DiDio All But Confirms JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes Series On the Way

Longtime fans have searched for signs of the return of classic properties the Justice Society of America and the Legion of Super-Heroes since DC Comics' Rebirth relaunch in 2016. There have been indications in appearances by Saturn Girl, Emerald Empress and Phantom Girl, and the current Doomsday Clock certainly seems to point to a reappearance by the Golden Age heroes, but now a DC executive has offered something a little more concrete.

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While looking back on 2017 with Multiversity Comics, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio addressed deciding when, or if, to reintroduce properties that have been on the shelf for a while.

"In this particular case with Shazam, we have the right team, we’re just waiting for them to be available," he said. "That’s one of the cases there. With a lot of this stuff, it’s interesting with characters like Shazam, and you know what, there’s a couple of books that constantly come up, Shazam, Legion of Super-Heroes and Justice Society of America. A couple of those are actually tied to an event story that’s taking place right now, and hopefully we’ll be able to come out of that in a way that gives it a lift, and hopefully brings new attention and new eyes to those books so they can live a long, healthy life."

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He's presumably referring to Doomsday Clock, which not only integrates some Watchmen characters into the DC Universe, but also teases the JSA's return. The Legion, meanwhile, has been part of Rebirth's mystery from the start, with Saturn Girl shown as a patient of Arkham Asylum, the 31st-century villain Emerald Empress depicted as part of Maxwell Lord's Suicide Squad, and Phantom Girl joining Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho and Plastic Man in the Terrifics.

Introduced in 1957 in Adventure Comics #247, the Legion launched its most recent series in 2011 as part of DC's New 52. That title was canceled in 2013, although the teenagers from the future were seen again before the end of the New 52 era in Justice League United.

Composed of DC's Golden Age heroes -- and, in more recent decades, their legacies -- the Justice Society enjoyed a resurgence from 1999 to 2011, until the New 52 brought with it the launch of Earth-2, followed by Earth-2: World's End and Earth22: Society, which introduced new versions of many of the characters, once again relegated to a parallel world.

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