DC Comics Solicitations for product shipping February, 2005

DC Comics has provided CBR News with their solicitation text and cover images for comics and product shipping in February of 2005.


Written by Judd Winick

Art by Doug Mahnke & Tom Nguyen

Cover by Matt Wagner

In Part 3 of the 4-part "Under the Hood," Batman gets wind of a massive - and unique - arms shipment on its way to Gotham. But who's behind it? Gotham's criminal kingpin, The Black Mask? The deadly new Red Hood? Or an even more sinister menace?

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by David Lapham and Mike Carey

Art by Ramon Bachs & Nathan Massengill and John Lucas

Cover by Lapham

In Part 3 of David Lapham's 12-part "City of Crime," the Penguin learns Mr. Freeze may have betrayed him, just as a secret player threatens to bring the city to its knees! Plus, Part 3 of the 4-part backup tale "The Barker," by Mike Carey and John Lucas!

On sale Feb 2 o 40 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by A.J. Lieberman

Art by Al Barrionuevo & Bit

Cover by Cliff Chiang

When the mutated bodies of dead children begin appearing across Gotham, Batman is thrown into a race against time to find any survivors and learn the cause of their mutation! And Poison Ivy must find out why the only people who were ever kind to her are dying.

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Shane McCarthy

Art by Tommy Castillo & Rodney Ramos

Cover by Sean Phillips

Part 4 of the 5-part "Riddle Me That!" The Riddler turns on the man who helped save him from drifting into oblivion: Professor Buttery. Can Batman save the doctor? And what nefarious plans lie behind the theft of a priceless artifact?

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Ed Brubaker, Andersen Gabrych, Devin Grayson, Dylan Horrocks, A.J. Lieberman, and Bill Willingham

Art by Ramon Bachs, Raul Fernandez, Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portela, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti, Kinsun, Mike Lilly, Andy Owens, Sean Phillips, Brad Walker, Troy Nixey, Pete Woods and Nathan Massengill

Cover by James Jean

The opening act of 2004's hit crossover starring Gotham City's heroes can be found in BATMAN: WAR GAMES ACT ONE TP featuring an all-new cover by Eisner Award-winning artist James Jean. This volume includes BATMAN: THE 12-CENT ADVENTURE, DETECTIVE COMICS #797, BATMAN #631, BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #182, NIGHTWING #96, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #56, ROBIN #129, BATGIRL #55 and CATWOMAN #34.

A clash between Gotham's underworld families erupts into a wave of chaos that engulfs the city. Batman must use every available asset - Oracle, Batgirl, Nightwing, Orpheus, Onyx and Tarantula - to preserve life and contain the chaos!

On sale Feb 16 o 208 pg, FC, $14.95 US

Written by Andersen Gabrych

Art by Pop Mhan & Jesse Delperdang

Cover by Mhan

A major arms deal is going down in Blüdhaven, but that's nothing unusual. What is unusual is the players involved: the Brotherhood of Evil! Can Batgirl measure up against the shape-shifting Gemini, the super-simian Monsieur Mallah and the bad, bad Brain?

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art and cover by Doug Mahnke

Acclaimed writer Ed Brubaker (CATWOMAN, GOTHAM CENTRAL) joins forces with fan-favorite artist Doug Mahnke (JLA, JUSTICE LEAGUE ELITE) for a Prestige Format Special that tells the tale of the Dark Knight's first battle against his eventual archnemesis: The Joker!

A mysterious homicidal maniac is killing prominent citizens of Gotham City, each time leaving an unusual calling card: a ghastly rictus grin plastered on the victims' lifeless faces. The Dark Knight Detective is on the case, and before long finds himself taking on the Clown Prince of Crime!

This adventure establishes the conflict that rages to this day!

On sale Feb 9 o Prestige Format o 64 pg, FC, $6.95 US

Written by Jeph Loeb

Art and cover by Tim Sale

The penultimate chapter in the enthralling murder mystery by the fan-favorite team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale!

Catwoman is coming dangerously close to finding out the truth about her past. But uncovering one secret too many could cost her all nine of her lives!

On sale Feb 23 o 5 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $3.50 US

Written by Scott Morse

Art and cover by Paul Gulacy & Jimmy Palmiotti

In the thrilling conclusion to a 3-part story written by Scott Morse, Catwoman goes on the offensive! After being hunted and battered by Wooden Nickel, Catwoman wants some payback. But is Nickel more than a match for Catwoman's attack?

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Bill Willingham

Art and cover by Damion Scott

Tim Drake is a marked man! The Penguin has put out an open contract on Robin, Blüdhaven's newest vigilante, attracting a flood of would-be assassins. And the first to answer the Penguin's call may be the deadliest: the Rising Sun Archer and the Dark Rider!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Stefano Gaudiano

Cover by Michael Lark

When a group of children stumble onto the abandoned hideout of one of the DCU's most dangerous villains, Detectives Allen and Montoya take on the case with a cop's life hanging in the balance!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Chuck Dixon & Scott Beatty

Art and cover by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens

The biweekly 6-part story "Nightwing: Year One" continues! Dick Grayson has been fired from being Robin and struck out on his own - directionless. But Dick's about to receive a visit from Deadman! What's Deadman's connection to the circus where Dick grew up?

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Chuck Dixon & Scott Beatty

Art and cover by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens

"Nightwing Year One," Part 4 of 6! The newly christened Nightwing hits the streets for the first time! But it'll take a night of crimefighting against Gotham's worst - including the Joker - to win Batgirl over. Plus, Nightwing's first encounter with the new Robin: Jason Todd!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US


Written by Brian Azzarello

Art and cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

The incomparable team of writer Brian Azzarello and artists Jim Lee & Scott Williams continues to put the Man of Steel through the wringer as "For Tomorrow" continues! Just as it seems things can't possibly get any worse for the spent Man of Steel, he's embroiled in a fight to the finish with an age-old adversary! Meanwhile, devious plans have been set into motion, one of which involves Superman's closest confidante.

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by J.D. Finn

Art by Ivan Reis & Marc Campos

Cover by Ian Churchill

It's Superman vs. Preus, with the fate of the world in the balance in this action-packed tale by guest writer J.D. Finn and artists Ivan Reis & Marc Campos! Plus, find out what Doomsday has been up to as he hunts for the Man of Steel!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Matthew Clark & Andy Lanning

Cover by Brian Stelfreeze

Ruin begins his search for Superman's loved ones, which puts Lois in danger again! Unbeknownst to Superman, one of those closest to him is Ruin…who is it?

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Scott McCloud

Art by Aluir Amancio & Terry Austin

Cover by Alex Ross

The Prestige Format miniseries by Scott McCloud continues! Before anyone knew the name "Superman," he was just Pa Kent's son Clark. The young boy tests his super-powers when he literally runs away from home and finds a world that's a far cry from Smallville!

On sale Feb 2 o Prestige Format o 2 of 3 o 48 pg, FC, $5.95 US


Written by Jeph Loeb

Art and cover by Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino

The senses-shattering conclusion of "Absolute Power" by fan-favorites Jeph Loeb, Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino! Superman and Batman confront the super-villains who have ripped apart time and fight to restore balance to the universe. But what will be the ultimate cost to The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight?

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US


Written by Jeph Loeb

Art and cover by Michael Turner

Award-winner Jeph Loeb and the red-hot Michael Turner reintroduce a classic character into the DCU! This fantastic hardcover includes the entire "Supergirl from Krypton" storyline, originally presented in the best-selling SUPERMAN/BATMAN #8-13!

Batman has discovered something strange on the bottom of Gotham Bay which leads him to a mysterious and powerful teenaged girl who's bent on destroying Gotham City! What's her connection to Superman? Why does Wonder Woman want to hide her from the outside world? Will Darkseid succeed in recruiting her into doing his bidding? Plus, this volume includes an introduction by Loeb as well as a Kryptonian language translation key!

On sale Feb 23 o 168 pg, FC, $19.95 US


Written by Andy Diggle

Art and cover by Pascal Ferry

Adam Strange and the Omega Men discover the location of the missing planet Rann! But when death strikes from an unexpected quarter, they find themselves hunted by L.E.G.I.O.N. - and even the quick-witted Adam Strange can't outwit Vril Dox…or can he?

On sale Feb 23 o 6 of 8 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by John Arcudi

Art and cover by Patrick Gleason & Christian Alamy

Ocean Master has taken over Aquaman's life, and the real Aquaman is now the Ocean Master! Chaos erupts as Aquaman realizes all is not as it seems, especially when a secret from his past comes back to haunt him in ways he could never have imagined!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by John Broome

Art by Arthur Peddy, Bernard Sachs, Frank Giacoia, and Bob Oksner

Cover by Peddy & Sachs

The adventures of the world's first super-team continue in this extra-sized final volume of the series at no extra cost! In Volume 11, collecting ALL STAR COMICS #50-57, the JSA face the Diamond Man, Mr. Alpha, and more!

On sale Feb 16 o 276 pg, FC, $49.95 US

Written by Gail Simone

Art and cover by Ed Benes

It's Metropolis mayhem in "Hero Hunters," Part 4! Chaos rides the dark alleys of Superman's city as the Birds hunt the unpredictable and extremely dangerous Thorn!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Dan Jolley

Art by Leonard Kirk & Robin Riggs

Cover by Dave Johnson

Clevenger faces the super-powered assassin Zeiss in this issue of the series Warren Ellis calls "Four-color crime and punishment like they just don't make anymore"! Clev is drawn into the case of a small town beset by mysterious fires seemingly set by a demon from Hell!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Bob Harras

Art by Marcos Martin & Alvaro Lopez

Cover by Martin

The intriguing new series written by Bob Harras (Avengers) with art by Marcos Martin & Alvaro Lopez (BATGIRL: YEAR ONE) continues!

There's no rest for the weary as Breach struggles to adjust to his transformation, the loss of everyone he loved, and the incredible number of years that have passed him by. But his awakening last issue has not gone unnoticed. A mysterious breach in time/space opens in the plains of Africa, and someone - or something - is coming for him!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Christos N. Gage

Art by Steven Cummings & Jimmy Palmiotti

Cover by Mike Zeck & Jerry Ordway

Deadshot and Green Arrow face off in Star City as the

exciting miniseries continues! Plus, one of the hired hit man's old cronies shows up to complicate Deadshot's task of cleaning up the neighborhood for his newfound family!

On sale Feb 2 o 3 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by John Byrne

Art by Byrne & Doug Hazlewood

Cover by Byrne

While Nudge and Vortex try to save Grunt, Cliff and Rita

face off against a very unlikely threat. Will their combined powers be enough to stop this morphing monster? Discover the origin of Grunt's and Nudge's relationship - and the fate of the Negative Man!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Dan Jolley

Art by Jamal Igle & Rob Stull

Cover by Matt Haley

After the events of IDENTITY CRISIS, everyone thought Ronnie Raymond, the original Firestorm, was lost forever. But energy can't be destroyed, right? If Ronnie has returned, he may be just in time to die again - at the hands of his old enemy Killer Frost!

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Judd Winick

Art by Tom Fowler & Rodney Ramos

Cover by James Jean

Brick, the stone-faced crimelord who overran the Star City underworld in "New Blood," is back with a vengeance! Plus, a mechanized menace called "the Texan" comes looking for a showdown with Team Green. Can Ollie and friends take out the El Pasan Assassin?

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Geoff Johns

Art and cover by Howard Porter & Livesay

Part 1 of "Truth or Dare," a 2-part crossover with the March-shipping WONDER WOMAN #214! The Cheetah has come to Keystone City in search of the man she believes can teach her to be faster: Zoom, the Reverse-Flash! And where the Cheetah is, Wonder Woman can't be far behind!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Alberto Dose, Howard Porter & Livesay

Cover by Porter & Livesay

Where's the Flash? Find out in this collection of the thrilling story arc from THE FLASH #201-206! A series of bizarre incidents helps police mechanic Wally West discover that he is the Flash! Can he relearn his powers in time to solve a series of murders in Keystone City?

On sale Feb 9 o 144 pg, FC, $14.95 US

Written by Geoff Johns

Art and cover by Ethan Van Sciver

Mega-hot writer Geoff Johns (JSA, THE FLASH, TEEN TITANS) and artist Ethan Van Sciver (BATMAN/CATWOMAN: TRAIL OF THE GUN, New X-Men) reach the penultimate chapter of the stunning tale that restores Hal Jordan as Earth's Green Lantern!

In this shocking issue, learn the final fate of Kyle Rayner! And as Hal Jordan's rebirth explodes across the DCU, the JLA continues its epic battle against one of the oldest powers in the Universe. But are the heroes prepared for the return of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern?

On sale Feb 23 o 5 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by Joe Bennett & Ruy José

Cover by Ryan Sook

Gray & Palmiotti continue to redefine the classic JSA hero! Enemies from Hawkman's past lash out at him under the direction of The Fadeaway Man! Plus, the relationship between Carter and Kendra takes a startling turn as Hawkman comes face-to face with Lion-Mane!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Kurt Busiek

Art by Ron Garney & Dan Green

Cover by Garney

Part 5 of the 8-part "Syndicate Rules!" The JLA arrive just in time to stop the Crime Syndicate of Amerika from reaching its goal, while the Qwardian super weapon rampages through the positive matter universe! Three worlds collide, forging an unexpected alliance!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis

Art and cover by Kevin Maguire & Joe Rubinstein

A follow-up to the Eisner Award-winning FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE begins as the second story arc of this hot new series! The 6-part "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League"- written by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis with art and cover by Kevin Maguire & Joe Rubinstein - begins innocently enough with the newly established "Super Buddies" open for business - complete with their very own theme song. But things hit a sour note when a former foe opens a bar next door to their new "headquarters" in the strip mall downtown!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Don Kramer & Keith Champagne

Cover by Dave Gibbons

Part 3 of the 5-part "JSA/JSA," featuring a cover by Dave Gibbons (THE ORIGINALS)! As the JSA of today attempts to inspire

the JSA of the past, Stargirl struggles with Ted Knight's condition, Sand confronts his past, and the Atom heads down a dangerous road.

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Joe Kelly

Art and cover by Doug Mahnke & Tom Nguyen

While half the team is on an undercover, intergalactic drug op, the other half struggles to find them before their cover is blown. Meanwhile, Vera's personality has cracked wide open, allowing her evil brother Manchester Black to make his move to destroy her version of the Elite! Plus, a member of the team makes the ultimate sacrifice!

On sale Feb 2 o 8 of 12 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Geoff Johns & David S. Goyer

Art by Leonard Kirk, Don Kramer, Sal Velluto and various

Cover by Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino

A new collection featuring JSA #46-55! Three of the JSA's deadliest foes band together to systematically destroy the team, clearing their way to crush mankind and rule the world! Can the JSA come together in what appears to be Earth's darkest hour?

On sale Feb 23 o 256 pg, FC, $19.95 US

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Barry Kitson & Mick Gray

Cover by Kitson

View the Legion's secrets through three sets of eyes as Triplicate Girl takes center stage! Is she one girl who can split into three, three who can merge into one, or something even weirder?

On sale Feb 23 o 40 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Marc Andreyko

Art by Jesus Saiz & Jimmy Palmiotti

Cover by Saiz

The super-villain trial of the year continues! The heroes who witnessed Firestorm's final fate take the stand, but Kate Spencer's strategy backfires. And the tabloids threaten to "out" her as Manhunter!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Judd Winick

Art by Carlos D'Anda

Cover by Doug Mahnke

A shocking IDENTITY CRISIS follow-up guest-starring Batman and featuring guest art by Carlos D'Anda (ACTION COMICS)! Nightwing and Batman have a confrontation that could change the future of the team! Meanwhile, Arsenal has his own secret meeting with Batman that threatens to splinter the team forever!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Rick Veitch

Art and cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

Guest-starring Superman! Operating furtively on the mean streets of Metropolis can't keep the Question hidden from the all-seeing eye of The Man of Steel! Plus, the Subterraneans put together the pieces of the Question's one-man war on their empire - and target him for assassination!

On sale Feb 2 o 4 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Grant Morrison

Art and cover by J.H. Williams

A devastating global threat is on its way - one never imagined nor prepared for. It consumes entire civilizations and leaves behind only ruins. It razed Camelot and bombed the Rama kingdoms back to dirt. It strip-mines and enslaves whole cultures. Its hunger is unstoppable; its origins, unspeakable. Now this devouring empire of cruelty-without-limits has set its sights on the treasures of the 21st century.

Like a plague of locusts, the terrifying Sheeda are returning to harvest the Earth. All that stands between our world and these destroyers are the mysterious "Seven Soldiers" of legend. Seven men and women with extraordinary abilities and big problems must lay their lives on the line for the future of humankind. Seven reluctant champions must arise and somehow work together to save the world...without ever meeting one another. How? Where? Who? There's only one way to find out.

In an ambitious new storytelling venture, writer Grant Morrison and a group of top artists combine their talents to redefine the super-hero concept for a new century. Entertainers, losers, victims, exiles, wannabes…the stars of SEVEN SOLDIERS are a long way from anyone's ideal of a traditional costumed hero. But they just may be our only chance of survival.

Who lives? Who dies? Who washes the dishes? Who betrays humankind to its once and future Enemy? Get the answers to these questions and many more in seven hard-hitting, fresh and wildly imaginative miniseries featuring KLARION, MISTER MIRACLE, FRANKENSTEIN, ZATANNA, THE GUARDIAN, BULLETEER and SHINING KNIGHT.

The SEVEN SOLDIERS saga comprises seven 4-issue miniseries and two bookend Specials - all which may be read independently but combine to tell a colossal 30-part tale of death, betrayal, failure, joy, loss, romance, triumph and redemption. As a new generation of super-heroes grapples with a harsher, weirder world, Morrison combines dazzling super-hero action and serial fiction with horror, mystery, epic fantasy and gothic pulp to carve out a new corner in the DCU.

With a gigantic, interweaving cast of characters-many drawn from DC's incomparable history and reimagined by Morrison and his collaborators-Including vampire knights, crippled ex-super-heroes, subway pirates, puritan death machines, liquid nitrogen-blooded assassins, deathless Mafia dons, wounded gods, angry fiancées and talking winged horses, the universe of the Seven Soldiers is rich in wonder, drama and hardcore action.

This groundbreaking mega-series begins with a 38-page complete adventure, SEVEN SOLDIERS #0, that introduces readers to their twilight world and establishes plotlines that will reverberate throughout the entire megaseries.

In issue #0, illustrated by master storyteller J.H. Williams III (PROMETHEA), Shelly Gaynor is the grand-daughter of Golden Age hero the WHIP. She's revived the old family business and is turning her experiences as an urban crime-fighter into a best-selling book.

But when Shelly answers an ad to join the aging crimebuster Vigilante and his new team of "Seven Soldiers" in the hunt for an ancient monster haunting the deserts of the southwest, her super-hero dream becomes a terror-trip into the heart of an undying nightmare.

SEVEN SOLDIERS: A mystery spanning generations and millennia. A story unlike any other. Welcome to a whole new world in the DC Universe.

On sale Feb 23 o 48 pg, FC, $2.95 US Edited by Peter Tomasi

Written by Paul Pope

Art and cover by Pope

THB's Paul Pope (HEAVY LIQUID, 100%) goes it alone in SOLO #3! Pope begins with an ancient Greek myth, then re-imagines the classic origin of Omac and shares a personal tale. Pope also presents a slice of the Big Apple and concludes with "Teenage Sidekick," in which a captured Dick Grayson, as Robin, must struggle to escape the Joker!

On sale Feb 23 o 48 pg, FC, $4.95 US

Written by Chuck Dixon

Art by Brad Walker & Andy Owens

Cover by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens

The ultimate kung-fu fighter vs. the ultimate evil! Neron, the unstoppable demonic powerbroker of "Underworld Unleashed," has taken an unholy interest in Richard Dragon, and that places our hero's already-tainted soul is one step closer to annihilation!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Mike McKone & Marlo Alquiza

Part 1 of the 3-part "Lights Out," an IDENTITY CRISIS follow-up story! Doctor Light has forced the Titans' hand and staged a publicized battle with the young heroes to take back his reputation. But as the Titans fall, help arrives in the form of two young heroes. Get ready for the debut of the new Hawk and Dove!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by James Raiz & Ray Snyder

Cover by J.G. Jones

It's war on Olympus as Wonder Woman is embroiled in the battle between Zeus and Athena! With her gods as an audience, Diana must face the threat of Zeus' bodyguard - the fifty-headed, hundred-armed monster called Briareos! Next issue crosses over with THE FLASH #219!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US


Written by Bill Matheny

Art by Christopher Jones & Terry Beatty

Cover by Jeff Matsuda

Priceless diamonds are being stolen in Gotham City, and the cops are hot on the trail of Catwoman for the crime. The Batman knows she's innocent, but he may not be able to stop the police… and no one may be able to stop the laser-wielding thieves behind the crimes!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Adam Beechen

Art by Carlo Barberi & Walden Wong

Cover by Ben Caldwell

John Stewart and Green Arrow encounter an old member of the Green Lantern Corps as they fight a trio of alien invaders. Will this elderly Lantern be able to help them defeat their foes, or is he too out of touch with reality?

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by J. Torres

Art by Mike Norton & Lary Stucker

Cover by Sean Galloway

Starfire happens upon a lost, baby Wildebeest while visiting the "Mall of Shopping" and decides to look for the missing child's parents. A naive alien teenager and a tiny terror together in a mall? That's a recipe for disaster!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Tom Warburton,

Jim Alexander, Jono Howard and John Rozum

Art by Scott Underwood, Angus Bungay, and Mike Wetterhahn and Tim Chi Ly

Cover by Robert Pope

Courage defends his master from the scariest thing ever, and the Eds grow a garden of great big trouble! Plus, Johnny Bravo and the Kids Next Door!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Frank Strom, Scott Cunningham, Earl Kress and Sam Agro

Art by David Alvarez, Neal Sternecky & Walter Carzon, Mike DeCarlo, Scott McRae & Ruben Torreiro

Cover by Alvarez & DeCarlo

Wile E. Coyote tries to catch Roadrunner with a little time travel! Plus, Duck Dodgers, Witch Hazel and daydreamer Ralph Phillips!

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Amy Rogers and Ivan Velez Jr.

Art by Phil Moy, Ricardo Garcia Fuentes and Mike DeCarlo

Cover by Christopher Cook & DeCarlo

When the rivalry between Mojo Jojo and Him gets too hot, the Girls step in to save the day!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by John Rozum and Sholly Fisch

Art by Leo Batic, John McCrea and Horacio Ottolini

Cover by Robert Pope & Dave Hunt

Three Scoobyrific adventures in this issue! Golf course ghouls, mansion mazes, and…Velma's got a crush?

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.25 US

Written by Chris Duffy, Terrance Griep, Michael Kraiger, Michael Kupperman, Matt Wayne

Art by Bill Alger, Mike DeCarlo, Manny Galan, Tim Harkins, Andrew Pepoy, Bob Smith, Joe Staton

Cover by Staton

The Mystery Machine gang is back for another two volumes' worth of hair-raising adventures with the pseudo-supernatural!

On sale Feb 23 o 5" x 7.375" o 112 pg, FC, $6.95 US

Written by Chris Duffy, Joe Edkin, Terrance Griep, Jesse Leon McCann, Paul S. Newman, John Rozum, Joe & Hilarie Staton

Art by Dave Cooper, Dan Davis, Mike DeCarlo, John Delaney, Manny Galan, Tim Harkins, Scott McRae, Andrew Pepoy, Joe Staton, Rurik Tyler

Cover by Staton & Pepoy

More adventures of the Scooby Gang in a manga-sized collection!

On sale Feb 23 o 5" x 7.375" o 112 pg, FC, $6.95 US

MAD #451

Written and illustrated by The Usual Gang of Idiots

Surprise your Valentine this year with a brand-spankin' new issue of MAD! Wait, who are we kidding? If you're reading MAD, there's no way you have a Valentine!

On sale Feb 2 o 48 pg, FC/B&W, $3.50 US

MAD XL #32

Written and illustrated by The Usual Gang of Idiots

Another jam-packed issue of MAD XL, containing the Best of the Web, MAD Marginals XL, our featured Writer of the Month, more Readers' Choice picks, and other fun features!

On sale Feb 9 o 96 pg, FC/B&W, $4.99 US


Written by Wendy & Richard Pini

Art and cover by Wendy Pini & Joe Staton

Another chapter in the classic saga by Wendy & Richard Pini! The Wolfriders have settled into their new Holt in the Forbidden Grove. All is peaceful until Aroree, a fugitive Glider from Blue Mountain, kidnaps a Wolfrider child. Now the elves must once again confront the cold, vile Winnowill - and the humans who worship her!

On sale Feb 23 o 5" x 7.362" o 224 pg, B&W, $9.95 US

Written by Michael Moorcock

Art and cover by Walter Simonson

The thrilling miniseries continues as Elric embarks on another dreamquest! This time, he must complete a trial to test his worthiness for the throne of Melniboné. But once Elric has proven himself, can he wrest control from his scheming cousin Yyrkoon? Retailers note: This issue is resolicited; all previous orders are cancelled.

Resolicited; on sale Feb 23 o Prestige Format o 3 of 4 o 48 pg, FC, $5.95 US

Written by Joe Kelly

Art by Ariel Olivetti

Cover by Alex Ross

The amazing origin story of the renowned hero continues! Space Ghost must protect Jan and Jayce from Zorak. But who will protect him once Zorak makes a pact with the peacekeepers?

On sale Feb 16 o 4 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by George Romero

Art by Tommy Castillo & Rodney Ramos

Cover by Bernie Wrightson

Zombies attack! As a growing rift between the leaders of the armies of the dead threatens to send their demonic forces into chaos, Damion Cross tries to turn the tide of battle for humanity. Will his efforts be enough to stay the overwhelming hordes of walking dead?

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Takahashi Miyuki

Art by Takahashi Miyuki

CMX. The second volume of MUSASHI NUMBER NINE is short on words, but not on action! She fearlessly takes on terrorists and other criminals in the name of peace. Little is known about the organization of super-agents she works with, but when the world is in danger and all else fails, they will be there.

In this volume, Musashi Number Nine is sent to neutralize terrorists threatening a cruise missile strike on Tokyo. The terrorists have a clear advantage with hostages in tow, while their launch site is miles away. The countdown has begun, and only Musashi knows the answer…

On sale Feb 9 o 5" x 7.375" o 192 pg, B&W, $9.95 US o TEEN

Written by Ariyoshi Kyoko

Art by Ariyoshi Kyoko

CMX. The popular Japanese shojo saga SWAN continues as Masumi wins a spot in the company…but can she keep it?

Masumi has survived the rigorous competition and won a place in the National Ballet School. But just as she resolves to work hard and stay focused, a handsome new foreign student arrives. Will this newcomer support her quest to develop as a dancer, or will romantic entanglements become a distraction?

On sale Feb 2 o 5" x 7.375" o 208 pg, B&W, $9.95 US o ALL AGES

Written by Fujii Mihona

Art by Fujii Mihona

CMX. Self-styled Kogal queen Kotobuki Ran and her friends just wanna have fun, which includes shopping, hanging out, and scamming meals off gullible guys. Unfortunately, their 'hood' -Shibuya - is in constant danger of being despoiled by dirty old men, street gangs, nasty Kogal rivals, and other societal evils. But with a little help from her friends and a toughness born of coming from a family full of cops, Ran takes on the bad guys (and gals) with gusto!

On sale Feb 23 o 5" x 7.375" o 208 pg, B&W, $9.95 US o TEEN

Written by Oh! great

Art by Oh! great

CMX. In one unusual Tokyo high school, education takes a backseat to brawling as warring clubs wreak havoc in the hallways and chaos in the classrooms, all vying to be the baddest team around! Although they often contribute their fair share, only a handful of students serve to stem the tide of violence in this untamed outpost. These are the few, the proud, the powerful: the members of the Juken Club!

On sale Feb 16 o 5" x 7.375" o 176 pg, B&W, $9.95 US o TEEN

Written by John Smith

Art by Steve Yeowell, Colin MacNeil and Jock

Cover by Greg Staples

2000 A.D. The Vatican's finest supernatural investigator is back! Following his conversion to vampirism, Devlin has retired. But now that something terrible from his past is coming, he's back in action! Featuring never-before-seen art by red-hot artist Jock (THE LOSERS)!

On sale Feb 16 o 240 pg, FC, $19.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Gerry Finley-Day

Art by Dave Gibbons, Colin Wilson, Mike Dorey, Brett Ewins, Eric Bradbury and Cam Kennedy

Cover by Kennedy

2000 A.D. Written by Gerry Finley-Day (Ant Wars, Harry Twenty) and featuring art by Dave Gibbons (THE ORIGINALS, WATCHMEN), Colin Wilson (POINT BLANK), Cam Kennedy (Star Wars: Dark Empire) and more, this classic futuristic war story is a must-read!

The war between the Norts and the Southers chemically poisoned the entire atmosphere of Nu-Earth. So the Southers created the Genetic Infantrymen: blue-skinned soldiers who could breathe the toxic air, equipped with bio-chips to record their personalities in their final moments for eventual recorporation. But a Souther traitor sold the G.I.s out, and all but one were slaughtered. Now he stalks Nu-Earth on a mission of revenge, aided by his dead friends now "living" in his gun, helmet and backpack. He is the last G.I. - the Rogue Trooper!

On sale Feb 2 o 7.375" x 10.1875" o 160 pg., B&W, $14.95 US

Written by Alan Moore

Art and cover by Jim Baikie

2000 A.D. Relive one of legendary writer Alan Moore's early triumphs with this new edition of his science-fiction classic SKIZZ, featuring art by frequent Moore collaborator Jim Baikie (TOMORROW STORIES)!

Zhcchz is a Tau Cetian interpreter traveling home through the stars; Roxy is just a Birmingham schoolgirl heading home after another boring day. When the two collide, their lives will change forever!

Now Roxy must protect her new alien friend "Skizz" and try to find a way to send him home. To help, she's got Loz, the laconic biker, and Cornelius, the slow-witted, unemployed pipe-fitter. But standing in their way is obsessive Government alien-hunter Van Owen!

On sale Feb 9 o 7.375" x 10.1875" o 104 pg., B&W, $14.95 US

Written by Philippe Thirault

Art and cover by Marc Malés

HUMANOIDS. A tale of horror in the Old West! Where surgeon Dr. Frank Quinn goes, death soon follows, for he is pursued by the demon with a thousand faces! Now Quinn must stop running and face the demon as it gets closer to the people he has grown to love.

On sale Feb 23 o 7.375" x 10.1875" o 136 pg, FC, $14.95 US MATURE READERS

Written by Xavier Dorison

Art and cover by Christopher Bec

HUMANOIDS. When a U.S. submarine answers a distress beacon,

the crew discovers a WWII Russian sub at the mouth of an underwater temple. Accidentally unleashing an ancient god of death imprisoned within the sanctum, the crew fights for their survival - and humanity's.

On sale Feb 9 o 7.375" x 10.1875" o 192 pg, FC, $19.95 US


Written by Alexandro Jodorowsky

Art and cover by Georges Bess

HUMANOIDS. Juan Solo continues his journey towards redemption! Juan is given a special assignment: protect the governor's wife. But Juan cannot resist the temptation. Their illicit affair could cost Juan his soul, and finding redemption may cost him his life!

On sale Feb 16 o 7.375" x 10.1875" o 112 pg, FC, $17.95 US MATURE READERS


Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Dustin Nguyen & Richard Friend

Cover by Nguyen

Following the catastrophic events in issue #4, the Authority is left searching for answers amid the rubble of the nation's capital. The Authority has battled all manner of monsters and villains, but could their own conscience be the ultimate foe?

On sale Feb 16 o 5 of 12 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o Mature Readers

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story

Cover by Michael Golden

As the miniseries continues, U.N. Weapons Inspector Nathan Kane learns more about the ancient race neatly entombed beneath the frozen waves of Europa, and he likes what he sees less and less! What does this brutal race of near-humans have in store for humanity?

On sale Feb 16 o 4 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Brian K. Vaughan

Art by Tony Harris & Tom Feister

Cover by Harris

The 5-part story "Tag" heats up in this third installment by the acclaimed team of Brian K. Vaughan (Y: THE LAST MAN), Tony Harris (STARMAN) & Tom Feister! When a possible source of the paranormal horror stalking the subway tunnels beneath New York City is discovered, Mayor Mitchell Hundred is forced to choose between his allegiance to the NSA operatives who helped him as the Great Machine and the city he's vowed to protect. Plus, political fallout from Hundred's controversial decision threatens to tear his administration apart!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Joe Casey

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Sandra Hope and Jim Lee

Cover by Lee & Rian Hughes

What could be more appropriate for super-hero teens in school than a school dance? As Destra convinces the Seminary faculty that this is actually a good idea, certain students find romance in the unlikeliest of places! And which student is a master breakdancer?

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Howard Chaykin

Art and cover by Russ Heath

Written by fan-favorite Howard Chaykin (Challengers of the Unknown, American Flagg), illustrated by comics legend Russ Heath (SGT. ROCK, "The Haunted Tank" ), and inspired by Philip Wylie's novel Gladiator, LEGEND is a 4-issue miniseries telling the story of Hugo Danner, a man blessed with super-human strength and invulnerability, but cursed with all-too-human failings.

This miniseries details the physical, emotional and social ramifications of Hugo's abilities as he grows to manhood, desperately searching for acceptance - and for the role he's meant to play in the world.

On sale Feb 23 o 1 of 4 o 48 pg, FC, $5.95 US o MATURE READERS

Edited by Scott Dunbier

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Art by Neil Googe & Trevor Scott

Cover by Ed McGuinness & Dexter Vines

Writing team Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (LEGION) and artists Neil Googe (Bazooka Jules) & Trevor Scott continue the saga of the Kheran warrior back in his own universe!

Majestic realizes he must travel into deep space to find out who or what abducted all life on Earth. But is even Earth's mightiest Kheran a match for such forces? Issue two of this awesome new series delivers action on a mind-blowing, cosmic scale!

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Sam Kieth and Alan Moore

Art and cover by Kieth

The fourth volume in THE MAXX collection is a turning point, collecting issues #21-27 of the acclaimed series! Alan Moore kicks this volume off with dialogue for the first chapter as three secret agents pursue Mr. Gone, and Sarah traverses the Outback.

On sale Feb 2 o 144 pg, FC, $17.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by John Ridley

Art and cover by Simon Bisley

The first arc of THE RAZOR'S EDGE reaches a shattering conclusion! In an attempt to regain his powers, Warblade underwent an experimental gene-splicing surgery that went awry. Will he recover? Will he be able to avenge the death of a loved one?

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art and cover by Sean Phillips

Now that Lynch is out of his coma, he's convinced it was Tao's hand that put him out of the game. But leaked clues have brought an old mystery back to the surface. What do Holden and his crew have to do with this, and why are they stalking Grifter?

On sale Feb 23 o 9 of 12 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o Mature Readers

Written by Leah Moore & John Reppion

Art by Shawn McManus & J.H. Williams III

Cover by McManus

Rosa continues to prepare for her showdown with the evil man with the dog skins, but has all her hard work been for naught? Is she too late? And what horrible act did this man commit that pushed Rosa over the edge?

On sale Feb 9 o 4 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art and cover by Juan Santacruz

Writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti (Hawkman, THE Monolith) reunite with artist Juan Santacruz (The Resistance) for Twilight Experiment, a dramatic new 6-issue miniseries dealing with themes of heroism and loss. Decades ago, a handful of brave volunteers sacrificed their humanity in the hope of one day saving their world from a future cosmic event. They failed. This is the story of their children, who, in the twilight of humanity, must find the courage to fulfill their parents' destiny!

Serenity, once the greatest champion humanity had ever known, died defending the world and people she loved. She left behind more than a legacy of heroism - she left a great secret. For eight years, her son Michael has been stranded on a space station orbiting Earth. Raised by a computer program, possessed of strange powers and a hypersensitivity to light, Michael has longed for the day he would join the human race. That day is today!

On sale Feb 2 o 1 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Alan Moore & Peter Hogan

Art and cover by Yanick Paquette & Karl Story

ABC. It all comes down to this: a showdown in space! The only thing standing between the Terror's seizure of Colonel Future's time-warping ship is Tom Strange. But is he powerful enough to stop this monstrosity? Could this be the end of Terra Obscura as we know it?

On sale Feb 16 o 6 of 6 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Alan Moore and Leah Moore

Art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story, Howard Chaykin and Shawn McManus

Cover by Sprouse & Story

ABC. Collecting TOM STRONG #15-19, this softcover collection brings back some old favorites and introduces some new ones! Val Var Garm kidnaps Tesla; Coleman Grey enlists Strong's aid and more!

On sale Feb 2 o 144 pg, FC, $17.95 US

Written by Michael Moorcock

Art and cover by Jerry Ordway

ABC. Part 1 of a 2-issue tale written by master science-fiction storyteller Michael Moorcock (ELRIC: THE MAKING OF A SORCERER, Mother London) with art by Jerry Ordway (SUPERMAN, TOM STRONG)!

A famed Metatemporal Investigator - or Time 'Tec - enlists the aid of Tom Strong to save the multiverse. Together with Solomon and Pneuman, they must travel back through time, across the Moonbeam Roads that bridge the multiverse, to find the one responsible for this dire threat: Count Zodiac!

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US

Written by Alan Moore

Art and cover by J.H. Williams III

ABC. In a series that pushed the boundaries of mainstream comics to the edge, this unbelievable final issue goes a little bit further! Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III deliver the most gloriously experimental issue of PROMETHEA yet, in which the reader takes an incredible trip through the magical cosmos with Promethea as a guide.

But there's more! While other comics allow the reader only one way to read a book, this issue gives you several options - one of which is assembling its 32 pages into a giant double-sided poster. Once the poster has been assembled, the pages form two lovely images (one on each side) that are only discernible as a complete entity! Final issue.

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg (no ads), FC, $3.95 US

Written by Alan Moore

Art and cover by J.H. Williams III

ABC. In celebration of the final issue of PROMETHEA, America's Best Comics is pleased to offer something truly unique: a variant version of issue #32 printed completely on two 27" x 40" posters! Each page of this groundbreaking issue comes together to form these two posters in which the entire story can be read in multiple ways. Just as important, the posters reveal two hidden images from the book that are only visible in poster format - something completely new to comics!

In addition, the PROMETHEA #32 VARIANT EDITION comes with a lovely saddle-stitched, 48-page companion book that collects each and every PROMETHEA cover illustrated by J.H. Williams. And as a bonus, each book will be signed by Moore and Williams! Retailers please note: This edition is limited to 1,000 units; orders may be allocated. A limited number of unsigned copies of the PROMETHEA COVER COLLECTION will be offered for sale at a later date.

On sale Feb 9 o Two 27" x 40" full-color posters

and 48-pg. comic, FC, $49.95 US


Written by Brian Azzarello

Art by Eduardo Risso

Cover by Dave Johnson

As the dust slowly settles in New Orleans, we pick up with the ever-dangerous Lono and his newly acquired apprentice, Loop Hughes. But what exactly does Lono have in store for his jail-hardened pupil, and how does a deadly Minuteman play into his curriculum?

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Gary Phillips

Art and cover by Shawn Martinbrough

Nate Hollis has finally found his missing basketball star, Theophus Burnett. However, they don't call Burnett "the Magician" on the court for nothing, and soon Burnett is back on the lam and Hollis is back on his case. But Hollis isn't the only one after him. So will the wanted hoopster live to tell his side of the story?

On sale Feb 9 o 4 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Si Spencer

Co-plotted by Neil Gaiman

Art by Dean Ormston Cover by Frank Quitely

Tim Hunter returns in this first collection of his new title, collecting the initial story arc from issues #1-5 as co-plotted by Neil Gaiman. This new take on the Hunter is loaded with dystopian undercurrents and psychological horror.

On sale Feb 2 o 128 pg, FC, $9.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Si Spencer

Consulting by Neil Gaiman

Art by Dean Ormston Cover by Duncan Fegredo

Tim is forced to take action and confront his enemies on their turf. Drunk on magic, his first mission is an Icelandic jailbreak with the brand-new love of his life. Meanwhile, John Constantine and Molly get a little too close for comfort.

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Mike Carey

Art by Leonardo Manco

Cover by Tim Bradstreet

The shocking final chapter of the 4-part "Reasons to be Cheerful." John's desperate race to save his loved ones from the demons' cull ends in tragedy. But this isn't the tragedy that he'd feared and expected - this is far worse.

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.75 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Bill Willingham

Art by David Hahn

Cover by James Jean

Part 1 of the 2-part "Jack be Nimble," featuring guest art by David Hahn (BITE CLUB). Jack of the Tales has made his grand getaway to Hollywood, and if there was ever a place for such a trickster, it's Tinseltown. Jack starts his own production company and quickly learns that being ruthless is the best way to make money fast - not to mention enemies.

On sale Feb 9 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Mat Johnson

Art by Tony Akins & Dan Green

Cover by Ronald Wimberly

Award-winning novelist Mat Johnson (Hunting in Harlem, Drop) and artists Tony Akins (FABLES) & Dan Green (THE WITCHING, ROSE AND THORN) reveal the hidden origin of John Constantine's deadly nemesis, the immortal voodoo sorcerer/gangster/nightclub owner known as Midnite (a starring character in the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film Constantine, also released in February) in this compelling 5-issue miniseries featuring covers by Ronald Wimberly (LUCIFER).

In modern-day Harlem, Midnite embarks on a vision quest that takes him back to his boyhood 300 years ago in colonial Manhattan. When the island's slaves revolt against their white captors, young Midnite sees an opportunity for profit. But his self-serving tricks cause a catastrophe that haunts him to this day in a tale inspired by true historical incidents.

On sale Feb 2 o 1 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS Edited by Jonathan Vankin

Written by Steven T. Seagle

Art and cover by Teddy Kristiansen

A softcover edition of the acclaimed VERTIGO hardcover that tells one of the most realistic Superman tales ever - without featuring Superman. Steve's given the dream assignment to write Superman, only he can't relate to a Man of Steel when his own fears of death haunt him. Explore the cultural significance of a comic-book icon as Steve comes to terms with Superman's cultural importance.

"…remarkable, genre-bending work…" -People Magazine

"...easily ranks with SPIRIT creator Will Eisner's memoirs…and Michael Chabon's best-selling The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay." -USA Today

"Terrifically wry…deep thinking…this is something truly different." -Entertainment Weekly, Editor's Choice

"…strikingly original…" -The New Yorker

"Magnificent" -St. Louis Dispatch

"Ingenious" -Newsday

"…does something unique with the graphic novel, and it's well worth the time of any reader…" -San Francisco Chronicle

Recommended on NPR's "Talk of the Nation"

On sale Feb 9 o 136 pg, FC, $17.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Peter Milligan

Art by Cliff Chiang

Cover by John Watkiss

Already on the rocks with his wife Mary, Chance will be tested when an old friend sets his sights on him - an old friend with a very familiar face, skills as formidable as Chance's, and an even more warped sense of identity.

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Mike Carey

Art by Peter Gross & Ryan Kelly

Cover by Michael Wm. Kaluta

In Part 1 of the 3-part "Breach," Jill Presto goes to Las Vegas to see if she can gamble away her baby. But as the storms of dissolution gather across the worlds, it's clear that the stakes will be far higher than she expects - for her, for Lucifer Morningstar, and for the whole of Creation.

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Mike Carey

Art by Peter Gross & Ryan Kelly

Cover by Christopher Moeller

A new collection featuring LUCIFER #42-44 and #46-49! The Morningstar faces a new challenge to his universe, as defending the status quo requires cooperation between angel and devil alike. Lucifer decrees that all immortals must leave immediately...or learn about mortality the hard way.

On sale Feb 9 o 168 pg, FC, $14.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Andy Diggle

Art by Ben Oliver

Cover by Jock

Part 2 of a 3-part storyline featuring art by Wizard's "Next British Superstar," Ben Oliver! The Losers plan to intercept the biggest deal of Max's corrupt career. But when a shadowy figure from their past returns, they discover the stakes are higher than anything they've ever imagined!

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Grant Morrison

Art and cover by Philip Bond

Imagine a modern-day Arabian Nights in the form of an Indian romantic comedy and set on a celestial stage. East meets West with a burst of color, song and cosmic violence in Grant Morrison's latest: VIMANARAMA!

From the pulse-pounding superheroics of JLA: CLASSIFIED to the heartbreaking intensity of WE3, Grant Morrison is committed to outdoing himself. Now, he reunites with the inimitable Philip Bond (VERTIGO POP: LONDON, THE INVISIBLES) in a 3-issue miniseries that's a romantic action story with an operatic twist.

The son of a successful grocery chain owner, 19-year-old British-Asian Ali can't relate to his family's traditional customs. He feels much better when he finds that Sofia, the girl he's arranged to be married to, is gorgeous and vivacious…until he accidentally unleashes a subterranean army of fossil demons, restarts an ancient god war, and brings the whole world to the brink of destruction. Now, the only person who can save the day is a 15,000-year-old Indian super-man who's fallen in love with Sofia! A dazzling, transcendental journey into another reality, VIMANARAMA! is Morrison's and Bond's wildest yet, mixing widescreen action, soap-opera realism and Eastern religion with an end-of-the-world love story you won't forget.

On sale Feb 9 o 1 of 3 o 40 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Edited by Karen Berger

Written by Joshua Dysart

Art and cover by Enrique Breccia

The horrifying conclusion of the 4-part "Love in Vain." Arcane has learned a few new tricks during his stay in Heaven. With the power of The Light under his control, even Swamp Thing may not be able to stop him…not without paying an unimaginable price.

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Jason Hall

Art and cover by John Watkiss

After Carter Lennox and Deirdre Myers come face-to-face with the mysterious "Triggers"- not to mention their own deaths - the two are determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious police force and their possible connections to a series of grisly underworld murders.

On sale Feb 16 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Jonathan Vankin

Art by Leigh Gallagher & Dan Green

Cover by Tara McPherson

With Sook's powers manifesting quickly, Elsa is finding it difficult to instruct her voracious new student while keeping her hands off a hot, mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, Sook discovers a secret in the Grimston's basement, and once she faces the Three Witches, she'll never be the same again.

On sale Feb 23 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS

Written by Brian K. Vaughan

Art by Pia Guerra & José Marzan Jr.

Cover by Massimo Carnevale

The 5-part "Ring of Truth" reaches its shocking conclusion! Just when Dr. Mann finally discovers the answer to how Yorick and Ampersand survived the mysterious plague, an unforeseen adversary swoops in and steals a major key to the possible cure. But could the thief be working for someone close to the trio?

On sale Feb 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.95 US o MATURE READERS


Inspired by the art of Simon Bisley

Sculpted by William Paquet

The true essence of a complex hero is captured in this black and white sculpture. Batman: Black & White VOL. 1 and 2 are stunning collections of short stories by award-winning talent, showcasing noir-flavored tales of the Dark Knight, rendered in black and white. Painted in monochromatic tones, this limited-edition mini-statue reflects the mood of these stories and measures approximately 7.75" tall. It features a logo-shaped base and is packaged in a black-and-white box.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 15 o Mini-Statue o $45.00 US

Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

The Dark Knight springs to life as never before thanks to the explosive art of Jim Lee & Scott Williams! The exciting cover of BATMAN #608 marked the start of the year-long, best-selling "Hush" storyline. This Jim Lee Batman #608 Poster is a full-color poster measuring 24" x 36".

Advance-solicited; on sale June 15 o Poster o $7.95 US

Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

The Man of Steel keeps vigil over Metropolis in this stunning cover image by perennial fan-favorite art team Jim Lee & Scott Williams! This beautifully illustrated full-color poster makes a perfect partner to the JIM LEE BATMAN #608 POSTER and measures 24" x 36".

Advance-solicited; on sale June 15 o Poster o $7.95 US

As an adult, the Earth 2 Robin continued the battle against crime, wearing an updated uniform until finally giving his life during the final battle against the Anti-Monitor. The Earth 2 Robin Action Figure features multiple points of articulation, includes a CRISIS-themed display base, and is packaged in a 4-color blister.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 22 o Action Figure o 6.75" H o PI

When his evil doppelganger acquired power through the destruction of alternate realities, the Monitor gathered the forces required to save the remaining universe before ultimately sacrificing himself! The Monitor Action Figure features multiple points of articulation, includes a CRISIS-themed display base, and is packaged in a 4-color blister.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 22 o Action Figure o 7" H o PI

During Crisis and the all-out assault on the Anti-Monitor's realm, Supergirl gave her life so the multiverse could survive. The Supergirl Action Figure features multiple points of articulation, includes a CRISIS-themed display base, and is packaged in a 4-color blister.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 22 o Action Figure o 6.5" H o PI


After obtaining an enchanted Medusa Mask, Roger Hayden donned a costume and committed crimes as the Psycho-Pirate! The Psycho-Pirate Action Figure features multiple points of articulation, includes a CRISIS-themed display base and removable mask accessory, and is packaged in a 4-color blister.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 22 o Action Figure o 6.5" H o PI

The Monitor rescued Lyla and gave her powerful armor to become his herald, Harbinger, who played a key role in thwarting the Anti-Monitor. This figure features multiple points of articulation. includes a CRISIS'-themed display base, and is packaged in a 4-color blister.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 22 o Action Figure o 6.5" H o PI

Retailers please note: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Series 1: SUPERGIRL, MONITOR, EARTH 2 ROBIN, and PSYCHO-PIRATE ACTION FIGURES are intended for individual sale to consumers, but are sold to retailers in inner and master case assortments. The HARBINGER Action Figure is only available to retailers in Inner and Master Case assortments. Consult your Retailer Order Form for packaging & pricing details. These products are being offered simultaneously beyond the comic-book specialty market.

Designed by Kevin Nowlan

Sculpted by Barsom

The only Endless sibling to abdicate his responsibility, Destruction is the embodiment of chaos and entropy. This limited-edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain mini-bust measures approximately 5.5" tall x 3.5" wide x 3"deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.

Advance-solicited; on sale June 29 o Mini-Bust o $45.00

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