DC Comics' Rebirth Shipped 12 Million Comics This Summer

DC Universe Rebirth

DC has announced that, after dominating July’s Top 20 Sales Positions, their new Rebirth initiative has now resulted in “record-shattering sales” with eleven published issues topping 200,000 sales, more than 60 issues exceeding 100,000 and 21 titles going back to print multiple times.

“This is the biggest story in comics publishing right now -- fan and retailer demand for these books is at an all-time high,” said John Cunningham, DC’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Trade Marketing, in a press release. “This summer we’ve sold more issues over 100,000 units than we did in all of 2015.”

What’s more, Rebirth has, so far, done 29 percent better in sales than the previous DCU relaunch (The New 52) did back in 2011.

“The overall response -- from retailers, the creative community and, most importantly, the fans -- has been nothing short of incredible,” said Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “We listened to what the retail and fan communities thought was missing from our books and took the necessary steps to produce stories that have re-energized comics.”

A large part of that "re-energization" has been credited to the enthusiasm brought to the Rebirth relaunch by its publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio, as well as DC’s President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “Hope, optimism and legacy are integral to the epic, universe-spanning stories that define what a ‘DC’ superhero is to me," said Johns. "As is building on the foundation of all the amazing writers and artists, as well as, characters that have been part of DC’s history and celebrating it.”

Overall, DC notes that the success of Rebirth is because of the execution of the stories. Creative teams such as "Wonder Woman's" Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp, as well as Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's "Harley Quinn," and Scott Snyder’s return to Batman alongside John Romita Jr. and Sean Murphy in "All-Star Batman" have been the driving force behind that success.

Fans who missed out on these titles in periodical form will have an opportunity to catch up on story arcs such as “I Am Gotham” ("Batman"), “The Lies” ("Wonder Woman"), “Son of Superman” ("Superman"), “Lightning Strikes Twice” ("The Flash") and “The Extinction Machine” ("Justice League") when they’re released as collected editions, available through comic book retailers, bookstores and digital platforms beginning in January.

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