DC Comics signs three top artists to exclusives

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce that three of comics' top artists - Doug Mahnke, Marc Laming and Seth Fisher - have all signed exclusive agreements.

Doug Mahnke, who recently ended a run on SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL to take over pencilling JLA with December's issue #61, has worked with DC steadily for the past four years on projects including MAJOR BUMMER and last year's HITMAN/LOBO: THAT STUPID BASTICH one-shot.

"I've had nothing but encouragement from my editors at DC," says Mahnke, "and I've been kept absolutely busy all the time, which I really appreciate."

"Doug's going from drawing the World's Greatest Super-Hero to the World's Greatest Super-Heroes," notes Mike Carlin, Executive Editor of the DC Universe. "He's done a breakthrough job on Superman, and we have every reason to believe that he'll do even more with the JLA."

AMERICAN CENTURY penciller Marc Laming has also joined the ranks of exclusive DC artists, saying, "As a freelancer I'm overjoyed, because now I know I've got regular paychecks coming in for a whole year. I've got tremendous support from my editor, Shelly Bond, and I'm really having a blast doing the book."

"Writers Howard Chaykin, David Tischman and I have been blown away by Marc's work," says VERTIGO editor Shelly Bond. "His exquisitely detailed pencils, not to mention his deft research, have made this 1950s hardboiled adventure series true to its era."

Seth Fisher, illustrator of the recent graphic novel GREEN LANTERN: WILLWORLD as well as the two-part Paradox Press miniseries HAPPYDALE: DEVILS IN THE DESERT, has also signed an exclusive with DC. Fisher, who is currently developing a project with VERTIGO, says, "I am really impressed with the way my DC editors trust me. I'm never quite sure what I will come up with, and it's nice to work with people who trust you that much. My editors have encouraged me to continue taking chances and experimenting with every new project."

"Seth is an extraordinarily fast and extraordinarily inventive artist," says DC Universe editor Joey Cavalieri. "He clearly draws on images and sources that are different from what we expect to see in comics. On WILLWORLD, he was always embroidering on and topping all the crazy stuff that was already in J.M. DeMatteis' script."

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