Since DC Comicsfirst revealed the upcoming Flash-centric event speeding its way into comic shops later this year, writer Geoff Johns has kept rather quiet on the exact details behind "Flashpoint." However, today on The Source, Johns began revealing mysterious teaser images that give a glimpse into how the event plays out across the great DC Universe.

The first teaser featured the phrase, "The spaceship never crashed" as a response to the headline "Whatever Happened to the World's Greatest Superheroes?" Signs point to this referring to Superman, who crashed to Earth famously in a spaceship found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. It could also refer to Abin Sur's ship, however, a development that would have an effect on Barry Allen's longtime friend Hal Jordan and his becoming Green Lantern. This may imply that "Flashpoint" involves some sort of time travel storyline, altering the course of history for the DCU's most famous heroes.

The second image of the day points squarely at the Wayne family, declaring, "He spends his days running Wayne Casinos." While the obvious choice seems to be a reference to Bruce Wayne, the possibility still stands that Thomas and Martha Wayne never died, and Thomas himself runs the gambling establishments.

UPDATE: The latest teaser reads, "They experimented on him in a lab for years," with the most obvious implication being that it points toward the Martian Manhunter. After all, the experimentation on extraterrestrials by the government has been a longtime staple in entertainment, from movies to book to comics and more. However, it is a vague enough statement that could easily refer to any number of DC's heroes. Although the first teaser of the day may suggest that Abin Sur never crashed on Earth, perhaps the alien member of the Green Lantern Corp did end up on our planet but was discovered and taken to a lab before passing on his ring and mantle to Hal Jordan. Another equally viable option might be Aquaman, as the discovery of a half-man, half-Atlantean would certainly inspire some sort of scientific exploration.

UPDATE 2: The latest teaser asks "Where is his ring," a question that at first glance seems obviously related to Green Lantern. But which member of the Corps is it referring to? Or is it even referring to a GLC member? this is a Flash event, after all, and Barry Allen has traditionally stored his costume in a specially designed ring. Then there's the Legion of Super-Heroes for whom flight rings are standard issue.

UPDATE 3: Where's Wonder Woman? Johns and The Source may have provided the answer with the day's final "Flashpoint" teaser: "Their marriage was arranged to prevent war." Princess Diana seems the mostly candidate as royalty often marries in order to prevent international incidents. The fact that the teasers seem to focus on the larger members of the Justice League also point toward the Amazonian princess, and after presumably teasing Superman and Batman, it seems unlikely that Diana wouldn't get a turn.

However, another candidate for this teaser is the duo of Aquaman and Mera, as in the pages of Brightest Day," Johns has established tense relationship between Aquaman's people and those of his wife. A marriage between the two could potentially unite the underwater kingdoms in the "Flashpoint" universe in a way it hasn't in the DCU proper.

Keep your browser tuned in to CBR for more throughout the day as the teasers continue to be unveiled.

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