces during a concert…and Wonder Woman steps in to help her oppose them! The third week in January brings THE POWER COMPANY: SKYROCKET (with art by Joe Staton & Christian Alamy), guest-starring Hal Jordan at the height of his career as Green Lantern. This one-shot features the origin of Skyrocket, dedicated heroine of St. Louis, and future field leader of the Power Company. Then in THE POWER COMPANY: BORK (with art by Kieron Dwyer), we're reintroduced to a one-shot super-criminal from years past, who's now a massive, super-strong man-monster - bringing him face to face once more with Batman and the Barry Allen Flash.

The final week of the month sees the arrival of THE POWER COMPANY: MANHUNTER (featuring art by Dan Jurgens & Bob Layton), revealing the secrets behind just who and what this mysterious new Manhunter is - and setting him and Nightwing on a collision course over a shipment of stolen plutonium. Finally in THE POWER COMPANY: SAPPHIRE (featuring art by Mark Bagley & Mark Farmer), a teenage runaway is caught between the present-day JLA and the forces of Kobra. To survive, she'll have to become Sapphire - something that'll win her major, deadly enemies who could make her life a very short one!

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THE POWER COMPANY: POWERSURGE Specials are all 32-page one-shots edited by Peter Tomasi with a cover price of $2.50 U.S. each.

Catch the following POWERSURGE one-shots in January:

WEEK ONE (in-stores January 2):

WEEK TWO (in-stores January 9):

WEEK THREE: (in-stores January 16):

WEEK FOUR: (in-stores January 23):

WEEK FIVE (in-stores January 30):

During writer Brian Azzarello's critically-acclaimed run on the VERTIGO title HELLBLAZER, he's delivered many controversial storylines - such as landing John Constantine in prison, showing John's days as a young punk, and exploring the real horror of racism. Now Azzarello brings us a new storyline that will provide the biggest shock to readers yet, and that fans surely will be discussing and debating for years to come…

The 5-part "Ashes and Dust" storyline begins in HELLBLAZER #170, featuring art by series regular Marcelo Frusin, and painted covers by Tim Bradstreet. In a seedy Los Angeles S&M club, a grisly murder has taken place. The detectives assigned to the case are at a loss to explain how it happened, though they have a group of witnesses who saw it occur. Some knew the victim just in passing, as a face who hung around. Others had a much deeper involvement with him. As for the murderer, no one seems to have the answer to the question: "Who killed John Constantine?"

It's the beginning of an all-new era for VERTIGO's longest-running title, with a conclusion to "Ashes and Dust" that we guarantee you won't expect.

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HELLBLAZER #170 is a 32-page VERTIGO issue edited by Will Dennis and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores January 30 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

She's one of the Sandman's former lovers and a woman feared by gods. She is Thessaly, the fan-favorite character from THE SANDMAN: A GAME OF YOU, and the last of the deadly Thessalian witches. And now her incredible story continues in THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: THE THESSALIAD - a 4-issue VERTIGO miniseries written by Bill Willingham (THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT DREAMS BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK) and illustrated by Shawn McManus (THE SANDMAN, SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING), with unique covers by Dave McKean.

In this dark fantasy quest, a cantankerous creature known as Fetch - who may or may not be composed of different creatures that Thessaly has murdered over the eons - is sent to capture the witch and prepare her as the final supper for a pact of homeless gods. But Fetch and Thessaly both end up being chased by a seething pack of killer dogs known as "The Daughters of Garm," while travelling from the fractured streets of Manhattan to the mercurial realms beneath the allegorical subway. Black magic, suspense and some serious verbal sparring ensue as Thess and Fetch constantly try to one-up each other along the way. But will their dangerous path lead to a kiss or a kill?

This cunning, sardonic tale of ancient myth and modern horror exposes Thessaly's ruthless yet practical approach to magic and what transpires when, for the first time in history, the most powerful Thessalian witch meets her match.

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: THE THESSALIAD is a 4-issue VERTIGO miniseries edited by Shelly Bond and is suggested for mature readers. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores January 9 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

Batman's mission and war on crime helped form Dick Grayson's life, turning him into the hero Robin, and later Nightwing. But in turn, it was Dick Grayson's humanity that prevented Batman from becoming detached from his emotions while driven by vengeance.

The relationship between these two heroes changed recently when Bruce Wayne adopted Dick, and was tested during the events of THE JOKER: LAST LAUGH. And it is this special bond that's at the heart of BATMAN/NIGHTWING: BLOODBORNE - a Prestige Format one-shot written by Kelley Puckett (BATGIRL) and illustrated by Toby Cypress (STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE® - N-VECTOR), with a cover by Ted McKeever (BATMAN: NOSFERATU).

When a distress call comes in from Siberia, we learn that Batman is in trouble…possibly dying from an exposure to a super-germ virus. The only one who can save the Dark Knight now is Nightwing. But to do so, Nightwing must face terrorists, the Russian Army and a man-made plague that not only threatens the life of his former mentor, but the world at large!

BLOODBORNE delivers high-flying action and suspense, building towards a blistering climax that will have readers on the edge of their seats!

This project is supported with house and trade ads.

BATMAN/NIGHTWING: BLOODBORNE is a 48-page Prestige Format one-shot edited by Michael Wright arriving in comic-book stores January 30 with a cover price of $5.95 U.S.

The Man of Steel's first series dedicated to his solo adventures began in 1939 with the debut of SUPERMAN #1. In 1986, a second series entitled SUPERMAN began with an all-new #1, but the original series kept its numbering - changing its name to ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Now, one of the longest-running titles in comics reaches a landmark issue with ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #600 - a special 64-page issue by the regular creative team of writer Joe Casey and artists Mike Wieringo & José Marzan, Jr., with some of comics' greatest talents lending a hand to help celebrate this unprecedented event. This issue - the first Superman book of the new year - also debuts a new trade dress for the Superman titles.

When a mysterious criminal mastermind appears in Metropolis, Superman is forced to explore the deeper meanings of his relationship with his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. Plus, Superman's origin is retold in full page pin-ups by Humberto Ramos, Eduardo Risso, J.G. Jones, and more! In addition, an updated take on the Superman daily comic strips is provided by the regular Superman writers and some surprising artists!

This issue is supported with house ads.

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #600 is a 64-page issue edited by Eddie Berganza arriving in comic-book stores January 9 with a cover price of $3.95 U.S.

Nothing succeeds like excess! What's more, excess in the name of journalism is no vice, and no one knows that better than master truth-seeker and arch-hedonist Spider Jerusalem! The evidence? It's all right here in TRANSMETROPOLITAN: GOUGE AWAY, the latest VERTIGO trade paperback collection of a most important comic book series.

Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Darick Robertson & Rodney Ramos, with additional art by Kieron Dwyer, Lea Hernandez, Bryan Hitch, Frank Quitely, and Eduardo Risso, GOUGE AWAY reprints issues #31-36 of TRANSMETROPOLITAN. Featuring the three one-shot stories "Nobody Loves Me," "The Walk," and "Dancing in the Here and Now," this collection also includes the 3-part "Gouge Away" storyline.

Through all the drugs, drinking and paranoia, Spider and his filthy assistants continue to track down the horrifying truth behind the newly-elected President's successful campaign. Nipping at their heels is, of course, terrible bloody death.

This project is supported with house ads.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN: GOUGE AWAY is a 144-page VERTIGO trade paperback and is suggested for mature readers. It arrives in comic-book stores January 30 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

It's only a day away…


The first six issues of Alan Moore's Eisner and Harvey Award-winning anthology are collected in one devilishly handsome volume! The TOMORROW STORIES BOOK ONE hardcover is a whoppin' 176-page cornucopia of mind-bending, heart-stopping, gasp-inducing, senses-shattering comics! That's 24, count 'em, 24 complete stories in all!

All ingeniously written by Mr. Moore, these tales star some of the greatest characters that AMERICA'S BEST COMICS has to offer: GREYSHIRT - the "gentleman sleuth" who fights crime in the fantastic urban landscape of Indigo City, illustrated by Rick Veitch; FIRST AMERICAN - the patriotic super-hero of the new millennium who fights for justice alongside his teenaged sidekick, the U.S. Angel, illustrated by Jim Baikie; THE COBWEB - Greyshirt's fellow Indigo City crimestopper, a beautiful young heiress who relieves her boredom by fighting crime, illustrated by Melinda Gebbie; JACK B. QUICK - an impulsive boy inventor with a heart of gold, who turns his incredible genius (and a handy supply of old electrical parts) to the cause of bettering life for his family and the world, illustrated by Kevin Nowlan; and SPLASH BRANNIGAN, the ooze that can't lose - an ink-stain avenger who makes an explosively messy debut before the end of BOOK ONE is through, illustrated by Hilary Barta.

Now won't this look elegant on your bookshelf, next to your other award-winning ABC hardcovers?

This project is supported with house ads.

TOMORROW STORIES BOOK ONE is a 176-page AMERICA'S BEST COMICS hardcover arriving in comic-book stores January 2 with a cover price of $24.95 U.S.

Batman's betrayal and expulsion from the JLA has left the World's Greatest Super-Team in a most volatile state. As the magnitude of Batman's disloyalty towards the JLA sinks in, a spike of distrust and uncertainty is driven between our heroes in JLA: DIVIDED WE FALL - a 208-page trade paperback written by Mark Waid (KINGDOM COME, Crux).

DIVIDED WE FALL reprints JLA #47-54, and features breathtaking art by Bryan Hitch & Paul Neary, with additional art by J.H. Williams III, Javier Saltares, Phil Jimenez, Ty Templeton, Doug Mahnke, Mark Pajarillo, Mike S. Miller, and more!

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Plastic Man find themselves facing the twisted fairy-tale nightmare of the Queen of Fables, and a world-altering encounter with Dr. Destiny, in a manner they never before had to: questioning the trustworthiness of their comrades! With the League desperately trying to pick up the shattered remnants of its loyalty, an escaped alien "sentergy" called ID invades Earth. Created by a 6th-dimensional race known as the Cathexis, ID is an entity engineered to transform desire into reality. Can the JLA eradicate the threat of ID before it tears the Earth apart?

This project is supported with house ads.

JLA: DIVIDED WE FALL is a 208-page trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores January 2 with a cover price of $17.95 U.S.

An exciting new era has dawned for the Amazon Princess, ever since superstar writer/artist Phil Jimenez (JLA/TITANS, PLANETARY/THE AUTHORITY: RULING THE WORLD) came aboard the helm of the monthly WONDER WOMAN title - infusing the book with a delicate balance of irresistible characterization, heart-stopping action and pulse-pounding excitement!

The first seven issues of his popular and critically-acclaimed run are now collected in WONDER WOMAN: PARADISE LOST - a 176-page trade paperback co-written and pencilled by Jimenez, with gorgeous inks by Andy Lanning (LEGION LOST) and a new cover by Adam Hughes, reprinting WONDER WOMAN #164-170. Also included is the 6-page "Who is Troia?" story from WONDER WOMAN Secret Files #2, co-written by Devin Grayson. PARADISE LOST begins with the 4-part "Gods of Gotham" storyline co-written by acclaimed scripter J.M. DeMatteis (THE SPECTRE) - guest-starring Batman, his allies and his greatest foes. Diana travels to Gotham City to stop the Joker, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy from turning the Dark Knight's city into the source of a worldwide conflagration. But the Bat-villains have formed a mysterious alliance with some familiar Wonder Woman characters that gives them greater powers than they've ever dreamed!

Then the mastermind behind WONDER WOMAN's relaunch in the late '80s, George Pérez (The Avengers, CrossGen Chronicles), returns to co-plot the heart-breaking Amazon civil war story "Paradise Island Lost." PARADISE LOST concludes with the one-shot tale "She's a Wonder!," co-written by Joe Kelly (JLA, ACTION COMICS), in which investigative reporter Lois Lane spends a "day in the life" with Wonder Woman - and gets an insightful look into the world of the Amazon Warrior that she didn't expect!

Jimenez's love for Wonder Woman and her supporting cast is evident in every beautifully rendered, finely detailed panel as he produces the most personal and passionate artwork of his career. If you haven't been reading WONDER WOMAN, be sure to get in on the ground floor with this collection and discover what you've been missing!

This project is supported with house ads.

WONDER WOMAN: PARADISE LOST is a 176-page trade paperback arriving in comic-book stores January 16 with a cover price of $14.95 U.S.

Before there was Kyle Rayner, before there was Hal Jordan, there was Alan Scott - the original Green Lantern! Now more of his earliest adventures may be found in GOLDEN AGE GREEN LANTERN ARCHIVES Volume 2 - a 232-page hardcover reprinting Green Lantern stories from ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #31-38 and GREEN LANTERN COMICS #2 & 3.

Volume 2 contains adventures written by Bill Finger and illustrated by Martin Nodell & Irwin Hasen, and features an introduction by Dr. Jerry Bails. In these exciting tales, witness Green Lantern expose corruption in a city orphanage; clear a policeman's son framed for murder; serve as sidekick Doiby Dickle's secret weapon; and corral crooked contractors bilking the city out of millions. Plus, watch Doiby discover Green Lantern's secret identity as Alan Scott, and thrill as GL battles Professor Casper, gangster Nick Bonepart, auto racecar fixers, and much more!

GOLDEN AGE GREEN LANTERN ARCHIVES Volume 2 is a 232-page hardcover arriving in comic-book stores January 23 with a cover price of $49.95 U.S.


One of DC's most beloved "kids' comics" of the 1950s-1960s returns with the SUGAR & SPIKE #1 - FACSIMILE EDITION, advance-solicited this month for arrival in May, 2002! From the comic mind of one of the field's most important figures - Sheldon Mayer - comes Sugar Plumm and Spike Wilson, two adorable toddlers exploring the incredible world around them.

What makes Sugar & Spike unique is that while adults haven't a clue as to what their "babytalk" means, the two understand each other perfectly! It's hard to over-praise Mayer's work, as he was a natural-born cartoonist who infused his strips with an abundance of charm. Today SUGAR & SPIKE is one of DC's features most frequently requested, by fans of eclectic vintage material, for reprinting! Included here are the toddlers' very first meeting and their earliest pint-sized adventures - making this a great comic for kids as well as adults with a kid at heart.

At the same time the SUGAR & SPIKE - FACSIMILE EDITION arrives in stores, fans of the two cutest kids in comics can own the SUGAR & SPIKE SOFT TOYS 2-PACK SET! Now Sugar & Spike can be yours to own and cuddle with as adorable plush figures. The kids are each approximately 7" tall with embroidered features, and packaged together in a 4-color window box.

SUGAR & SPIKE #1 is a 32-page issue Facsimile Edition advance-solicited and arriving in comic-book stores May 1, 2002 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. The SUGAR & SPIKE SOFT TOYS 2-PACK SET is advance-solicited and arrives in comic-books stores May 1, 2002 with a price of $24.95 U.S.


The exciting new art team of Barry Kitson (EMPIRE, THE BRAVE & THE BOLD) & Rich Faber join writer Jay Faerber in THE TITANS #37 - as young adult heroes Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, Jesse Quick, and Argent continue training a new generation of teen crimefighters!

In this "entry-point" issue, the D.E.O. seeks the Titans help in saving a child's life in the Orphanage. Meanwhile, the mysterious D.E.O. Kids - who have been making the Titans Tower their new home for some time now - make their debut as costumed super-heroes! But are they ready? Plus, even more mysteries have surrounded the character of Epsilon since his debut - and In issue #37, the shocking truth about him is finally revealed! Prepare to be sitting down for this one.

With an all-new look and a new batch of heroes (the D.E.O. kids) to face the world, THE TITANS #37 is the perfect time for new and returning readers to try out the super-team that defined the word "family" in the DC Universe.

TITANS #37 is a 32-page issue edited by Andy Helfer arriving in comic-book stores January 30 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.

An untold tale from the WildStorm Universe!

Marc Slayton (Backlash) and Cole Cash (Grifter).

Both are former members of Team 7, from which a government experiment gave them special abilities and powers. But before that process was tested on them, it was used on "lab animals" - transforming them into a mysterious animal/human hybrid race known as the Kindred.

Now the hybrids have resurfaced in KINDRED II - a 4-issue WildStorm Productions miniseries written and pencilled by Brett Booth (BACKLASH & TABOO'S AFRICAN HOLIDAY), with inks by Sal Regla.

Prior to the tragic events of GEN ACTIVE #4, Grifter and Backlash embarked on their final mission together. Both of these heroes thought they had seen the last of the Kindred, but now the strange creatures are back - along with some unresolved issues. Is this going to be a reunion for these headstrong heroes or the end of a friendship?

This project is supported with house ads.

KINDRED II is a 4-issue WildStorm Productions miniseries edited by Aaron Watanabe. The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores January 9 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


The most eagerly-awaited sequel in comics continues, as Frank Miller and award-winning color artist, Lynn Varley, set their sights on the Batman for the first time in fifteen years. The last time Miller & Varley revolutionized the comics medium - and this time they're out to set the new standard to aspire to. The only sure-fire thing we're allowed to tell you about issue #2 is: Expect the unexpected!

This issue is supported with house and trade ads.

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #2 is an 80-page Prestige Format issue edited by Bob Schreck arriving in comic-book stores January 16 with a cover price of $7.95 U.S.

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