DC Comics' "Prez" Will Return in October, Says Writer Mark Russell

DC Comics' "Prez" is headed back to the polls.

Writer Mark Russell confirmed on Twitter that "Prez" will return with more issues in October, following DC Comics' "Rebirth."

Originally solicited for 12 issues, "Prez's" run was cut in half with the promise of two additional miniseries. However, as sales were low, its fate was left up in the air, particularly after the "Rebirth" news; the big question was whether it would return for a second mini to wrap the story. According to Russell, "Prez" will get a chance to wrap up as planned, though it is unknown at this time how long it will run.

Russell Elects a Teenage President in DC Comics' "Prez"

Series artist Ben Caldwell's return is unknown at this time. Though he pencilled the first six issues of "Prez," he is scheduled to join Kelly Thompson on Marvel Comics' "A-Force" in May. Whether his involvement with "A-Force" will impact his ability to continue on "Prez" is yet to be seen.

The original "Prez" series from DC, created by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti in 1973, lasted only four issues and the titular character -- a teenaged American president named Prez Rickard -- has remained relatively obscure for the past 40-plus years outside of a 1993 guest appearance in "The Sandman" #54 by Neil Gaiman, Mike Allred and Bryan Talbot.

In Russell and Caldwell's latest run on "Prez," Beth Ross is a teenager who is unexpectedly elected to the country's highest office in the year 2036. And in this reboot of "Prez," she wins the election thanks to a Twitter vote, her instant fame a direct result of the social media platform after a video of her posted to Twitter goes viral and results in her widespread appeal.

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