DC Comics pulls JSA collection

Following on the heels of last weeks announcement that DC will be delaying the release of issues #27 and #28 of "The Authority" due to concerns over its content in light of the September 11th tragedy, the publisher announced Tuesday that another book would be affected.

"JSA: Darkness Falls," a trade paperback that collects issues #6 - 15 from the regular series, has been indefinitely postponed due to its content. The storyline contained a sequence wherein a supervillain is seen crashing a commercial airliner. The book was to be released this month.

Thursday afternoon series co-writer David Goyer told CBR News that the creative team was not consulted when this decision was made.

"Our editor, Peter Tomasi, told us that it had been indefinitely postponed," Goyer told CBR News. "He was not the one who made the decision."

While Goyer is well aware of DC reasons to postpone the book and is sensitive to the events of September 11th, he does have some concerns with the postponement of the trade paperback release.

"Do I agree with the postponement? Not sure -- it did include a scene in which a known, vaguely Eastern terrorist, causes an American plane to crash. He goes on to talk about how America is a target, etc. He's not a Muslim extremist -- but I suppose it might be a little too close to home.

"My worry, in general, is that DC will simply never reschedule the book -- which is ludicrous," said Goyer. "Obviously comicbooks are always going to deal with villains -- and since the bulk of them are escapist fantasy, you are going to have things blow up. Beyond that, if you remove any references to villains being willing to die for their beliefs, then you excise one of the three primary motivations for a villain -- and potentially the most interesting motivation."

Regardless, Goyer does believe some time is needed before this story hits the shelves again.

"I agree that a 3-4 month postponement in this instance was probably wise. But I am concerned about DC overreacting to the events and pulling all sorts of stories that probably SHOULD be told now."

Friday morning a DC Spokesperson told CBR News that "DC intends to publish 'JSA: Darkness Falls' at some point in the future...we're just not sure when that will be."

Edited October 5th, 2001, 12:05 PM PDT.

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