DC Comics Makes "Crisis On Infinite Earths" Series 1 Action Figures Returnable, Announces New Run

Official Press Release

DC Direct is inviting retailers and consumers to return CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES due to quality control problems with the collection.

Retailers can return the figures from November 23 through December 21 via Diamond Comic Distributors for a full refund plus a $5.00 credit to cover shipping.

"We always have our retailers and consumers first in mind and, as soon as these figures arrived, we realized that they did not meet DC Direct's standards," says Senior VP - Brand Management Cheryl Rubin. "Along with the credits we're offering retailers, we are also in the midst of a brand-new production run (to be released in mid-2006) that will live up to the high quality level DC Direct is known for."

NOTE TO RETAILERS: See the November 23 and December 7 Diamond Datelines or the December issue of Diamond Dialogue for full details on how to return the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES.

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