DC Comics Previews: "JLA: Classified," "Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy," More

DC Comics has released preview art from January shipping titles "JLA: Classified" #16, "The Exterminators" #1, "Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy" #1 and "Elfquest: The Discovery" #1. Click the images below to enlarge.


Written by Gail Simone; Art by José Luis García-López and Klaus Janson; Cover by García-López

A harrowing new story arc begins when Wizard Top Ten Writer Gail Simone (BIRDS OF PREY), José Luis García-López (DC SPECIAL: RETURN OF DONNA TROY) and Klaus Janson (BATMAN: DEATH AND THE MAIDENS) team up to send the World's Greatest Super Heroes to an emerging nation torn by revolution! The dictatorial reign of the warlord General Tuzik is brought to a halt when the JLA, acting at the request of the United Nations Security Council, storms the General's stronghold. Unfortunately, Tuzik bends the rules of international law - and escapes the free world's grasp - to initiate his greatest act of terror: creating a Justice League for his own country to help bring the world and its heroes to their knees!

Who - or what - is the Hypothetical Woman that enables Tuzik to create his own twisted League Against Justice?

DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale January 25, 2006


Written by Simon Oliver; Art by Tony Moore; Cover by Philip Bond

Imagine Six Feet Under with cockroaches and you've got Vertigo's twisted new monthly series THE EXERMINATORS, written by breakout debut writer Simon Oliver with spine-tingling visuals by Eisner-nominated artist Tony Moore (The Walking Dead), a smart, scary, darkly comic tale of roaches, rats, raccoons and the men who kill them for a living.

THE EXTERMINATORS centers on a dysfunctional group of bug killers prowling the barrios and bungalows of Los Angeles - the thinnest point on the shaky borderline between civilization and the violent chaos of nature.

Henry James, the newest exterminator, sees the job as a means to cleanse the sins of his dark past. He has a hard time getting his view across to his careerist girlfriend, sociopathic partner, and the general bunch of freaks he calls co-workers. But what the "bug brothers" of Bug-Bee-Gone Co. don't understand is that human beings may be the true pests - and bugs could be the real exterminators.

Featuring creepy-crawly covers by Philip Bond (VIMANARAMA), THE EXTERMINATORS mixes disturbing characters, killer cockroaches and sinister secrets into a unique and unsettling series that branches out from the underbelly of L.A. into the heart of an ancient mystery, a sacred scarab beetle and a weirdly ominous locked box. It's a bug's world. We just live in it.

Vertigo | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US | Mature Readers

On Sale January 4, 2006

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Written by Joe Kubert; Art by Kubert; Covers by Joe Kubert, Adam Kubert and Andy Kubert.

Comics legend Joe Kubert returns to DC's legendary unit in the all-new 6-issue miniseries SGT. ROCK: THE PROPHECY, based on a true story!

From North Africa to the Rhine, Sgt. Rock and the combat-happy Joes of Easy Company have faced insurmountable odds thrown at them by the Axis powers and lived to tell the tale. But when they find themselves caught in the No Man's Land of the Balkans searching for a religious prize that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII, have our heroes finally been given a mission that will stop them in their tracks?

It's 1943, and World War II has reached fever pitch. Somewhere deep within a smoldering, war-torn village in Nazi-occupied Lithuania hides a secret treasure that must be found and returned to the U.S. - unharmed - by any means necessary.

It's up to the trusted G.I.s of Easy to save the day. But once they discover what the "prize" really is, will they be able to follow through with the mission? More important, will they want to?

Join Rock, Ice Cream Soldier, Bulldozer, Little Sure Shot and the rest of Easy this month for this hard-hitting and provocative tale told as only Joe Kubert could deliver it! Retailers: Please check this month's Order Form for more details on the covers.


Written by Wendy & Richard Pini; Art and cover by Wendy Pini; Edited by Robert Greenberger

The next thrilling chapter in the ElfQuest saga begins in this all-new bimonthly miniseries by Wendy and Richard Pini! Cutter's son Sunbeam has been hibernating, but his soul self has been exploring the world of Two Moons. He has made contact with an underwater tribe, one that fears all life on the surface. When Sunbeam experiences Recognition with one of the sea denizens, he leads his fellow Wolfriders on the beginning of a new journey, one promising discovery, danger and romance!

DC Universe | 40pg. | Color | $3.99 US

On Sale January 11, 2006

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