DC Comics' Latest "Rebirth" Tease: "It's Not a Reboot"

DC Comics kept the "Rebirth" teasers coming on Monday, with Co-Publisher Jim Lee first posting on Twitter that the still-shrouded-in-mystery "Rebirth" is "not a reboot":

Happy President's Day everyone! @dandidio1 @geoffjohns #rebirth pic.twitter.com/F27kFygTQY

- Jim Lee (@JimLee) February 15, 2016

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Just one minute later, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns posted a nearly identical teaser on his Twitter, though this one adds the words "and it never was":

#rebirth @JimLee @dandidio1 pic.twitter.com/BeoRcHMkwV

- Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) February 15, 2016

It's not yet clear if there's a deeper meaning to the words "and it never was" -- perhaps a reference to DC's New 52 relaunch in 2011? -- or if these new images are simply a literal response to fan speculation surrounding the prior teasers and whether or not it meant DC was once again wiping its continuity clean. It's also not yet clear what "Rebirth" is, though there have been multiple unconfirmed reports on the series and the creators it may involve.

DC Co-Publishers Lee and Dan DiDio first teased "Rebirth" on Friday, Jan. 23, and no further official details have yet been released. Though it's not known when "Rebirth" information will be announced, this week is the ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting in Portland, with a DC presentation scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

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