Ranking DC's 10 Most Powerful New Gods

In DC Comics, the New Gods are beings that reside in New Genesis and Apokolips inside the Fourth World. They have evolved to become some of the most powerful beings in the entire DC Universe. While most people know the most infamous of the New Gods, the evil Darkseid, he is just one of many heroes and villains that exist in this special DC pocket universe.

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Living close to the Source, the New Gods have evolved, and most of them possess powers and abilities far exceeding any human or alien lifeform. These include immortality, invulnerability and other superhuman skills and attributes, as well as special powers unique to each of the characters. Which of these mighty beings are the most formidable, though?

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Ranking The 10 Most Powerful DC Cosmic Characters
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10 Infinity Man

Ranking The 10 Most Powerful DC Cosmic Characters

The Source is what gives the New Gods their powers, and helped them evolve to a level higher than just about any other being in the universe. Infinity Man is part of the Source, as well as the consciousness of The Highfather -- the leader of New Genesis. Thanks to these two connections, Infinity Man is one of the universe's most powerful beings.

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He is a little below many of the New Gods themselves but shares many of their powers, including matter manipulation, control of gravity, shooting Infinity Beams, and more. He is also the protector of the Forever People and aids them any time they need his assistance.

9 Grail

Grail Darkseid War

Grail is the daughter of Darkseid and an Amazonian warrior, giving her the immense powers of both the Old and New Gods. Since she was raised by the Amazons, she has their impressive fighting skills, along with many of the powers her father possesses.

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How powerful is she? In one fight, she almost single-handedly took out the entire Justice League, and she has also killed the DC version of Hercules in the comics. With that said, compared to the other New Gods on this list, she is a step below and is often beaten due to her refusal to accept her limitations.

8 Big Barda

Big Barda is a fan favorite when it comes to the New Gods. She's the leader of the Female Furies, a group of incredibly powerful female New Gods serving Darkseid. Later, Big Barda became a hero, after she fell in love with Mister Miracle and started helping defend innocents against evil.

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Big Barda ended up joining the Justice League of America as well as the Birds of Prey and is arguably the best hand-to-hand fighter of any character -- male or female -- in the entire DC Universe. She is equal to Wonder Woman when it comes to strength and fighting skills.

7 Steppenwolf

dc comics justice league movie steppenwolf featured

Fans of the DCEU met a version of Steppenwolf in the movie Justice League, but the villain in that movie -- as powerful as he was -- does not really give a true feeling of how strong he really is. Steppenwolf is extremely powerful and his powers were amped up in the New 52. In that reality, he destroyed Earth-2 and killed Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

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While Steppenwolf died after that war, he returned (as many gods do) and fought by Darkseid's side in the war against the Anti-God. Steppenwolf has all the powers of the New Gods while also possessing advanced leadership skills, and is a master of numerous weapons.

6 Orion

Orion is an interesting character -- the biological son of Darkseid but raised by The Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis. Since Highfather always wanted to defeat Darkseid, he raised Orion with the sole purpose of using him as a weapon in the battle with Apokolips.

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Throughout his life, Orion never reached the level of power of his father, but as a member of the New Gods he became one of the strongest fighters in the entire DC Universe. Orion did defeat his father once (temporarily), but in the New 52, he was slightly nerfed and is not as powerful as he once was.

5 Black Racer

The Black Racer is considered one of the fastest beings in all of existence, literally fast enough to outrun death itself. When it comes to the New Gods, Black Racer represents death to the usually-immortal beings. One touch from Black Racer will strip a New God of their strength and possibly end their life.

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Black Racer is one of the few beings who was able to actually help defeat Darkseid, although he did it with the help of Anti-Monitor and Flash. To do this, he was able to take control of and merge with Flash, which is another impressive power that adds to his strength as a member of the New Gods.

4 The Highfather

Darkseid might be one of the most dangerous villains that the heroes of DC have ever faced, but the Justice League is not his greatest enemy. Instead, Highfather is the longest-lasting enemy of Darkseid, the one being in the universe who has dedicated his life to defeating him.

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Highfather is the ruler of New Genesis, the rival domain to Apokolips, and he is Darkseid's brother -- enemies since birth. While he is Darkseid's greatest and most persistent enemy, he is not a good guy. He is cold and calculating and simply wants to destroy his brother, the being he hates above all others.

3 Darkseid

Darkseid is the most infamous of the New Gods and believes himself to be all-powerful, but there are at least two names on this list who outrank him in the realm of power. That does not take away how seriously impressive the power level of Darkseid really is. When compared to the heroes of Earth and space, nobody holds a candle to Darkseid.

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While Darkseid has the powers of the New Gods, he eclipses them thanks to his mastery of the Omega Effect. This allows Darkseid to travel through time and space, and his Omega Beams can destroy almost anybody or anything. While heroes have beaten Darkseid, he always returns from the dead and it seems nothing can ever truly stop him.

2 Yuga Khan

Brothers Darkseid and The Highfather are not only seen as two of the most powerful New Gods in existence, but two of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. It makes sense, then, that their father is also considered an absolute beast when it comes to power levels.

The New 52 considers Yuga Khan the last of the Old Gods, but technically he is a member of the New Gods as well, as pre-Flashpoint continuity pointed out. He was, at one time, considered the most powerful of all the New Gods, with Darkseid even fearing his father. To add to his might, Yuga Khan has a love for destruction that causes even Darkseid to step back somewhat.

1 Metron

Metron New 52

Metron's Chair is almost more famous than Metron himself these days. Take a look at Batman sitting in it to see how iconic that chair has become. However, as a character, Metron was the most powerful of the New Gods. Maybe not in pure strength, but his pure knowledge makes him all-powerful, even over those who are stronger.

Metron is considered one of the most brilliant beings in history, the smartest of the New Gods. He has been around since the world began and intensely studied the highs and lows, giving him knowledge of every power and weakness known. While sitting in his chair, no-one can beat him -- New God or otherwise.

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