DC Comics Slates A New Story For "JLA Classified" #26

Official Press Release

This August, JLA CLASSIFIED #26 will feature the first chapter of "Sacred Trust," anew 6-part tale of the Justice League!

"Sacred Trust" replaces the "Kid Amazo" story originally scheduled for this issueand solicited in the June Previews (Volume XVI #6). The "Kid Amazo" story will beresolicited in JLA CLASSIFIED at a later date.

All previous orders for JLA CLASSIFIED #26 under the item code JUN060190 are cancelled.

Written by Howard Chaykin, with art and a cover by Kilian Plunkett & Tom Nguyen,"Sacred Trust" begins when the United Nations forbids the Justice League fromgetting involved in meta-human activities outside the United States, resulting in arift between the Leaguers themselves! What will be the right course of action? Andwill "plausible deniability" protect anyone from the fall-out?

JLA CLASSIFIED #26 will be retro-resolicited in the July Previews (Volume XVI #17),and is scheduled to arrive in stores on August 30.

The July Previews also will include the solicitation for JLA CLASSIFIED #27, part 2of "Sacred Trust." This issue is scheduled to arrive in stores on September 13.

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