DC Comics & Renae De Liz Preparing Sequel To "The Legend of Wonder Woman"

After a strong critical response, it appears DC Comics is continuing with "The Legend of Wonder Woman" as the character's 75th anniversary approaches.

Cartoonist Renae De Liz took to Twitter to announce that she and the publisher are prepping a second volume of the series that takes the character back to her roots in terms of origin and time period. "I'm so excited to announce that @DCcomics has officially green lit LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN - Volume 2!!!" the creator Tweeted today while showing off some art of the hero battling her way into man's world.

Originally serialized as part of DC's digital first initiative before moving to a print mini series, De Liz's first "Wonder Woman" story has garnered critical praise and an Eisner Award nomination in the Best Digital category. There's no word yet on when the sequel will arrive, but odds have the book being a part of DC's push to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Amazon Princess.

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