DC Comics releases statement regarding crisis in New York, details publishing changes

[DC]DC Comics addressed a variety of issues in relation to the WTC attack in their weekly e-mailer today and detailed how it affects their publishing concerns.

"With the tragic acts of violence that our city, our nation, our families and friends suffered on Tuesday morning just behind us now, much of the DC Comics staff has returned to their offices and resumed work," DC Comics said in a prepared release. "Like everyone who works and lives in and around New York City, we are quite shaken by Tuesday's events, but we also take great comfort in the good wishes of our friends and colleagues around the world. We extend to all of you our sincere and heartfelt thanks.

"Fortunately, our offices are far enough from the World Trade Center that all staff members who were in the office on Tuesday morning remained safe. To the best of our knowledge, no DC Comics staff members or freelancers were injured or killed as a result of these horrible events.

"Slowly, we resume our normal business. Our thoughts are with the people whose friends, families, and loved ones were injured, missing, or killed, and we join the entire civilized world in expressing our sincere sympathies to all who have suffered because of this tragedy."

DC announced the Goddess TPB collection by Garth Ennis and Phil Winslade scheduled for release in October has been indefinitely postponed due to concerns over its content in light of the tragedies earlier this week.

In other news DC said that "Green Arrow #2" is headed for a third printing and is scheduled to be in stores October 3rd. Next, DC announced that editor Lysa Hawkins, formerly of Marvel Comics, has joined the Bat-staff of DC Comics as an associate editor.

"I'm absolutely delighted to join the DC staff," said Hawkins in the release. "Batman is my favorite super-hero of all time. It's really exciting to have the chance to play with these toys."

DC also detailed news that original artwork stolen from their offices has been recovered. Through cooperaion with Marvel Comics, also victims of the theft, the artwork was found and will be returned to freelancers in the coming months.

"DC really prides itself on having a most efficient original art return program," said Terri Cunningham, DC's VP - Managing Editor. "Art return is a priority for us, and over the last year we have spent a great deal of time refining our systems to that end, and to minimize - if not make impossible - the chances of such a theft ever occurring again."

And finally, DC Comics announced the release date for 'Dark Knight Strikes Back." The release follows in its entirety:

As announced on Saturday, September 8 at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Fort Wayne, IN, the first issue of THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, the most anticipated comics sequel of all time, is scheduled to reach stores on December 5. Subsequent issues will be released monthly in 6-week intervals.

THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN is an epic 3-issue miniseries - each issue a massive 80 pages in DC's Prestige Format (a format initiated with BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1) - masterfully written and illustrated by Miller and featuring the magnificent colors of Miller's collaborator, Lynn Varley. The series carries a cover price of $7.95.

"This is Frank and Lynn at their absolute peak," says Group Editor Bob Schreck. "If you were blown away by their work on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS or 300, you ain't seen nothin' yet."

The multi-award-winning team of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley have delivered - together and separately - some of the finest tales of our time with BATMAN: YEAR ONE, 300, Sin City, Elektra Lives Again, RONIN, Give Me Liberty, and Hard Boiled. Now, they strike again with what may be their finest work to date, as THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN sets a new standard for comics.

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