DC Comics Letting Creators Define the "Look and Style" of DC You, Says DiDio

The latest episode of DC All Access is titled "24 New Books Will Change the Future of DC," and according to DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, that's not hyperbole.

"There's a lot of energy and effort that's been put into making this [DC You] happen," DiDio says in the video. "When we started the move form the East Coast to the West Coast, We knew we wanted to hit the ground hard. This week['s new releases] really captures the diversification of the line... It's a good snapshot, but it's just the tip of the iceberg for all the things we have coming in June."

"Everything about 'Convergence' is about transition," DiDio told the Los Angeles Times in a separate interview. "It's about celebration, but really transitioning to the next phase. It was the last epic story from the editorial team based in New York City."

"We're broadening the horizons of what we publish," Co-Publisher Jim Lee told the newspaper. "We're bringing in fresh new voices from the creator pool. We are publishing different kinds of artwork that you may not have found traditionally published at DC. We're welcoming old fans and new fans to that experience."

"When we did the 'New 52,' we knew it brought in a lot of new readers," Lee continued. "What we've seen in the four years since, is that there were a lot of readers out there who didn't necessarily have big voices in our industry. Female readers, the LGBT community ... we have this big amazing universe to tell lots of diverse stories. We feel that it is the future of our business. It's not going to just happen naturally. ... I think if our goal is to mirror the diversity that is our readership, we need to move with some speed and some sense of purpose."

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