Cyborg Has Been Royally Messed Up, But DC Comics Can Still Save Him

It’s Time to Bring Cyborg Home

Cyborg is expected to become the new leader of the Justice League during Christopher Priest’s run on the title, but how are readers supposed to buy this change in dynamic when they couldn't accept him as the rookie of the team? While Priest has proven to be someone to trust following his success on Deathstroke, it might be time to wonder if it’s too little too late for Cyborg and the Justice League.

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Instead of trying to, once again, to turn him into something he is not, maybe it’s time to return him to his roots as a member of the Titans. Before the New 52, Cyborg was the heart and soul of the Teen Titans. As a man trapped in the body of a machine, Vic was considered the “monster” of the group, much like The Thing in the Fantastic Four. Despite his outward appearance, his humanity made him a trusted teammate and friend in The New Teen Titans.

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Years later, when Geoff Johns relaunched Teen Titans, Vic returned as a mentor to a new generation of heroes. That's the Cyborg who belonged in the Justice League from the beginning, and it's the Cyborg we might be seeing again. In November, Vic played a major role in the "Bats Out of Hell" crossover, where Cyborg was reunited with Raven. It wasn’t just comforting to see old friends come together, it was also startling. There had been no indication that Vic had any history with the Titans prior to this point.

Now that his time with the Teen Titans is (apparently) back in continuity, it would be a mistake not to explore where the character can go from here. Using his resume as a former member of the Justice League, he could take control of a young team, like the Teen Titans, and become the mentor figure he once was.

Let Cyborg go back to his fans and away from the spotlight for a little while. Give a writer the chance to do something truly interesting with him, instead of trying to water him down for mass appeal. Maybe DC just needs to give him a chance to breathe and collect himself before the company tries to launch him into the mainstream again. Maybe next time they can get it right.

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