10 Things To Know About All Of DC’s Manhunters

The term Manhunter will be a familiar one to fans of DC. However, the Martian Manhunter isn't the first to hold that title. Indeed, there's a whole organisation of Manhunters in the DC universe that many readers don't know too much about. They've had a huge influence on all kinds of events and storylines in the DC universe.

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The Manhunters are a robotic group of intergalactic peace-keepers, but their story is much more complex than that. They are not simply a single entity, or even a species, but something much more.  Where do the Sinestro Corps fit into all of this? This list is going to tell you everything you need to know about this cosmic race of corrupt robots.


The Manhunters were actually created by another race of intergalactic beings. They are known as the Guardians of the Universe and are almost at the level of gods. They looked across a universe they sought to protect and felt they needed a force to do this.

Therefore, they artificially created this race of robots known as the Manhunters. They built these creatures to be autonomous and self-aware, so they could make quick decisions in extremely difficult situations. However, this plan somewhat backfired.


The Manhunters have been part of the DC universe for longer than you may expect. They actually found their debut in their own mini issue, which sought to explain the role that they played and their place in the wider universe. This was back in 1975!

It was called the 1st Issue Special and saw the introduction of a character called Manhunter. It also saw Mark Shaw join the group. It wasn't until later that their original role was actually revealed.


The role of the Manhunters was actually bigger than many fans would realise. They really were the number one organisation for law enforcement in the whole of the universe. Their role was one of the biggest in existence.

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They were part of the very infrastructure of the galaxy and would be the law enforcement on most planets and in most regions. They sound familiar because there is actually a successive organisation that took over this role, which we will speak about later.


The Manhunters were very proud of the role they were given. However, they also felt like they should be able to deal justice in their own way, no matter the cost. It was their free will that really cost the Guardians of the Universe.

What was once a strength of the Manhunters had now led to a full-on rebellion. Their actions were reprehensible, with the robots essentially becoming cruel in their choices. Their role was taken away from them by the Guardians, leaving the Manhunters outraged.


You may have predicted it by now, but the group that took the Manhunter's place was in fact the Green Lanterns. This corps of ring bearers were the newest law enforcement group in the galaxy and have held the role ever since. We didn't find this out until a Justice League story came along, however.

The Green Lanterns are, of course, much more efficient and trustworthy in this role. They set up new procedures in order to secure peace in the galaxy and have faced down many unbelievable threats. The Green Lanterns wouldn't even exist in their current form without the Manhunters!


Because the Green Lanterns have essentially taken the role of the Manhunters away from them, they are especially jealous of the wielders of the weapons of hope. The Manhunters have therefore become one of their most ruthless enemies!

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Their one goal now is to take revenge on the Green Lanterns, and they are happy to side with any villain they need to in order to achieve that goal. It's likely that, if they were to ever defeat the Green Lanterns, they may try to impose their own version of 'peace' once again.


The Sinestro Corps also share the same main interests as the Manhunters. The Sinestro Corps would like to impose their own rule over the universe, and the Manhunters are a means to do so. As such, the Manhunter have gained powerful allies in Sinestro and his ring-wielders.

The Corps has actually granted the Manhunters their own Rings of Power. They hold them within their robotic chests and they grant them great powers that they didn't previously possess. This has made them especially dangerous to the Green Lantern Corps.


The Manhunters, much like any other species, have a form of leadership in order to keep everything structured. Their leader is known as the High Master.

There have been a few different High Masters in the past, of various species. The original High Master was a member of their race, boasting a robotic body, albeit one that was more advanced compared to other Manhunters.


Cyborg Superman has also become one of the High Masters of the Manhunters. It's likely that this is because his robotic enhancements make him somewhat similar to the Manhunter race, so they felt that he could be an honorary member.

Not only this, but Hank Henshaw also offered the Manhunters an upgrade, which included Kryptonian technology. Much like the Sinestro Corps' offer, this made Henshaw a much more attractive leader to this group, as he could help ensure the dominance that they desired.


The name Manhunter is mostly familiar because of the Martian Manhunter, who is a peacekeeper of another kind. There is actually a link between the names, as the Martians were originally inspired by the Manhunters to seek justice.

The Manhunters came to Mars and taught the people many lessons about the nature of justice. Once they had left, the Martians even created statues in honor of the Manhunters, adopting their name in order to carry on doing 'good.'

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