DC Comics revises submissions policy

Official Press Release

DC regrets that recent circumstances have dictated a change in our submissions policies, and that we will no longer be able to review unsolicited submissions of ideas, stories or artwork. As before, we cannot accept phone inquiries.

"We really do understand how frustrating this may be for some fans who want to show us their work. Most of us at DC started out as fans. Still, we've gotten almost no new talent from unsolicited submissions for a number of years," says Richard Bruning, DC's VP - Creative Director. "The artists and writers that we're likely to use have almost always gotten their start elsewhere, an independent publisher or whatever, and we've seen their work that way. Despite their passion, few fans are at the level where they're ready to write and draw for our books.

"We're still keeping our eyes peeled for new talent, but it's more likely we'll see it in print somewhere or we'll meet them at conventions. This policy more accurately reflects that reality. There were always many more submissions pouring in the door than we could effectively handle, and I don't think anyone ever learned much from a form letter. We're trying to be practical and honest here, not disrespectful."

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