DC Shares First Look at Superman Spinoff Lois Lane #1

The DC Universe’s resident veteran investigative reporter, Lois Lane, will soon take on her next big story in her 12-issue solo maxiseries, Lois Lane. DC Comics today released a first look for the series, teasing Lois’ latest big scoop and showing just how hard she's working on this story.

Lois Lane #1 comes at a time when most of the major intelligence agencies in the DC Universe have been compromised -- or decimated -- by the Leviathan crime organization. Now, accusations of conspiracy are swirling and the Man of Steel himself may be in danger.

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The first look pages show Lois laying low in a Chicago hotel, working diligently on her earth-shattering story as a housekeeping attendant cleans her room (which looks to be no small feat on its own). The pages aren’t shy about drawing parallels to America’s present political climate, citing dubious detainments and condemnations by the ACLU, though there is also reference to the Justice League.

Aptly releasing on July 3, Lois Lane #1 is written by Greg Rucka. Mike Perkins provides art on the series. Paul Mounts is the issue’s colorist. Lettering is done by Simon Bowland. Perkins also provides the cover art for the series’ debut.

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