DC Comics Named "Publisher Of The Year"

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The January issue of Wizard has named Geoff Johns both "Man of the Year" and " Writer of the Year" as part of its 2005 Year-End coverage! Honoring Johns for his work on INFINITE CRISIS, TEEN TITANS, JSA, GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, JLA, THE FLASH and more, the magazine writes, " If DC barrels ahead like a speeding locomotive, Johns is the creative force powering the engine. Almost any description of Johns' value to DC Comics in 2005 would be an understatement."

Ethan Van Sciver, John's artistic collaborator on GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, was named "Artist of the Year," with the magazine praising his "razor-sharp pencils." Alan Heinberg, Johns's cowriter on JLA, was named "Breakout Talent of the Year."

ALL STAR SUPERMAN #1, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, was named the "Single Issue of the Year," calling it "not only the best single issue of 2005, but also one of the single best Superman isues ever published." Morrison and Quitely's work on WE3 was honored as well, with Wizard calling it "a double-whammy of stellar writing and superb art " and naming it " Miniseries of the Year. "

DCU characters involved in INFINITE CRISIS scored big with Wizard as well, with Blue Beetle named "Hero of the Year," Maxwell Lord named "Villain of the Year," Cat-Man credited with the "Comeback of the Year," and The Flash named "Hero to Watch." The "Moment of the Year," in which The Society attacks the Freedom Fighters, was pulled from INFINITE CRISIS #1. The " Cliffhanger to Watch " comes from the upcoming INFINITE CRISIS #5.

James Jean was named "Cover Artist of the Year" for his work on FABLES, GREEN ARROW and others.

The issue also names DC Comics as "Best Publisher," writing, " [DC] exceeded every expectation set for its writers, editors, readers and, most importantly, its top characters, from Superman to the JLA ' s roster of heroes. "

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