DC Comics' "National Comics" Series to Explore the New 52

This July, DC Comics resurrects "National Comics" as a new anthology-style series.

Announced today at Wired's Geek Dads blog, the new series will serve as a base to explore the publisher's New 52 universe, offering single-issue tales of characters and concepts including Eternity, Rose and Thorn, Madame X and the Outsider team-member Looker.

2011 Eisner Award-nominee for Best Writer Jeff Lemire launches the new title with his and artist Cully Hamner's take on Eternity, an updated take on Kid Eternity, with other as-yet unnamed creative teams coming on for subsequent stories.

National Comics was the name of the publisher before becoming DC Comics, a name taken from its popular Batman-starring title "Detective Comics." It was also the title of an anthology comic series published by Quality Comics in the 1940s, featuring characters that would eventually be purchased and absorbed into the DC Universe, including Earth-2 mainstay Uncle Sam and Quicksilver, who was renamed Max Mercury when introduced into the Flash's family of characters.

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "National Comics" and the rest of DC's line of titles.

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