DC's Sanctuary Should Explore the Trauma of Being a Teen Superhero

This past weekend at DC Entertainment's "DC in DC" event, Batman writer Tom King unveiled a new addition to the DC Universe: a crisis center known as the Sanctuary.

Designed specifically for superheroes by the DC Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Sanctuary will serve as a place where the defenders of the world go to receive emotional support and deal with the trauma of their adventures. Sanctuary has the possibility to appear in every book, and with it being inspired by crisis centers for real life war veterans, it's clearly something that King, who called it "the most obvious idea I've ever had," has long term plans for.

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Though the books where Sanctuary will be featured have yet to be announced, it's likely that at the very least it'll show up in King's Batman, if not outright start there. We'd also bet it will factor into upcoming issues of Justice League of America or Green Lanterns. All three of those books are tend to focus heavily on character dynamics and emphasize to one degree or another that simply being a hero often isn't enough. As King and artist Mikel Janin's "War of Jokes and Riddles" arc in Batman showed us, being emotionally open is sometimes the most heroic thing you can do. 

But while it makes perfect sense for Sanctuary to be a part of those titles, the most important place to show Sanctuary in action would be in the books with teenage heroes -- books like Super Sons, Teen Titans and Detective Comics.

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