DC Comics releases names of retailers participating in 'Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure' orvercover program

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to release the names of the retailers who chose to participate in the BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE overcover program, buying 10,000 or more copies of the issue for promotional use. The retailers are:

  • Another Dimension - Calgary, Alberta, CAN
  • Austin Books & Comics - Austin, TX
  • Big Planet Comics - Bethesda, MD
  • Buy Me Toys.com (online)
  • Classic Movie & Comic Center - Livonia, MI
  • Coliseum of Comics - Kissimmee, FL
  • Comickaze - San Diego, CA
  • Comics & More - Austin, TX
  • Convergence Comics (online)
  • Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy - Austin, TX
  • First Federal Comics - Austin, TX
  • Gamezilla - Moncton, New Brunswick, CAN
  • Goldenlands Gallery - St. Louis, MO
  • Jim Hanley's Universe - New York, NY
  • King's Comics - Sydney, Australia
  • Lone Star Comics - North Dallas, TX

"This effort gives fans a chance to introduce comics to friends or coworkers at a price everyone can afford," says Phil Boyle of Coliseum Comics, whose suggestion initiated the overcover program. "We've given away thousands of comics over the years but nothing else has ever had as much potential to excite the reader and give them such a clear starting point to get into comics."

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