DC Comics, Lego And Sports Illustrated For Kids Team Up!

Official Press Release

On August 10, DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company and the

world's largest English-language publisher of comics, is teaming with "Sports

Illustrated For Kids," the premier sports magazine for kids ages 8 and up,

and LEGO Systems to launch the next chapter in the comic book industry's

longest running and most successful custom comic program.

DC Comics continuing partnership with LEGO Systems has already resulted in

more than 40 million comic books featuring the Danish toy company's hugely

popular BIONICLE(r) characters. For the next stage of this ambitious

program, DC Comics has created a series of BIONICLE custom comics that will

run in both S.I. For Kids and the DC Comics kids line which includes "The

Batman Strikes," "Teen Titans Go!," "Justice League Unlimited," "Scooby Doo" and

Looney Tunes. The program begins in "Scooby Doo # 99" (on sale on August 10)

and runs through the end of the year. To read the complete story, readers

will need to read both S.I. For Kids and the DC Comics kids line. Each DC

comic will offer a tag promoting the program.

"The BIONICLE comic book program is a ground-breaking way to demonstrate the

storytelling power of custom comics and their ability to attract, entertain

and drive brand awareness through traditional media vehicles like S.I. For

Kids and DC Comics," said David McKillips, DC Comics Vice President of

Advertising & Custom Publishing. "Together DC Comics and S.I. For Kids have

developed a unique program that allows LEGO Systems to deliver its

incredible comic stories and product messaging through a massive,

multi-title print integrated media plan."

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