DC Comics Releases 'Expanded' "Convergence Promo Art

DC Comics has released the full teaser image for its upcoming "Convergence" event, providing fans with a better idea of which Earths will be involved in the Multiverse-spanning summer event.

Announced on Monday, the nine-week event unfolds over April and May, starting with a zero issue and then spiraling out into an eight-part main series and 40 two-part miniseries. The story hinges on the New 52 incarnation of Brainiac's recent discovery of the existence of the Multiverse. Brainiac has been gathering cities from various realities and timelines, and in "Convergence," he releases them all in order to see what happens when they discover and interact with one another.

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According to Co-Publisher Jim Lee, the event will tackle the most-asked questions since DC rebooted its superhero line in 2011 with the New 52: whether key stories in DC history still "count" in continuity, and what happened to some of the beloved characters that haven't been reintroduced in the past three years, including Donna Troy, the JSA and more.

"Convergence" #0 debuts on April 1, spinning directly out of the events of "Earth 2: World's End" and "The New 52: Futures End." The main story is headed up by comics newcomer and veteran television writer Jeff King ("White Collar," "Continuum"), with #0 co-written with Dan Jurgens. Scott Lobdell is assisting King in developing the overall "Convergence" outline.

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